Reasons Why You Need to Own an X-Treme Scooters’ X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike

November 2, 2021
x-treme scooters x-cursion folding electric mountain bike

There are many good things a bicycle can do. You can get to your destination without emitting pollutants, unlike with a car. Pedaling for a period of time allows you to burn calories—strengthening your muscles and enhancing your reflexes. Riding a bike can also be therapeutic. All you have to do is ride your bike and be one with your thoughts on your favorite trail or road.

Over the years, bicycles have gone through a lot of changes. Today, many electric bikes or e-bikes are available in the market and are powerful enough to get you to peaks you cannot surmount on a regular bicycle.

The X-Treme Scooters’ X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a promising e-bike that you might want to try today. Keep on reading and get to know more about this electric bicycle.

The X-Treme Scooters Brand

X-Treme Electric Bicycles and Scooters is well-known for producing e-bikes that give extreme fun and speed. They have been a household name since 2001 because of their safe and high-quality e-bikes and scooters for affordable prices. They have many dealers and distributors around the world.

X-Treme Scooters’ e-bikes are in demand because they are proven and tested by professional cyclists. They are made from premium-grade materials and can give you the best experience when you start pedaling.

You may go to their website and explore all the quality scooters and e-bikes they sell. They also feature an X-Treme electric scooter. However, X-Treme has a model called X-Cursion Folding electric bike which we’ll be looking at today.

Learning More About X-Treme Scooters’ X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Folding bikes have been in the trend for so long. Get your own but make it electric, as you can fold the X-Treme e-bike in half for easier reliable transportation. There are times when you’d want to bring your e-bike with you while traveling to explore the place you are visiting, right? This folding X-Treme electric bike is the perfect travel partner because it saves a lot of space in a car and weighs only 52 lbs.

You can ride this electric folding mountain bicycle for 20 to 25 mph with each charge. The e-bike is powered by a battery pack with 24-volt, 10 amp Li-Po4 Lithium batteries you can charge for 4 to 6 hours. It has a Smart Charger that you can connect with an easy-access charging port for recharging batteries. There are lights in the charger indicating the charge status.

Batteries should be fully charged to maximize X-Treme Folding Mountain Bike's potential and prolong the batteries’ life expectancy. Note that you can remove the battery pack and charge it even without the e-bike.

The X-Cursion Folding Electric MTB has a quick-release axle on the front wheel that allows you to remove it without using any tool. The e-bike also has a quick-disconnect rear motor for easier release of the back wheel.

x-treme scooters x cursion folding electric mountain bike black

The front and rear wheels have JAK® dual-arm disk brakes that are compatible with the latest versions of e-bikes. These brakes are perfect for the 2 mm thick rotors with a cable pull arm pointing to the right side for smoother e-bike control.

The saddle is a Low Profile Velo that gives comfort to the rider. A Velo saddle is made from high-quality materials from Asia and has been satisfying the demands of professional cyclists for quite a long time. The Velo enterprise is known for its revolutionary saddle designs and originality. The 17 patents Velo holds today are a testament to the world-class saddles they produce.

The rugged off road tires are made by Kenda, which are developed to set the highest standard in off road versatility. They are lightweight and they roll fast while providing excellent braking traction on wet and rough surfaces.

The power-assist system (PAS) button on the handlebar lets you control it. An e-bike needs to have a pedal-assist button that provides immediate power from the motor for easier pedaling and faster speed. For this e-bike, the PAS has three modes: low, mid, and high. The fastest speed allows you to travel as fast as 25 mph.

Shimano RD-TX31 Tourney 7 Speed is used for the gears and shifters. The shift lever provides reliable and easy shifting. The Revoshift shifter gives the rider the ability to sustain a stable and secure control on the handlebar by doing a simple twist of your index finger and thumb for the controls.

This e-bike has an 18-inch natural-polished aluminum alloy frame and is available in black, blue, and red colors. You can lock the bicycle frame while it is folded. The front fork is an SR Suntour® XCT hydraulic, giving its rider the feeling of riding a magic carpet. The SR Suntour® XCT hydraulic fork reduces the impact from the ground to your body with its performance through a controlled speed piston compensator system (PCS) as the foundation. It also has newly designed shim-based high-speed compression and rebound circuits.

It can carry a rider with a maximum weight of 275 lbs. There is a LED clip-on headlight that emits a high beam of light when you are in dark areas, or when it is nighttime.

Get this e-bike, and you will enjoy a 1-year warranty from X-Treme plus a lifetime warranty on the frame and technical support. However, the snap-on LED headlight is not covered under warranty.

Safety First

Your safety is very important especially when you purchase an e-bike. Though as a rider, there are unpredictable circumstances you may encounter as you enjoy riding your e-bike. Always remember that you can avoid further casualties by wearing protective gear such as helmets, knee and arm pads, gloves, and the right cycling outfit.

It is best to check your bike’s condition as well. Maintenance after use is essential to avoid your e-bike from malfunctioning totally, which might cost you your life. Here are the safety tips you need to apply before riding your e-bike.

Brakes and Wheels

Let us begin with the brakes. You have to make sure that the front and rear brakes work properly. Check the brake calipers to see if they are still in good condition and not overworn. Calipers should be correctly adjusted. Do not forget to lubricate the control cables and levers. Levers must be tightly secured to the handlebar.

Next are the wheels and tires. Keep the tires inflated within the prescribed limit as suggested on the tire sidewall. Check if tires have tread, bulges, or excessive wear. The rims have to run correctly and should have no obvious kinks or wobbles.

Spokes and Axle Nuts

Wheel spokes must be tight and not broken. You can use a wrench to secure and adjust all the spokes. Axle nuts should be tight and since this e-bike has quick-release axles, simply check if the locking levers are correctly tensioned in the closed position.


The handlebar and stem must be correctly adjusted and tightened to allow proper steering. Ensure that the handlebars are placed correctly as to the forks and travel direction. Check if the locking mechanism is tightened correctly and adjusted as well.


The chain should always be oiled, clean, and working effortlessly. It needs extra care in wet or dusty environments. The bearings must be constantly lubricated, running smoothly, and projecting no excess grinding, rattling, or movement.

Make sure that pedals are securely attached to the cranks, and that the cranks are properly connected to the axle and are not bent.

Derailleurs have to be monitored regularly by inspecting the front and rear mechanisms. They should be well-adjusted to function properly. You have to ensure that the shift and brake levers are attached to the handlebar, shift, and brake. The derailleurs, shift levers, and brake cables should be lubricated.


The frame and fork should be in good shape, and they must not be bent or broken. You need to immediately replace the frame and fork in case they are bent or broken. Reflectors should be well positioned and not hidden. Fittings on the bike have to be properly and correctly fastened and working.

Always check if the bikes are sufficiently charged by inspecting the motor’s and throttle’s function. If you are not confident enough in diagnosing your e-bike, you may seek the help of an expert cyclist or mechanic to ensure that your e-bike is still in good condition.

Taking Good Care of Your e-Bike

After tackling your safety and discussing what you should check for a smoother ride using your e-bike, it is a big deal to learn how to properly care for it. You can purchase X-Treme Scooters’ X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike for $1,299. Other stores offer it for as low as $1,000. For sure, you want to maintain the excellent condition of this hybrid e-bike for years of enjoyable riding.

After checking all the parts, conduct a few test rides to ensure the proper mechanisms of the e-bike. Prolong the life of the batteries by keeping them fully charged when not in use.

Do not use your hybrid e-bike in the water, damp roads, puddles, rain, streams, and the like to avoid damaging the electrical system. In congruence with this, periodically check the wiring and connectors to guarantee that there is no damage and the connectors have a good continuity.

Since this e-bike has a painted frame, always dust the surface and clean any visible dirt with a dry cloth. When cleaning your e-bike, soak the damp cloth in a mild detergent mixture before wiping it on the frame. Then dry it with a cloth and apply some car or furniture wax. Use water and soap to clean the rubber tires and plastic parts of the e-bike.

Make it a habit to store your e-bike under shelter and avoid leaving it in the rain or exposed to corrosive materials. Riding on the beach or any coastal area exposes your e-bike to salt, which is a corrosive agent. Keep the wheel rims dry so that your braking performance won’t suffer. You can also apply an anti-rust treatment to your e-bike.

If there are some scratches or chips on the metal, you can use touch paint to prevent rust or clear nail polish as a substitute preventative measure.


X-Treme Scooters’ X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a good buy for you! You can now enjoy fun and leisurely rides with the chance of more exciting cycling as you explore uphill and downhill trails. This e-bike has everything you need, from an attractive design to motor power that will give you the speed you desire.

Always remember that you need to apply all the safety tips such as the cycling gear you must wear, the after-use check-ups, and monthly maintenance of your e-bike. Always clean your e-bike and apply the necessary wax to prolong its life.

You can buy this amazing folding e-bike at your favorite stores online and at authorized dealers. You may also try other X-Treme models, like X-Treme Scooters’ XB-600 Elite Electric Bicycle or X-Treme Scooters’ Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike. Chase the thrill and experience a whole new e-bike performance!

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