Nakto Camel City Women's Electric Bike: An Easy Breezy Ride

March 15, 2022
nakto camel city women's electric bike

Many public vehicles have been put on hold for the utmost safety of everyone during the pandemic. Because of this, cruiser e-bikes have been in-demand, and commuters have been purchasing them non-stop. 

The Nakto Camel City Women's Electric Bike sure has come in handy for our hard-working women. On top of being eco-friendly, it has the perks of additional support and speed for your everyday commute to the city. 

Is this Nakto electric bike worth it? Let's explore what we love and what can be improved in this e-bike.

A Quick Overview of Nakto Camel City Electric Bike 

The Nakto Camel City Women’s Bike is a traditional bike with a modern edge. People won’t be able to help glancing at you while you're riding this e-bike around town. 

Let's check out its design and features.


This e-bike reminds you of those retro Japanese bikes with a rattan basket. Some electric bikes make you feel overwhelmed due to their aggressive or unwieldy appearance. This electric city bike from Nakto is one of the less intimidating bikes among their products. 

The bike comes with 26-inch wheels, an all-weather front basket, and a rear rack for your backpack or groceries to make carrying easier and hassle-free. In addition, it has a built-in LED light for your early morning and early evening rides, and a front and back fender to protect you from muddy streets.

On top of the accessories mentioned, the chain is covered with a chain guard. This gives the Nakto cruiser e-bike a cleaner look. Plus, it gives women more flexibility in what they wear, whether pants or skirts. The seat is very padded and comfortable for long-distance rides.

The body frame and color options appeal to women and men as well, regardless of age group. The bike comes in matte white or matte black, which gives off a more minimalist vibe. 


While it looks like an old-school bike, the Nakto 26" Camel City has several techy features. 

While some electric bicycles need an add-on LED speed display, the Naktoalready comes with its display. It can also tell you your distance and acceleration, considering it has a powerful 350W motor. 

Together with the motor, it has a 6-speed Shimano and a 36V 10.5Ah removable lithium-ion battery that can ride 25 to 30 miles on straight trails on a sunny day. 

The 36V 10A lithium battery charges from 4 to 6 hours for your busy schedules. The battery is removable and is located at the rear hub of the bike's seat post. 

If you want to increase torque, you have to pedal and shift the gears up like a manual car. To accelerate, use the throttle located on the right side of the handlebar.

Other Specs

  • IP65 water-resistant 
  • Alloy step-thru frame
  • 160 mm front and rear mechanical disc brakes 

Perks of Having a Nakto Camel City Bike 

The Nakto e-bike has robust features for a sweet deal of $800, making it one of the cheapest e-bikes for 2022. But aside from its versatile features, here are the noteworthy perks of this awesome bike: 

Impressive Acceleration

With the throttle and pedal assistance, you could say that you're using a motorbike rather than an e-bike. Cyclists have tried to pass this electric bicycle while on the road, but they failed. You'll be cruising through the city without breaking a sweat with its pedal assist. 

Comfortable Ride

The adjustable padded seat, the low-step frame, and the relaxed geometry of the bike make your ride fun and relaxed.

You don't need to worry if you're too short or your hips are too wide. The structure of the bike combats soreness and dismounting injuries. You don’t have to worry about braking abruptly with the fear of falling off with this Nakto ebike. 

Robust Tires

This electric bike's 26-inch by 4CST fat tire can swallow a whole 30PSI of pressure. You can comfortably plow through any terrain with these heavy-duty tires. Taking this bike for a ride in any weather condition should be no problem at all. 

One-Stop Buy

Normally, when you order e-bikes, or any bike for that matter, you will have to get its accessories separately. But for a $799 electric bike from Nakto, you get a free basket, bike lock, LED headlight, speed display, and metal fenders. 

Areas of Improvement for the Nakto Camel Women Electric Bike 

This Nakto bike is a sure steal with its price and unbelievable features. But there are still things we want Nakto to improve on: 

Difficult to Assemble 

The instructions and online videos are so generic that they’re not helpful at all. You may need an expert to come in and assemble the bike for you.

Too Heavy

The bike weighs around 50–70 lbs and is made from aluminum alloy. This is not a lightweight bike compared to its competitors. 

We mentioned that it’s a breeze riding through the city with this electric bicycle, but imagine using this bike manually without throttle, based pedal-assist, or the motor turned on. Mountain bikers might like this challenge, but it isn’t too fun for beginners and casual cyclists who like easy riding. 

Riding uphill is twice as difficult for this e-bike because of the weight. It's a good thing that it has pedal-assist, or else you’ll be drained.

Cheap Accessories

Despite the complete accessories included in the bike, they won't last long. We’re not complaining so much as it is a great deal to begin with. 

The all-weather basket is made of hard plastic that will most probably break if you happen to crash into something. The LED lights are too dim to use at night, so it’s best to add bike lights. Lastly, the kickstand doesn't support this heavy bike enough, and it feels like it can fall at any minute.

Verdict: A Beginner's Bike 

Nakto Camel City Women's Electric Bike in Black with white background

The Nakto Camel City Women's Electric Bike is a very easy bike to ride. This affordable e-bike is perfect for a hassle-free ride during daily commutes or for short to mid-range distances in urban settings. 

For people who don't care about breaking their speed records and want to have easy trips around town, the Nakto Camel City can live up to expectations. 

In addition to its smooth ride, this bike can serve as a conversation starter with its vintage, minimal Japanese design. Cyclists can’t help themselves but to check out your sweet, comfy ride just cruising past them. 

If you want to learn more about anything bike-related, explore our other cool reviews and articles here at Cyclebuddy. 

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