The Affordable Electra Townie Original 7D Women’s Bike Alternative: Ancheer E-Bike Hybrid

March 21, 2022
electra townie original 7d women's bike

Back in the day, the features of any bike were mostly centered around men’s needs. Then, in the late 90s, bikes started to incorporate features with women riders in mind. A few years ago, Electra Townie released their groovy bike. Electra brought us an electric bike fit for our tech-filled world. Unfortunately, the Electra Townie Original 7D is always out of stock due to its high demand. 

Don’t fret, as we have a great Electra Townie Go alternative for you! Today, we will feature Ancheer’s electric bike. Let’s see why it’s a worthy alternative now! 

The Ancheer E-Bike 26” Hybrid: Sweet Features to Look for in an Electra Townie Go 7D Alternative

Stylish and Lightweight Body Frame

The Electra Townie is known for its geometry. As a result, it gives off that stylish, retro bike look you see in beach scenes from the 80s. 

The Electra frame provides an ergonomic feel for riders. In contrast, the Ancheer might not have its curved seat tube for that relaxed footing. However, its lowered frame makes it easier to brake or stop.

The Ancheer e-bike is not far off from its Townie inspiration. Its frame is made from aluminum alloy with a carbon-steel fork, making it both lightweight and durable. In addition, its body frame is versatile and comfortable for both men and women. 

This Townie alternative has primary-colored stripes that stand out from the rich black paint, whereas the Townie e-bike shows off its cool pastel shades. 

Finally, the Electra Townie has its famous patented Flat Foot Technology so that you can put your feet flat on the ground. It offers absolute comfort and control while giving minimal effort in pedaling. This is something that the Ancheer bike lacks.


The Electra Townie Original offers three levels of pedal-assist which can go up to 50 miles on a smooth trail. 

The Ancheer, on the other hand, has five levels of power assist by switching the throttle or stepping on the pedal to turn on the motor. With this many levels, it can go up to 20 mph with comfortable control. 

Mountain Bike Configuration 

The Electra Townie is perfect for a ride around the city, where there are light trails and gentle off-road paths. Its geometry is meant for easy commuting and straight paths. 

On the other hand, you can configure the Ancheer into a mountain bike. Aside from it being a good bike on city roads, it also performs well on more rugged trails. That’s why this Ancheer is better known as an e-bike hybrid. 

Combining an e-mountain bike and an e-road bike, the Ancheer is designed to be an all-rounder that’s perfect for all sorts of terrains. The straight handlebar and its fork, not to mention its 26-inch tires, make it a killer ride for slopes and rocky roads.

What We Love About The Electra Townie 7D Bike Alternative

Amazingly Affordable Price Point 

The Electra Townie Original 7D Women’s Bike is priced at $1,599.99. This is an affordable electric bike, considering its quality and brand. 

If you think the Townie Go is cheap, the Ancheer is ridiculously cheaper. With $699.99, you can buy an electric bike that offers a tad more versatility than the Townie Original.  

Level of Assist

The Ancheer gave an amazing pedal-assist during our speed test. It rode up to 19 miles per hour on the level 5 assist with a fully charged battery. That’s one one mph shy away from what the product advertises. 

In addition, the pedal-assist is quick to respond. It takes off within about half a revolution on a standstill, which makes this electric bike the fastest out of any bike in this price range. 

Depending on the gear, it is about a half to one revolution when it comes to moving. When you stop the Ancheer, it cuts out almost immediately. It has a nice and quick reactive system for a $700 bike.

This cool alternative also has a throttle that doesn’t need to be in the highest pedal assist level to get that full power. So if you’re on level one and need a little boost to get up a hill or pass another cyclist on the trail, just hit that throttle, and you’ll get full power. 

The Electra Townie Go has only up to three levels that go up to 20 mph. So the Ancheer, in a way, keeps up with the Townie Go’s specs. The alternative can provide enough power for any of your rides.

Powerful Battery 

This electric bike’s battery is removable with a 374.4 Wh. Both pedal assist level 5 and linear throttle were neck and neck, gradually increasing speed. However, the straight throttle tops to 20 mph in 13 seconds.

The Townie Go’s battery capacity is 250Wh, which is surprisingly low-end compared to the Ancheer. Its battery is well-hidden in its frame and it does take some expertise in removing it, so we suggest that you go to a repair shop instead if you ever plan on disassembling your bike. 

Quiet and Stable Ride On Any Terrain 

The Townie alternative, being that it’s a hybrid, can go on mountains, rocky roads, and wet trails. Ancheer comes with a front fork suspension and balloon tires for much cushioning for impact. To our surprise, Electra Townie doesn’t consider this type of tires for its Original 7D. 

Typically, the shocks for bikes in the price range of the Ancheer could be loud, but riding off-road we didn’t hear any rattling or squeaking. Plus, the handlebar is pretty wide, which gives cyclists pretty good control of the bike. 

The Electra Townie 7D is pretty good for a trail down the city streets, but it’s incredibly hard to use when climbing due to its relaxed geometry. 

What the Electra Townie 7D Bike Alternative Can Improve On 

It’s unreal that the Townie 7D alternative is practically better than the Electra Townie 7D. But there are still things that only the Townie Go can do. So here are some things we wish the alternative bike could improve on. 

Choice of Color and Body Frame

The style of the Ancheer bike is okay, but it lacks the uniqueness that the Electra Townie possesses. The color options are too masculine, and they don’t stand out, unlike Townie’s color palette. 

Despite its lightweight frame and handlebar, it’s too low for any rider who is around 6 feet tall. It promotes comfort and an ergonomic feel, however, it’s not 100% comfy to ride on. 

Quality and Materials 

We’re not so happy about the combination of materials and the quality that goes into the Ancheer. 

You could feel how cheap it is through the throttle and gear shifters. Both are made from a brittle and low-quality material. The grips are made of cheap rubber that just made our cyclist’s hands a bit sore. If you’re set on buying this bike, we recommend purchasing padded gloves and added grips as well. 

The Electra Townie Go is of great quality, but during a long ride, the chain often comes off as it bounces off the steel chain cover. Also, the seat has many nuts and bolts that are difficult to change without a second person to help see the angle. 

While the Ancheer has poor shocks so going through bumpy trails is too bouncy. The seat could also use some improvement. But it’s something that you would expect from a cheaper bike. Compared to its inspo, the Townie Original 7D e-bike, it’s not as padded, ergonomic, or comfortable to sit on. 

Takeaway: Overall Good for Going the Distance 

Ancheer Hybrid electric bike in black and orange 

The Ancheer e-bike hybrid shows promise in bettering its inspiration, the Electra Townie Original 7D. It's not only good for city trails, but it’s the best electric bike for all terrains in this price range. This Townie alternative is a great all-rounder hybrid electric bike for a great price point. If you’re looking for a quality bike without breaking the bank, then this alternative won’t disappoint.

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