A Kickstart to City Riding: The Vilano Quark 16 Electric Folding Bike

October 7, 2021
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A new player in the electronic bike market is here to disrupt the city commuting scene.

Vilano Kickstarted a foldable electric bike that people of all ages and riding capabilities can enjoy. A bike that’s suitable for neighborhood rides or a stroll through the city.

Here’s a quick review of the Vilano Quark Electric Bike.

Bike Rundown: The Vilano Quark 16 Electric Folding Bike

Let’s go over the salient features of the Vilano Quark 16-inch Electric Folding Bike.

Quick Features

Easy adjustable seat and handlebars

The Vilano Electric Bike can easily adapt to the comfort you prefer. This bike’s seat and handlebar height can be easily adjusted. This feature makes the Vilano bike suitable for riders of any height.

Foldable frame and stem

The frame tube and the stem can be folded into a compact size that a rider can carry with them. This makes the Vilano Folding Bike an ideal commuter bike. It can fold into a portable size that a commuter can carry with them in areas where bikes cannot access such as subway trains or indoor spaces. The foldability of the Vilano Electric Bike makes it easy to store at the back of a vehicle for transportation as well.

The 16-inch tires

The tire size hits the sweet spot between speed and handling. On the other hand, if you want something that can maintain a top speed longer, Vilano offers a 20-inch wheel variety. The Vilano Fat Tire Electric Bike model focuses on traction and rough terrain navigation. But if it’s casual and nimble riding you need, the Vilano Quark 16-inch E-bike will deliver.

Integrated headlight and taillight

Vilano’s Quark Folding Electric Bike model is one of the few foldable bikes that integrates both a taillight and a headlight. The inclusion of both lights makes it easy for commuters to be seen on the road at night, giving them ways to communicate with other motorists or riders on the road. A crucial factor for rider safety.


The compact alloy frame decreases the overall weight of this folding electric bike to 38 lbs. A lightweight bike is essential for commuting riders because they have to carry the bike with them. So if you can carry a beer keg, you’ll have an easier time lifting this bike!


The 36-volt lithium-ion battery on the Vilano bike has a range of 15 to 20 miles. You can use the bike’s motor continuously and the battery will give it enough energy for you to make multiple trips back and forth.

Throttle-assisted motor

The 250W direct rear-drive motor has a throttle assist on the handle that can crank it up to 17 mph of speed. The motor and throttle is supported by a single-speed drivetrain chain, allowing you to just focus on playing with the throttle to achieve varying speeds.


  • Taillight and headlight inclusion. Most compact electric commuter bikes similar to Vilano’s only have a headlight or no light at all.
  • You can carry the bike with convenience because it’s light and it has foldable and adjustable parts that shrink its dimensions.


The 250W motor power and the 17 mph speed is a bit slow compared to most of its folding bike counterparts.

Bring the Fun to City Commuting

The Vilano’s lightweight feature combined with its foldability and adequate speed makes it perfect for city commuting. This bike lets you enjoy the city scenery but it can also deliver your demand for adequate speed. It will not give you a hard time while carrying it on public transport because it’s lightweight.

So if you want to enjoy the city on your usual commutes, get the Vilano Quark and participate in the fun of experiencing your city’s vitality!

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