Trek 820 Mountain Bike: The Best Bike Choice For Beginners

August 19, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, mountain biking is not exclusive for pro or long-time bikers. After all, those pro bikers also started as beginners. So if you're looking to start mountain biking, check out this Trek 820 mountain bike and why it's a great two-wheeler to use!

In mountain biking, one of the essential things that you need to invest on is a bike. If you already have a road or city bike, these are not advisable for MTB trails. Mountain bikes generally are more rugged and have wider tires. In addition, mountain bikes have flat handlebars rather than having drop handlebars. Since mountain trails are more uneven than the asphalt roads of the city, the bike you're going to ride on should also be durable and safe.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike: Who Is It For?

If you're looking for a good quality starter bike, this Trek 820 hardtail mountain bike is one of the best ones you should consider. This is perfect for beginners because its configuration and design are not too overwhelming to use. Aside from its ease of use, this is also considered a very affordable mountain bike. Even if it's not as expensive as the others, this is fairly responsive, so you won't have any problems getting acclimated to it while riding.

It's safe to say that this particular mountain bike is perfect if you're still fine-tuning your riding skills. It's not sensitive nor complicated enough to the point that you'll be forced to learn to ride it in a specific way. This Trek 820 is very forgiving for small riding mistakes, making it the perfect bike for beginners! What’s even better is that it’s suited for both men and women: instead of having a men's Trek 820 mountain bike and a Trek 820 women's mountain bike, this bike was built with different sizes in mind.

In this article, you'll know about the specific features of the Trek 820 mountain bike and why it's a possible choice for you. Read on to learn more.

Core Features

There are a lot of factors you have to consider when choosing a mountain bike. However, if you're just a beginner, it might be overwhelming for you to dive into the technicals quickly.But you don't have to know everything all at once—you may start from the basics and work your way up once you are already familiar with how things work. With that, we'll be focusing on three core features for this Trek 820 mountain bike. These are the frame, shifters, and brakes.


The Trek 820 bike has a custom steel frame designed to bear an overall weight of 300 lbs. The bike itself, without any accessories, is 34 lbs. This is a good weight allowance, factoring in your body weight and other bike accessories you may want to add. The frame's build is perfect for both men and women since its size can cater to bikers who are at least 4'9" in height to a maximum of 6'8".

Although compared to other mountain bikes, the Trek 820 is heavier with its 32 lb. frame weight. As a result, you may find it hard to lug it around when you're biking off-trail but, keep in mind that the added weight also signifies the frame's durability.

Design-wise, it has a rugged look to it which adds to its functionality and performance. The frame comes with a preloaded fork SR Suntour M-3030. The mechanism has a coil spring, which makes the riding experience comfortable because of its responsiveness. It has a 75 mm suspension fork which is a good value for an entry-level MTB.

Usually, suspension forks are upgraded to fit a particular riding style. These are mainly used to absorb impact, provide stability to the bike, and improve the biker's grip. Therefore, 75 mm is a good number, especially if you're just starting—at least you don't have to worry about replacing the bike fork it comes with originally.


Brakes are an important feature of any bike, whether a mountain, dirt, or road bike. All brakes should be responsive enough for safety purposes. The Trek 820 has a Tektro alloy linear-pull handbrake attached to a Bontrager Riser handlebar. Most of the time, bikers change or upgrade the existing brakes on their current set-up. But for a beginner bike, you wouldn't want to invest in upgrades early on. Good thing that the Tektro handbrake that the Trek 820 comes with is already a good attachment!


Aside from brakes, shifters are also an important component of any bike. These are controllers you can use to change the setting of your bike ride. You have to shift gears now and then depending on the pavement or terrain you're driving on. This is so you can minimize the stress on your drivetrain.

Most beginners are not familiar with how shifting works, but the Trek 820 has a Shimano Tourney EF40 with a 7-speed configuration. The controls on the handbrake are connected to a Shimano Tourney TY500 derailleur on the front and a TY300 derailleur at the back. Overall, the shifters are responsive and seamless. With just one click, you can configure your ride settings with ease.

Pros and Cons

Now that you're familiar with its core features, here are the pros and cons of getting the Trek 820 mountain bike. These are also helpful for you to assess if this particular bike is the right fit for you or not.


  • Great for beginners, not too overwhelming to use.
  • It already has excellent preloaded features such as its brakes and suspension; no need to upgrade it if you're just starting out.
  • The tires are wide, so this is also good to use for road biking.
  • Suspension and breaks are responsive and easy to control.
  • Very affordable with a starting price of $449.99, considering the quality of the bike.


  • The overall build is a bit heavy; you may find it hard to load on vehicles when traveling.
  • The tires are not designed for rough off-road pavements. But you can change the tires whenever you're ready to upgrade!

Overall Performance: Great For Beginners

If you're looking for an affordable but high-quality mountain bike, the Trek 820 is perfect for you. The problem with most mountain bikes is they look bulky and overly complicated to use. Although choosing a bike is something that you really should exert time and effort on, you can't deny that it may get overwhelming at times. With this particular mountain bike, you won't feel like you'll have a hard time understanding how it works. Instead, you'll get acclimated to riding it even after one or two rides!

Most good-quality mountain bikes cost between $400 to $1,100. The Trek 820 starts at $449.99. Of course, the price will go higher depending on the accessories and upgrades you add. With this starting price range, however, it's still on the lower end of the bracket. Since you're still learning how to navigate through mountainous terrains, it's best to get a starter bike rather than investing all in one go. But, you shouldn't compromise the quality of the bike for a lower price. Good quality bikes also provide you safety while riding, and it doesn't mean that high prices will always equate to good quality. You'll get both of these without having to worry about the other with the Trek 820. Ride with confidence with this easy to control and easy to maneuver mountain bike!

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