This Alternative to the Trek Electric Bike Review Might Surprise You

July 6, 2022
trek electric bike review

If you are searching for your first ebike, you may have already stumbled upon a Trek electric bike review. Electric bikes from Trek are truly impressive, aren’t they? However, their price tags can be as high as $6,000, which is too expensive for newcomers to the electric bike scene. So are there any affordable electric bike alternatives any beginner rider can buy?

The Velowave electric mountain bike can be a compelling alternative to Powerfly electric mountain bike from Trek. It’s a lot cheaper, rides well on off-road terrain, and offers a strong value proposition when you look at its specifications and price tag. Do you want to know more about what else the Velowave electric bike can offer you? Then read more and find out!

What Makes Trek Electric Bikes Special?

You should know what the Velowave electric mountain bike is up against before we move on to review it. Trek electric bikes for adults come in different product lines, depending on your specific cycling needs. We will use the Powerfly line of electric mountain bikes for this match-off, particularly the Powerfly 4 – Trek’s most affordable electric mountain bike.

Here’s a short and sweet rundown of the Powerfly 4 electric mountain bike:

  • Price: 3,849.99
  • Frame: Alpha Platinum Aluminum
  • Drivetrain: 10-speed Shimano
  • Battery: 500Wh Bosch PowerTube
  • Motor: 250W Bosch Performance CX
  • Torque: 85Nm
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic brake system
  • Max speed:  32.19 kph (20 mph)
  • Range: 128.75 km (80 mi)
  • Payload: 136 kg (300 lbs)
  • Weight: 23.37 kg (51.53 lbs)

While you can find the same or even better specifications from other manufacturers, electric bike enthusiasts will tell you that the build quality of Trek electric bikes for adults (29”) makes the expensive price tag worth it.

Is There a Worthy Alternative to Trek Electric Bikes?

Now that you have seen what the Powerfly 4 from Trek offers, we know our baseline for our challenger, the Velowave electric mountain bike. Comparing the two electric mountain bikes makes it apparent which one has a better value proposition. Continue reading below to know which areas the Velowave electric mountain bike excels at.

Velowave Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

trek electric bike review - Velowave Ranger

Powerful Motor

Many electric bike enthusiasts wouldn’t believe how powerful the electric motor of this $1,699 electric mountain bike is. The Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike comes with a 750-watt electric motor from Bafang. You can rely on this powerful motor to deliver 80Nm of torque and reach a max speed of 32.19 kph (20 mph) on full throttle mode.

Impressive Range

The Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike comes with a beefy 48-volt 15Ah battery. This lithium battery can be charged 80% of its capacity in 4 hours and fully charged in another 4 hours. It can provide a maximum range of 64.34 km (40 mi) on a single charge. If you commute daily on a bike, this can be enough.

All-Terrain Tire

You can use the 26-inch fat tire with the Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike on most terrains. Your daily route to work will be no challenge to these tires. But if you want to test the treaded anti-skidding tires, you can try riding it in snow and muddy terrain. Such rugged terrains are no match for these durable and versatile 26-inch tires.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Velowabe Ranger Electric Mountain Bike?

trek electric bike review - A couple choosing a bike to buy in a shop

Pro: Affordable Price Tag

The rule of thumb for buying electric bikes is that you should expect them to be more expensive than their regular counterparts. Specialized electric bikes can even be costlier due to specific bike components. The Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike brings everything together at a price affordable to beginner riders.

Pro: Easy to Assemble

The Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike is shipped in a large shipping box secured by packing peanuts and straps. Once you get the parts out of the box, you can start assembling them immediately. Many customers report assembling the electric mountain bike in less than half an hour. Admittedly, the assembly manual gives poor directions, but you can do without it anyway.

Pro: Not Just for Rough Terrain

You can ride the Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike off-road and conquer steep hills. However, despite being designed as a mountain bike, you can also ride the Velowave Ranger for your daily commute. The 26-inch wheels and responsive suspension will give you a smooth ride, no matter how harsh the road conditions are. Whether you ride it for work or fun, it can take it.

Con: Quality Can Be an Issue

You may have wondered how Velowave made the price tag so low compared to its competitors. The electric bike manufacturer made trade-offs to bring down manufacturing costs. These cost-cutting measures could mean using lower-quality materials. Such could have been the case when a few customers reported broken derailleurs on their units.

Con: Too Heavy

The Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike weighs around 33.84 kg (74.6 lbs), which can be too heavy for the average rider. This weight accounts for the bike frame, battery, electric motor, and other components. You may have a shorter range because of how much harder the electric motor would have to work to get you moving. Aside from this, you may find it challenging to maneuver.

Con: Easily Punctured Tires

Once you get the Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike out of the box, you may want to consider changing its tires. While the stock tires perform well on different terrain, they are not as durable as name-brand tires. Some customers report that their tires got punctured by small sharp debris like thorns. We recommend a tire upgrade for your safety.

How Does the Velowave Ranger Compare to the Trek Powerfly?

We put the Velowave Ranger and Trek Powerfly 4 electric mountain bikes side-by-side, but it’s up to you to decide which one is the real winner. Both electric mountain bikes win on some fronts but lose on others. It’s all about what you are willing to sacrifice in exchange for something. Take your time to study the table below.

SpecificationTrek Powerfly 4Velowave Ranger
FrameAlpha Platinum AluminumAluminum
Drivetrain10-speed Shimano7-speed Shimano
Battery500Wh Bosch PowerTube48V 15Ah
Motor250W Bosch Performance CX750W Bafang
Torque85 Nm80 Nm
BrakesTektro hydraulic brake systemHydraulic brake system
Max speed32.19 kph (20 mph)32.19 kph (20 mph)
Range128.75 km (80 mi)64.34 km (40 mi)
Payload 136 kg (300 lbs)136 kg (300 lbs)
Weight 23.37 kg (51.53 lbs)33.84 kg (74.6 lbs)

Is the Velowave Ranger Worth Your Money?

Only you can answer this question. After going through the pros and cons and list of specifications, you can accurately judge whether the Velowave Ranger deserves your hard-earned cash. This electric mountain bike offers a great entry point for new riders hoping to dip their toes without emptying their bank accounts.

Final Thoughts

Trek made a name for its iconic product lines. The Powerfly 4 remains a crowd favorite as it is the cheapest electric mountain bike from the brand. However, the price tag is still too steep for newbies in the electric bike community. Fortunately, the Velowave Ranger electric mountain bike presents a strong contender to a Trek electric bike for adults.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on the Velowave Ranger and make your off-road rides and daily commute more enjoyable.In addition, don’t put yourself in a bad situation by not having bike repair tools with you. Head to our repair section to learn everything about bike maintenance.

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