These 3 Electric Mini Bikes Will Help You Move Your Way Around the City

April 11, 2022
mini bike on pavement

When you live in a big city, getting stuck in traffic jams is probably part of your daily routine. Isn't it frustrating to wait in a long line of cars to run simple errands or want to go to work early? In this case, you need a new transportation way to move your way through the crowded and busy city. 

Bicycles are a great alternative for moving around the town. You can easily zigzag through traffic, lessen your expenses on gas, keep yourself active, and help preserve the environment because it does not emit harmful chemicals in the air. 

In this article, we'll help you choose the best bicycle to help you move smoothly and quickly around the buzzing city. Let's look at these highly rated electric mini bikes for adults.

Our Top 3 Picks For An All-Electric Ride

Commuting to work, going to the grocery store, and running daily errands are made easy with an electric bike. It helps you get to your destination faster without feeling tired. With the motor that comes with these mini bikes, you can go on faster and further. Let's take a more detailed look into these two-wheeled companions and see what suits your needs best. 

hurley swell mini bike

Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike

Small, powerful, functional, and stylish. That's what the Hurley Mini electric bike brings to the table. You will have onlookers looking at you twice when you ride this bike. Let's look at this bicycle's features. 

Product highlights

  • This mini bike is packed with power. It has a 500-watt motor and 48v battery pack that allows you to go faster and further compared to standard electric bikes. The motor is strong enough to cruise over pavements at top speed, riding on elevated roads and easy on rugged trails. 
  • The bike includes two modes: the ride assists you with pedaling power and throttle-only mode when you want to soak the scenery without that effort from pedaling. Moreover, the bike can go as fast as 20 mph and go up to 40 miles on a single charge. 
  • The bike's battery has an anti-theft design. The battery is removable and has a committed compartment with a key that allows you to lock it in place. 
  • This electric mini bike for adults can load up to 300lbs and has 20-inch fat tires that give you extra comfort with your ride on bumpy roads. Furthermore, the bike's seat is handcrafted leather that adds style to your bike's overall appearance coupled with extreme durability. 
  • Lastly, the bike has an LCD screen that shows vital information like speed, battery capacity, and distance. In addition, the mini bike has 6-speed gear, and an installed LED to help you navigate when you ride in the dark. 

Product lowlights

  • The Hurley Mini Swell electric bike has everything you need from style and functionality. If there's one thing to consider before buying, this is the price point. The bike cost $2000. This costs as much as premium mountain bikes. If you're looking for a ride to use on extreme trails, investing in a mountain bike is better. 
razor ecosmart metro

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter 

A scooter with a bike seat? The Razor's EcoSmart Scooter is another fun way to get around town in a breeze without having to pedal. This bike is the perfect ride for your daily errands. 

Product highlights

  • The Razor's EcoSmart scooter is a sit-and-ride design. It's easy to maneuver and operate, making this bike perfect even for beginning riders. The bike has a sturdy steel frame and wide bamboo footrest so you can ride comfortably. 
  • The EcoSmart Scooter is available in different hub motor capacities. Their most powerful model has a 500-watt motor and can run up to 18 mph. These electric scooters can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds and are compatible with adults and older kids.
  • The EcoSmart Metro has a built-in rear basket that can carry your personal items and other loads when you run on an errand. Moreover, the ride has 16-inch pneumatic tires that can handle rough terrains. 

Product lowlights

  • The bike has a shorter battery capacity compared to other electric bikes. The EcoSmart Metro's maximum range is only 12 miles, equivalent to 40 minutes of the ride. We don't recommend this bike for long-distance rides. 
  • The product only has a 90-day warranty. However, after six months of use, many users report defective batteries and motors and find out they are eligible for replacement.
addmotor cruiser electric bike 

Addmotor 20-inch Electric Cruiser Bike

The Addmotor is a cruiser-style mini bike and an absolute eye candy for riders. This bike may be small but has features comparable to standard mountain bikes. This bike is your perfect ride for daily commuting and when you want a little challenge and fun. Let's take a look at what more this bike can give. 

Product highlights

  • The bike has a classic and retro design that will bring you back to the 70s. Its bike frame is stylish and made from 6061 aluminum. The 6061 aluminum alloy frame of the electric mini bike for adults can carry 300lbs easily. 
  • The bike has a removable lithium-ion battery with a large capacity. A single charge can reach a maximum distance of up to 55 miles. Furthermore, you can detach the battery from the bike to make charging easy and convenient. 
  • The electric bikes come with a powerful 750-watt hub motor that can run up to 20 mph. But you can configure the settings to make your top speed faster. Moreover, the bike has five different pedal assist modes varying from the pedal assist and throttle only modes. 
  • The mini bike has 7-speed gear which is commonly found on mountain bikes. Furthermore, this bike has an installed fork suspension system and dampens vibration on rugged terrains. 
  • The bike has fully adjustable features. First, the bike's seat and handle can be configured in whichever comfortable height you want. The bike pedals are also adjustable to position your feet and legs at the right angle for a more comfortable ride. 
  • This bike has a long bike seat that can fit two passengers. If you're planning to ride together, install a backrest to protect the passenger. The bike also has an LCD screen to display all the important information you need for your rides. 

Product lowlights 

  • This is another all-rounder bike that won't disappoint you. The Addmotor may not be as expensive as the other bikes on the list, but it still has an expensive price point. The mini bike cost $1700. If you're looking for more budget-friendly bikes, other options may fit your budget. 

Final Verdict 

Bicycles are gaining popularity these days, and not just for extreme sports and mountain biking anymore. If you're looking for an easy way to move around the busy city, this is your sign to get yourself an electric minibike. They may be small in size, but they are powerful and functional. 

The three minibikes we reviewed above are just some of the bikes we have in store for you! For other bike recommendations and buying guides, you can explore our site for more. We have reviews and other informative articles to help you search for the perfect bike for your next adventure!

Safe road ahead, explorer!

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