Is Your Kid Reluctant to Bike? The Jetson Electric Bike’s Light-Up Training Wheels Might Help.

April 6, 2022
jetson electric bike - e-bike battery closeup

You bring a bike for your kid with great expectations. It's their first-ever biking lesson, and you're ecstatic about teaching them how to use it. But your little one is not even interested in hopping! Now what?

Having a hard time teaching your child to ride a bike is normal. All you need is to find a good approach or item that will make them want to cycle. And we have the perfect bike for you. Whether your kid is scared or bored with the whole bike affair, the Jetson Electric Bike Spark Light-up Training Wheels ensure two things: safety and fun.

This bike is designed to help steer your child in the right direction while learning to balance on two wheels. They come equipped with LED lights to illuminate and catch your child's interest, thanks to Jetson electric bike accessories and parts. This article discusses why these training wheels make an excellent investment for parents who want to teach their children to ride a bike minus the hassle.

Why Are Kids Reluctant to Ride a Bicycle?

Riding a bike can be downright daunting for some kids. It's not unusual for them to feel scared of balancing on two wheels or getting stranded in an unfamiliar place. Other children are simply uninterested in cycling. They would rather play video games or run around the neighborhood than spend time pedaling.

But there's one more reason in which the guardian is involved. Suppose a parent teaches their child to ride a bike and yells at them for making a mistake. The child then associates this learning experience with pain and, as a result, avoids further engagement. In this situation, the parent forgets to keep the key to educating children: having fun.

Always give your child gentle and positive feedback. It will encourage them to keep trying until they get used to cycling. And what better way than to add sparkling, light-up training wheels on the bike to help you out?

Make Your Reluctant Child Hop on a Bike With the Jetson E-Bike Spark Light-up Training Wheels!

Biking lessons can help kids develop independence and learn important, lasting lessons on the road. An effective way to start is to use training wheels for riding a bike. The Jetson E-Bike Spark Light-up Training Wheels are designed with your child's safety in mind. It also comes with a shiny, little bonus feature for a fun learning experience! Read on for our full review.

General Specifications

Let's discuss the basic technical details first.

  • What age range is this accessory intended for? You can use these training wheels for ages three years old and above.
  • What are the overall dimensions? 4 x 10 x 4 inches.
  • How heavy is this accessory? It weighs 2.05 lbs.
  • What is the weight limit of this accessory? 110 lbs.
  • Does it have a warranty? Yes, a 1-year limited warranty.
jetson electric bike accessories - jetson e-bike spark training wheels

Best Features

Now, let's move on to the wheels' top features. What sets this product apart from other bike training wheels?

  • RGB-Colored Light-Up Wheels

One of the most eye-catching and unique features of these wheels is their RGB-colored (red, green, and blue) light-up wheels. There is no need to turn them on manually; they will light up as soon as you start pedaling. It creates a dazzling display that will grab your child's (and everyone else's) attention.

  • A Flexible Fitting Range

These wheels are easy to attach and detach from the bike, making them a great accessory for other bikes you may have. Worried about compatibility? You don't have to. Luckily, Jenson's light-up wheels are adjustable. You can make changes so that it fits bike wheel sizes from 12 to 20 inches.

  • Made of Sturdy Materials

These training wheels are made of aluminum and rubber tires, a sturdy and lightweight combination. They're perfect for beginner riders who are feeling a little unsteady.

  • Easy Assembly

Attaching an accessory to your bike can be trickier than you think. But customers find that the instructions provided with these Jetson wheels are straightforward, so they can easily assemble the wheels. Attach these wheels within a few minutes, and your kid can start riding right away!

Product Limitations

As with any product, there are some limitations you should be aware of before purchasing the Jetson Spark Light-Up Training Wheels. Here's what we don't like about them.


These light-up wheels do not come with a rechargeable battery, so it needs replacement after using it for some time. Whether this is inconvenient to you or not depends on your preference.

Missing Lights

Some users reported receiving a defective pair of wheels, with one of them missing the light-up function.

Not So Sparkly

Some customers also find that the lights aren't that bright, which can be disappointing (especially for your little one).

jetson electric bike accessories and parts - father helping his son learn to ride a bike back view

Other Ways to Teach Biking to a Reluctant Kid

Suppose you're still unsure of the Jetson E-Bike Spark Light-up Training Wheels. Perhaps, it's not enough to get your kid on a bike. In that case, here are a few other methods that might help.

  • Introduce the importance of safety bike equipment, especially the bike helmet. This might help your kid feel safe and trust themselves on the bike.
  • Tell them all the fun things about riding a bike to increase their desire to have their own experience. Of course, you can also tell them about the challenging parts. However, let them know that they can overcome the difficulties and become better riders in the long run.
  • Get on a bike and show them how it's done. For example, what are the handlebars and brakes for? How can you use them safely and have fun riding?
  • Implement a rewarding system. The promise of a reward like ice cream, new toys, new art supplies, or a new bike add-on (e.g., other *Jetson electric bike accessories like the bike basket) can motivate them to try.
  • Can't do it on your own? Enroll them in a bike class, and you can take charge of documentation.

A Little Spark Can Do the Trick

It's normal for a child to feel reluctant to ride their first bike. But with the Jetson's Spark light-up training wheels, you can use an extra incentive to convince them to give it a shot. These wheels will surely grab their attention and make them feel excited to bike. 
We hope you'd be interested in trying this product on your next biking lessons with your little one! Meanwhile, if you're looking for more bike accessories, parts, or bike reviews, explore our website for more articles.

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