No Hype Needed: The Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle

October 14, 2021
Kid Dirt Bike Rider

A good dirt bike sells itself.

No need for nonsense. Just an honest showcase of what a bike has to offer. You’ll be surprised that the Hyper HPR 350 has plenty to show despite its scaled-down demeanor.

But that’s enough talking. Let’s get right into the rundown of the Hyper HPR 350 dirt bike.

Bike Rundown: The Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle

Here are the brief points of the Hyper HPR 350 dirt bike.

Quick Features

  • The freestyle handlebars are built for comfort. This is ideal for kids who just want to ride a bike for the sake of it. The adjustable handlebar will help your kid get comfortable with the bike so that he can master handling it. There’s also rail cushioning that prevents head injuries in case of high jumps on slopes or ramps.
  • The 12-inch pneumatic tires are meant to absorb the impact coming from uneven terrains. In addition, the wheel size makes the bike nimble. Your kid will ride smoothly and turn quickly with this electric dirt bike.
  • This Hyper 350 electric dirt bike’s steel frame is sturdy enough to carry 140 lbs. of maximum weight, so either you or your kid can ride this little rocket without worrying about bending it out of shape.
  • The Hyper 350 has a 24-volt lead-acid battery that can put out as much as 40 minutes of continuous riding. It has enough output to match your kid’s riding stamina. Filling up the battery takes an average of 6–8 hours.
  • The full-electric motocross bike can hit a peak speed of 14 mph. That’s comparable to the average speed of an adult electric bike.
  • The Hype 350 also has a single-speed, twist grip function. No need to shuffle with gear-shifting, your kid can focus on playing around with different speed levels and practicing corner techniques, or he can just have pure and carefree fun with it.


  • The bike pushes on consistently. A common problem of electric dirt bikes is sudden engine shutdown. It’s frustrating as a spectator, and more so as a rider. It can be troublesome, especially if the engine dies out on a critical section. So having an engine that consistently pumps (and a battery that doesn’t die out) for as long as the throttle is squeezed is a sign of a good quality electric-powered dirt bike.
  • The dirt bike is intuitive. The switch and the charger port are easy to locate and use. There’s nothing but a throttle to accelerate the motor, and the handling is steady, but it is also responsive.


  • 30–40 minutes of continuous ride time may be enough for leisurely rides, but if your kid gets into the hype or has too much fun, that 40-minute runtime would be a killjoy.
  • The bike’s height is too low for tall kids. The recommended rider age is thirteen and up, but if your kid is tall, he’ll need to squat on this bike, forcing him to put his foot down occasionally.

All Good Performance, None of the Hype

The Hyper HPR 350 is not as hyped up as the Razor 24-volt dirt bike. Yet despite that, it can hold its own with some decent features.

First up is the engine consistency. Essential, especially if your kid is heavy on practice runs. Second, the top speed is right up there with the Razor bike. Third, it is intuitive enough that your kid can just let go and have unbridled enjoyment riding this bike.

There’s no need for Hyper HPR 350 to be hyped up. Once you know how it operates, it will sell itself.

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