The Best of E-Lux Electric Bikes: Tahoe GT Electric Bike 

May 9, 2022
Tahoe GT red model

If you're looking to invest in a luxury electric bike, then it's worthwhile browsing through the line of E-lux's electric bikes. Power, speed, and performance are just some of the important considerations if you're thinking of investing in an electric bike. There are endless choices of electric bikes for sale.⁠ There are electric mountain bikes ready for challenging terrains, while there are also folding electric bikes you can use for commuting with the convenience of easy storage. 

However, if you're aiming for the best, why not consider the flagship model of the E-lux electric bikes? The Tahoe GT is the finest e-bike of the brand ⁠— a cruiser-style electric bike that is stylish and powerful. You can use this bike for your casual riding with more speed and power on difficult roads. Let’s check out the Tahoe GT and why it's worth considering. 

The Key Features of Tahoe GT Electric Bike 

Many users dub this bike "Miles of Smile" because it has everything you’d want in an electric bike — power, speed, and range. This luxury electric bike has many things to offer! So, let's get into its features and see why this electric bike is sought after by avid riders. 

Hub Motor 

Consider the motor's power if you're investing in an electric bike. The lowest output is 250 watts, perfect for riders who want little speed and less stress with pedaling. However, if you're up for faster speeds, a higher wattage is the one you need. 

The Tahoe GT has a 750-watt motor that peaks up to 1375 watts at maximum performance. This hub motor can help you trail sleet roads and accelerate faster on flat roads. Furthermore, the bike has a 48V 21ah Panasonic or Sony lithium-ion battery which will last up to 70 miles depending on your speed or more if you're on eco-mode! 

Gears and suspension system 

The Tahoe GT is premium quality. The bike has an 8-speed Shimano derailleur for smooth triggering and shifting speed. It also features a front suspension system to lessen the impact of riding over rough roads. The front fork is a Mozo suspension shock with lockout. 

The lockout feature allows you to customize the suspension power of your fork. For example, when riding on flat roads, you decrease the compression according to your preference. And when you ride on rugged trails, you can adjust the lockout to handle rigid rides. 

Seat post, lights, and LCD 

The problem with other bikes is that their peripherals are of cheap quality. So you end up replacing the parts that will cost you more in the long run. You can only expect the best parts for this luxury bike for the Tahoe GT. The seat post is the Suntour NCX suspension seat that ensures it has a powerful grip and will not move even on tough rides. 

The bike also has an LCD screen that shows essential details of the ride like the battery percentage, distance covered, ride time, and speed. Moreover, the bike has a pre-installed bike light that lets you navigate dark paths easier. 

Tires, brakes, and load capacity 

The bike features ultra-quiet tires for smoother riding. The bike's tires are a hybrid of tractions, so you have complete control and added comfort on whatever road you take on. The bike also has excellent stopping power with its installed Tektro Dorado 4 Piston hydraulic disc brakes. 

Furthermore, the Tahoe GT can carry big loads up to 300 pounds. You can add an extra cargo load to your bike if you want to take a camping trip with this ride.

Pedal assists and top speed

It's common for electric bikes to have pedal-assist mode features. For example, the Tahoe GT has five pedal assist modes depending on how much effort you want to pedal. You also have the option for the throttle-only mode that can go up 28 miles per hour. 

Another special feature of this electric bike is the power assist mode. You have three power options to control how fast your bike can accelerate.

e lux electric bikes - electric cruiser bike

The Setbacks of the Tahoe GT Electric Bike 

There might be features of the Tahoe GT that don't suit your preference. If you are investing in an electric bike, everything must be according to your liking. You also have to make sure that it suits your activity to enjoy riding. Here are some of the potential drawbacks you may encounter with the Tahoe GT electric bike. 

Bike’s frame

The bike's powerful performance may lead you to think that this bike is styled like a mountain bike with a triangular geometry frame. On the contrary, the Tahoe GT's bike frame is curved and cruiser bike style. It's built for a more relaxing ride than for sports use. If you're more inclined to extreme sports as well as rugged and difficult trails, a mountain bike style is more suited for you. 

Battery compartment and charging time 

The Tahoe GT has a committed battery compartment, but E-lux electric bikes have no keys and locks for their compartment. Other brands include this feature for anti-theft purposes. Be careful when you park your bikes and leave them in public places. Moreover, the battery charging time of the Tahoe GT takes 10 to 12 hours to fully charge. That's almost half a day of charging before you can use it. Other bike brands only take at least 4 hours of charging. You may want to consider other options if the charging time is too long for you. 


The Tahoe GT is indeed a diamond in the sea of electric bikes. It has a powerful motor, fast speeds, premium quality bike components, and additional power-assist modes that you can’t simply find in other electric bikes. 

This is definitely the perfect bike for individuals who want an alternative for their daily commute, running errands around town swiftly, or simply strolling around seasides and parks for relaxation. 

There are other E-lux electric bikes you can explore that may be suitable for your riding needs and personal preferences. For more bike reviews, accessories, and safety gears, check out our other blogs to help you with your next biking purchase. 

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