Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike: A Cool Choice for Urban Dwellers

February 22, 2022
swagtron eb7 plus folding electric bike

Adults who live in the city need a convenient and money-saving ride, one that can substitute automotive vehicles for short trips and strolls. But it also has to be cool.

Riding an electric bike makes you feel slightly exposed if you're used to riding cars. And if people are looking at you as you cruise down the street, you want them to see a cool, nifty bike because you're cool and nifty.

That's why you have to check out the Swagtron EB7 Plus bike. Here's what makes it a super cool ride for city-dwelling adults like you.

Cool Features of the Swagtron EB7 Electric Bike

What makes any bike cool are its built-in features that make your life happier and more convenient. We think the Swagtron EB7 Elite Plus has such features. So read on and see what this folding bike has got for you.

Throttle cruise control

The throttle can remain at a constant speed even when you let go of the twist grip. This is cool because you can let your hands rest over the handlebar. 

Clamp-lock foldable frame

You have three foldable sections on the entire Swagcycle EB 7 bike. You can also fold the main tube between the handle and the seat post and the pedals towards the crank bar. Finally, you can fold down the handlebar stem towards the front wheel.

On the body and the handlebar stem is a clamp that lets you lock the foldable sections securely but also unlock them as quickly. So you can spend more time riding this compact bike and less time folding and setting it up.

Assistance modes

Swagtron Swagcycle EB7 has three pedal-assist modes with different speed limits for each mode. The third and final mode can give you a top speed of up to 18 - 19mph.

Apart from pedal assist modes, you can also operate the Swagtron in either full manual, motor-assist, or throttle only.

Tug-pull battery

Some electric bikes can have batteries that are hard to remove from the bike's frame. This will make battery charging harder. With a tug pull battery like that of the EB7, you can remove the battery easily so you can charge it indoors.

Compact display

The LCD screen of the EB7 is a small one on the left side of the handlebar. It's unobtrusive and stylish. The controls are also simple; it's like your electric bike's personal watch with all the info you need.

What We Love About the Swagtron Electric Bike EB7

Swagtron EB7 is a cool city electric bicycle that appeals especially to adults who are always walking or commuting. But that’s not all; here's everything we love about it.

Portable when folded down

The EB7 is already a small bike in its unfolded form, so folding makes it even smaller. You can definitely fit the bike into the trunk of your car or even under a coffee shop table when you’re grabbing a quick brew-and-bite break from riding.

This feature lets you save parking space for other bike riders. You also don't have to lock this bike on a bike pole. Instead, you can just carry it with you.

Hill climbs are now possible

It is a pain on the legs when you do a manual pedal on an incline. This is even harder when you have single-speed gear. If you're an adult rider with a full-sized manual MTB, you'll know this is true.

Swagtron's powerful motor takes a huge load off your legs and feet when you're faced with a steep hill. No more climbing down the saddle to push your bike. Just twist the throttle, and you'll conquer hills and humps.


It's truly a hassle when electronics get damaged due to water or moisture. And with electronic bikes being taken on a spin on a wet road, this is a real concern. So Swagtron has made its motor water-resistant.

With Swagtron's motor, you are assured that it won't shut down even when it rains during your ride to your destination. You'll be confident about summoning the motor-assist on wet roads or rainy days.

Fast acceleration

The twist throttle and the pedal-assist feature have a rad fast acceleration. You can feel the speed rising quickly as you let the motor do the work. This is perfect for riding on bike paths and crossing intersections.

What Can Be Improved With Swagtron Ebike EB7

In spite of how awesome this bike performs, there are things we wish to be improved on for the next Swagtron bikes. Here are some you may agree with when you get the bike. 

Start lag

The motor of the Swagtron bicycle can take a couple of seconds to kick in. If that's the case, you'll need to set your expectations and may have to compensate for the lag with your own pedaling capabilities.

No brake light

Lights are what make bicycles safe to ride at night. While the EB7 has a LED headlight that lets you see where you're going when riding in the dark, there's no brake light. It does have rear reflectors, but they’re only good for visibility.

Motor vehicles and other bike riders behind you may not know whether you're about to stop or not. This can result in accidents. It would be better to have a brake light connected to the power source for a safer night ride.

Seatpost issue

The adjustable seat post is limited because the stem hits the bottom part of the bike frame. This may not be favorable for those who prefer a cruiser-like lowered saddle height.

The solution is to cut the stem to lower the seat post to your desired length, but it will require some work. Also, it would be better if the frame or the seat post is designed to make sure they don't interfere with the function of the other.


The EB7 weighs around 45 pounds. This can be a bit heavy to lug around. It will tire you out if you have to carry it up or down the staircase. It would be better if the frame were made with lighter material without compromising durability.

Swagtron's Cool Swag

The Swagtron EB7 plus bike has strong color options, a compact and robust frame, and a small wheel. Riding this thing makes you look sleek and sophisticated because it coasts steadily. In addition, the look and the performance of the Swagtron offer enough personality worth ditching the four-wheeled vehicle for.

Check out Cycle Buddy now if you want more cool folding bikes that pack a punch with the minimum budget. You'll find more reviews about other Swagtron e-bikes as well as other cool-looking bicycles, electric or manual. 

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