Swag On, Swag Off: The Swagtron Swagcycle EB7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

October 19, 2021
Yuppie City Rider

At some point, you'll get bored riding your commuter e-bike on lame pavements.

Somewhere along your stroll, you'll chance upon an empty dirt lot with a bunch of receded grass and a hint of tracks. Your feet will feel an itch to go to the proverbial, less traveled off-road. However, you’re worried because you’ve only got a cozy commuter e-bike. It’s time to check out a new commuter e-bike. We'd like you to meet the Swagtron EB7 Elite, the one commuter e-bike that will get your swag on as you swag off the pavement.

In Focus: The Swagtron EB7 Electric Bike

The Swagtron Swagcycle EB7 Elite folding electric bike is a commuter that packs some power. Commuter electric bikes can typically handle smooth pavements and neutral surfaces, but the Swagtron defies that archetype with its specifications and features.

Below are the details of what it can bring on and off the road.

Bike Specifics

Bike Style

The bike has a two-color paint job. The primary color is black, and the secondary one is red. Another variation of this paint job is a combination of white and cyan. These colorways will appeal to you if you are looking for style and visibility.


The semirigid frame has a rear suspension setup and a single-gear drivetrain, contributing to the bike's total weight of 42.3 pounds. The stem is also integrated into the bike's head tube and reaches up to your waist.

Brake System

The good thing about the EB7 Elite commuter folding e-bike is that it has front and back mechanical disc brakes to support the bike's wide wheelbase and large wheel. This spec is useful if you’re on top-speed mode and want to stop efficiently.


Both the front and the rear wheels measure 16 inches and are made of plastic. The large wheel size is great for producing stable speed on concrete and going up the hills and even sidewalks.


The handlebar is a typical flat type. It is skimpy on materials but convenient for handling and controlling the bike. It is also excellent for tight corners and making sharp turns on narrow streets or changing lanes on the road.


Riders can go faster than ever before with the EB7 electric bike. Its 36-V Li-ion battery can take you as far as 15.5 miles and has a 3- to 4-hour charging time.


The Swagtron EB7’s motor has a 350-W power profile that accelerates well on straightaways. The top speed is benchmarked at 18.6 mph (29.9 kph), but the motor can pump out more than 19 mph (30.5 kph) on its highest mode.


Cruise Control

It's a breeze to have a steady speed without maintaining a grip on the throttle. The cruise control lets you do just that. Lock in the speed you want to keep your bike running on and let go of the throttle. It will take care of the rest.


You can operate the bike with a twist of the throttle grip, but if your battery runs low or dies on you, you can always use the pedal-assist to get you home. Not only that, but the pedals can also help you climb steeper inclines than your motor would dare climb.

Foldable Sections

The Elite model of the Swagtron e-bike has three foldable sections. One folds at the middle section connecting the seat to the bike's head tube, and the other folds at the section between the stem and the headset. Finally, you can also fold the pedals. This feature allows the bike to take up less storage space.

Detailed Display

Unlike some electric bikes that only show the battery bars, the Elite model has a bright display screen that shows the battery, the mode you're on (there are four options), your total mileage, and your speed. The display acts as a sports watch for your bike.


  • The water-resistant motor on the rear lets you ride the bike even in wet or muddy road conditions.
  • We like that the bike has three foldable parts. Transforming from a full frame to a compact one is such a convenience, especially when a bike has a wide wheelbase and a pedal protrusion, which can be tricky to carry in public places.


  • It's a bummer that the bike left out a light on the rear. The headlight is just as important as the taillight; without it, it will be difficult to enjoy the perks of riding at night.
  • The stem is a little short, and the handlebar could do better with a length more proportionate to the bike's wheel size and wheelbase.

Sidetrack: The Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike Variety

The Swagtron EB7 series has another variant: the EB7 Plus electric bike. It's worth mentioning because you might confuse one with the other.

The two EB7 models, namely, Elite and Plus, have a lot of similarities. However, the difference between them is that the Plus has a longer range despite having the same charging time. The Plus model also doesn't have the cruise control feature; instead, it has gear shift functions. It also costs more at around $850.

Real Swagger On and Off the Road

Swagtron lives up to its name when it comes to on- and off-road performance. The bike undersells the speed data and surprises you with an over-delivery of speed that can handle a single-track dirt road.

What stood out to us is that this bike has a spectrum that goes from fully pedaled to motor-assisted pedaling to being fully accelerated by a motor. Thus, you have an option to use the throttle and the cruise control or the pedal at your will. Depending on the conditions, you can mix and match. You can go full auto on flat pavement or get pedaling on a steep dirt road.

No matter the road conditions, the Swagtron will give you the swagger you need, on and off the road.

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