Want an Affordable Sur Ron Electric Bike Alternative? Try the Ancheer Electric Bike

February 17, 2022
sur ron electric bike

Clean and quiet—that’s how sustainable transportation should be. Gone are the days when roaring diesel engines were all the rage. In fact, many people now find such noisy machines annoying and even repelling. Aside from the noise pollution that these gasoline-powered big bikes produce, they contribute to the ever-worsening climate crisis we are facing today.

While the obvious alternative to big bikes is the traditional pedal-powered bicycles, not everyone can spend half an hour pedaling under the sun’s heat. So if you bike your way to work, this would definitely be a big no-no. 

Here’s where electric bikes come in. They’re fast, clean, and quiet. They tick all the boxes for the perfect last-mile commute solution.

The Sur Ron electric bike brand has always been among the leading e-bike manufacturers in the market. They do offer great bikes with powerful motors, reliable construction, and industry-leading quality. Unfortunately, their bikes come with a steep price tag. If you are short on cash, you might want to consider the Ancheer electric bike, a cheaper alternative to Sur-Ron electric bikes.

Keep reading if you want to know more about what makes it a compelling alternative to Sur-Ron bikes!

Why the Ancheer Electric Bike Could Be a Sur-Ron Alternative

Offered at an incredibly affordable price, the Ancheer electric bike perfectly suits the average commuter’s needs. It is no Sur Ron X electric dirt bike, but it will definitely get the job done as your daily commuter bike. With its dual shock absorbers and lightweight aluminum construction, the Ancheer electric bike promises to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride.

Specs at a Glance

  • Available on Amazon for the low price of $699.99
  • Comes with a powerful 350-watt electric motor
  • Has durable 26-inch tires fit for adult cyclists
  • Powered by a removable 374.4-watt-hour lithium battery
  • Designed with a 21-speed transmission system
  • Has a 20-mile-per-hour top speed, perfect for city commute
  • Features four varying levels of electric pedal assist
  • Built from aluminum alloy and carbon steel materials
  • Comes mostly assembled out of the box
  • Has dual shock absorbers.

Powerful Motor

If you want to get anywhere, you must have a capable electric motor driving your bicycle forward. Yes, the cities' paved roads and concrete streets may not be as challenging as a mountain trail. Still, you need a powerful electric motor to conquer obstacles along the way. With an electric motor with a fast top speed, cruising down the road will surely be a treat.

Although the Ancheer electric bike isn’t as powerful as a Sur Ron electric dirt bike for adults, it comes with a 350-watt brushless electric motor. Because the motor is brushless, expect low noise from its moving mechanical parts. Thus, the electric whine that characterizes an electric motorcycle is noticeably less audible. 

Aside from silent operation, the brushless motor has a longer life span, thanks to its corrosion resistance.

Lightweight Build

Heavy bikes like steel-frame bicycles are the bike of choice for many bikers. However, if you are always on the go, such a bike can bog you down. Heavy bicycles take much more force on your part to move forward. Since there’s more mass to move, they can also suck your lithium battery dry much faster.

Built with a combination of lightweight materials, the Ancheer electric bike weighs only 44 pounds while having a load capacity of 300 pounds. As you can see, Ancheer did not compromise weight with load capacity. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame and carbon steel fork can carry your weight while remaining lightweight.

4-Level Pedal Assist

If you wish to use an electric bike on your commute to work, you will find the pedal-assist feature helpful and even fun. Instead of letting the electric motor do all the work for you, you can still step on the pedal as the motor gives you a little boost. Each pedal goes a little bit further than it would without the pedal-assist feature.

The Ancheer electric bike has a four-level pedal-assist function. If you want to save your battery, then riding on a pedal-assist could be a good compromise. You still get to enjoy the advantages of an electric bike without consuming too much of your battery. Aside from saving battery, you will also appreciate how the pedal-assist feature can help you conquer steep uphill climbs.

21-Speed Transmission 

A bike’s drivetrain facilitates the transfer of power from the pedal to the wheel. Its different gears allow you to have an easier and more efficient riding experience. When you use the wrong gear in a particular situation—say, riding uphill—you will notice that you are barely moving despite exerting much effort.

Equipped with a Shimano drivetrain, the Ancheer electric bike has a 21-speed transmission system. With that amount of flexibility, you can pedal your way through any terrain. In addition, the drivetrain system comes from a reputable company with a standing reputation for manufacturing high-performance bike components.

Easy Maintenance

Bicycles involve a lot of moving parts that can break down at some point. If you use your bike on your daily commute, unexpected things can happen. 

Electric bicycles are a bit more complicated due to the addition of an electric motor. And just like traditional bikes, electric-powered bicycles can break down and may need repairs from time to time.

Some bikes are hard to repair at the local shop due to a lack of available parts. But Ancheer designed the entire bike to be easily serviceable. If you need to repair the electrical components of the bike, you will find the connectors easy to interface with. You don’t have to open up the controller and mess up its internal mechanisms.


While the quick lever release at the front wheel is definitely a good feature, the bike doesn’t have a safety mechanism to prevent it from falling off if the lever was accidentally tripped. This scenario can definitely happen if you ever encounter a rough patch of the road or a deep fall. You can source the needed washers yourself as the bike comes with holes for them anyway.

Another drawback this electric bike unfortunately has is its size. Taller cyclists might have a difficult time riding this bike due to its form factor. The best way to make sure that the bike is a perfect fit for you is to try it out. However, you can chalk this up to personal preference, which can vary from one person to another.

Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to jump on the clean-and-green bandwagon. While a Sur-Ron electric dirt bike is certainly expensive and impractical for most people, the market offers other affordable options. 

The Ancheer electric bicycle has a well-rounded set of features that cycling enthusiasts would appreciate. Plus, it comes with a low price tag.

Make your daily commute a breeze, and hop on the Ancheer electric bike today!

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