Style and Steady: 4 of the Best Women’s Bike Helmets

August 3, 2021
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Let’s say you recently got hooked on biking and decided to go on a trip soon. In the list of things to bring, you saw women’s bike helmets, and you asked yourself, “Do I need to think hard about the bike helmet I’ll use? There are too many types of bike helmets. Can't I just pick a helmet that fits and has a design that matches my style?”

Well, you're not wrong for choosing one according to design and size, but bike helmets are more than just cool headwear.

Although a bike is easier to ride than a motor vehicle, you still need a safe approach when using it. Bike helmets serve as your head protection, so you need to select one that meets safety standards. But if you're unsure of deciding on your own, this article can help you find the best women's bike helmet in the market!

Top 4 Bike Helmets for Women

Too many brands out there aggressively compete with each other, making the selection process stressful for you. Thus, we have enumerated four bike helmets for women with outstanding style and security features that can meet your needs and relieve you of the stressful shopping experience. Check out our list below!

Specialized S-Works Women's Prevail II Helmet

If you wish to keep a light, refreshing, and safe biking trip, look no further. The Specialized Prevail 2 is your go-to road biking helmet!

Light and Cool

S-Works incorporates a 4th Dimension Cooling System and a minimized version of the Multidirectional Impact Protection System to provide a lightweight and well-ventilated helmet. The helmet weighs only eight ounces, so you almost don't feel its weight on your head!

Safety Features

The Specialized 2 integrates an impressive safety feature called the ANGi Crash Sensor, which alerts your emergency contacts (via text message) as soon as it detects any crashes. You will need to pair your phone to the Specialized Ride Premium app, an ANGi system inclusion with a one-year subscription.

Helmet Design

The S-Works Prevail 2 has a simple, chic design and comes in four colors: black, storm grey/black, ion/charcoal, and nice blue shades. However, the colors don't cover the entire helmet; they only highlight some of the upper and lower parts of the headgear.

This one is a good candidate if you're into sophisticated and unisex helmet styles. 


Unfortunately, the Prevail 2 is not the most affordable option in the market. The color variations are also few, so you might not find the shade that you prefer.

Thousand Bike Helmet

Bring the nostalgic past with you as you pedal across the urban area! The Thousand Adult Bike Helmet brings two eras together, incorporating a vintage design with features engineered for urban cycling.

Thoughtfully Crafted for Safety

The company name “Thousand” is in line with the team's aim to save 1000 lives by producing safe and stylish bike helmets. Thus, they design helmets with a solid set of safety features, such as the following:

  • Secret PopLock — Securely and conveniently locks your helmet behind the bike
  • Microfiber Vegan Leather Straps — Keep you sweat-free and comfortable during the entire trip
  • Easily Operated Dial Fit System — Makes the necessary adjustments accurately
  • 7 Air Vents and 3 Cooling Channels — Keep you cool and fresh throughout the whole ride
  • Magnetic One-Hand Fastener — Safely locks without causing finger pinches

Helmet Design

Thousand Heritage manufactures helmets that keep you safe and make you feel proud of wearing them. The neat, vintage style can turn heads when you pass them by! Additionally, the helmet is also lightweight, weighing from 14 to 17 ounces, depending on your specific size.


Some users state the difficulty in finding a size that fits, the lack of ventilation, and mismatching style preferences. If possible, test the size before purchasing and ensure that you're buying from a verified source to avoid items made of cheap materials.

Sawako Crocodile Black Helmet

Remember the classy helmet worn by Pippa Middleton? You can sport a mysterious, classy, and chic look like hers with the Sawako Crocodile bike helmet! It is available in only one size (M) and comes with a dial-to-fit system for size adjustments.

Completes Your Fashion

Sawako helmets offer first and foremost eye-catching designs aiming to instill confidence for cyclists to take the road and make the most out of the journey. Sawako bike helmets are made of glitter, matte, and glossy designs (which are all gorgeous too!), but this faux leather helmet is such a customer favorite that it had to be restocked.

Industry Standard

Sawako's helmets are not only famous for their fashionable designs, but they also meet safety standards and provide adequate ventilation. To ensure your protection, the Sawako Crocodile Black has passed international standards: CPSC, CE EN1087,  AS/NZS 2063, and EN1078.

Additionally, the helmet has 11 air vents to keep you cool in your biking adventures and a peaked structure to keep the sun and rain from hampering your sight.


The designs are generally nice, but preferences differ. Some cyclists want a simpler style that doesn't catch too much attention.

Bern Women's Winter Lenox Snow Helmet

Suppose you're looking for cute bike helmets for ladies. In that case, Bern's Winter Lenox Snow Helmet is an ideal choice if you want to sport an attractive look while cycling during the cold season!

Built for Snow Safety

True to its name, the Bern Winter Lenox provides comfort and safety when cycling in the winter season. It meets the standards for bike and skate (CPSC and EN 1078) and snow and ski (ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B).

Bern incorporates an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) shell and an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. The ABS shell prevents the helmet from melting under high temperatures. Meanwhile, the EPS foam makes it lightweight and impact-absorbing.

Adjustable Helmet

The Lenox uses a premium liner with a 360-degree BOA dial fit system to leverage comfort and safety, allowing you to control moisture and make adjustments that best fit the season. Additionally, air channels and ten front and back vents allow for smooth entry and exit of air.

An Irresistible Design

Some users say they have received many compliments because of the helmet's design, which is undoubtedly pretty! Its structure resembles a baseball hat with a classic Bern design. Additionally, you can choose a helmet from three available colors: satin rose, satin black, and satin white.


Although Bern claims the Lenox is an all-season bike helmet, some users find that it works best only in winter.

Final Thoughts

“How to choose a bike helmet?” We can summarize the answer to this question in a few significant points: find one that matches your size, riding style, and required and preferred features.

If you're a woman on the lookout for a bike helmet with an exceptionally cool and safe design, any of these four products are worth a shot.

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