Electric Cruiser Bike: 3 Stunning Rides to Explore Town

February 23, 2022
electric cruiser bike

Do you live in the city and you’re looking for a convenient way to travel around? A city is a congested place. Traffic jams and slowing moving cars can be frustrating. If you are a daily commuter, why not consider investing in an electric bike? It's an eco-friendly way to travel around town, save on trip fares, and keep you physically active. 

This article will dive into details of our top cruiser e-bikes perfect for everyday use. 

What Makes an Electric Cruiser Bike Different? 

If you're going to invest in a bike, it's important to choose the ride best for your needs. You may ask, why not get a mountain bike instead? It's something you can travel around and sounds more powerful than a cruiser. Mountain bikes and cruiser bikes are actually complete opposites. 

Mountain bikes are designed for rugged rides, helping you maneuver steep slopes and downhills with ease. They usually come with suspension systems to withstand extreme terrains. In addition, the body geometry of a mountain bike usually puts the rider higher than the handlebar for more efficient control and stability. 

On the other hand, cruiser bikes are made for strolling and leisure rides on even roads and pavements. These bikes don't usually come with a suspension system, and the bike frame is curved low. The handlebars are U-shaped, protruding inwards, and the bike seat is wide and usually low to make riding comfortable. Some cruiser bikes come with front baskets and additional space for the rear, so you can attach a bag to bring your belongings or put your groceries when you run an errand. 

3 Cruiser E-Bikes for Your City Strolls 

These cruiser bikes we picked for you are some of the best you'll find in the market. These cruise bikes are powered with motors and have an exceptional battery life to catch up with your daily activities. If you’re looking for the fastest electric bike for adults, check these out. 

HeyBike Cityscape 350W Electric Cruiser Bike 

The HeyBike Cityscrape cruiser bike is perfect for individuals who want to get around town quickly. This bike has a high-powered motor that gives you speed to compete with electric mountain bikes. It also rocks a suspension system to give you the smoothest ride yet. 

Product features: 

  • The bike has a 36-v, 10Ah modular battery that can take you up to 40 miles on a single charge. The 350-watt rear-drive motor can give you top speeds up to 19 miles per hour, which still falls under the mandated speed limit on most streets. 
  • The bike has 26-inch puncture-resistant wheels. It has a 7-speed gear that lets you configure how strong and fast you pedal. In addition, it has a dual suspension system that lessens the vibration you receive on your rides. 
  • There are three pedal assist modes on the bike to boost your pedaling power. It also has a throttle-only mode when you are too tired to pedal on your own. 
  • The bike features an LCD screen that shows the battery percentage left for your rides. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • When you purchase the bike, it comes semi-assembled. You still need to put the different parts together before riding it. You can have it expertly assembled by the manufacturer, but it will cost an additional $125. 

SOHOO 750W Step-Thru Electric Cruiser Bike 

This impressive bike can compete with the fastest electric dirt bike for adults. Its 750W motor drive will have you cruising across the city in no time. Not to mention its gorgeous design and build because this bike is truly a head-turner. 

Product features: 

  • The bike has a large battery with a 48-v, 16Ah capacity. In addition, the lithium battery is removable, so you don't have to bring your entire bike inside your home to charge. Instead, you can simply detach the battery for hassle-free charging. 
  • The bike has three pedal assist modes and a walking mode. So when you are not using your bike, you easily push it with the walking mode that goes up to 3 miles per hour. It also has a throttle-only mode that can go up 28 miles per hour. 
  • Depending on your speed, one charge can go as far as 65 to 75 miles. It also features a display screen with an odometer, trip distance, battery percentage, and battery temperature to ensure it doesn't overheat. 
  • The bike has a robust alloy steel frame and front fork shock absorber. In addition, the seat post has gel cushioning technology so riding for long periods makes you comfortable. 
  • The bike has a rear rack with an aluminum belt that comes with the purchase. You can safely secure your load at the back of your bike, and it can carry up to 325 pounds. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Everything from this bike is excellent, from the build, design, and components. The only drawback for this bike is its price. The SOHOO bike costs $1500, which is more than twice compared to other e-bikes. 

ECOTRIC 26″ Cruiser Electric Bike 

The ECOTRIC cruiser bike looks like it came straight out of a movie. You can bring this on a picnic or stroll on it through the park. The bike comes with a front basket for your things, making it excellent for your everyday commute. 

Product features: 

  • The ECOTRIC bike has a strong 350W hub motor perfect for everyday commuting. With its three pedal assist mode, you can reach a top speed of up to 21 mph. You can configure the speed to go faster as instructed on the bike manual.
  • This bike has an anti-theft removable battery that can go between 22 to 40 miles on a single charge depending on the pedal-assist mode you choose. 
  • The bike features Shimano speed gears that help you ride better on rough roads. It also has a mechanical disc brake for superior stopping power. The bike weighs only 55 pounds and can carry weight up to 100 kilos. 
  • The bike’s frame is made from carbon steel which is usually the material for premium mountain bikes. It's lightweight but can withstand rough rides. You won't worry about this bike on gravel roads or potholes on the road. 
  • Additionally, the bike comes with an 18-month warranty. The manufacturer covers defects in build, components, and defective batteries. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Some users report that defective models were shipped to them, and some of the screws were loose and broken. 
  • The bike has no suspension system installed, so it can hurt your lower back and legs when riding on rough roads. Also, the basket tends to fall because of the vibration your bike receives, so make sure to tighten the bolts before you ride out. 

Final Thoughts 

If you like strolling around the city, taking late-night rides under the street light of the boulevard, and admiring the scenic views, an e-cruiser is perfect for you. We hope this list of cruiser e-bikes helps you decide on your purchase. 

If you want more action and excitement, check our website for the fastest electric dirt bike on the market. You’ll surely love the speed on this one. 

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