A Safe Way Home: The Atphyfety Spiderman Helmet for Your Thrill-Seeking Kids

February 9, 2022
spiderman helmet

Children and kids at heart alike love our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Ever since the release of the Spiderman comics and films, everybody has wanted to be him. 

Well, today is your kid’s lucky day! What if we tell you there is a helmet they can use to look like him? 

In this blog, we'll talk about a custom-designed helmet inspired by your kid’s favorite superhero. Do extreme sports and extraordinary things like Peter Parker with the full protection from Atphyfety’s Marvel Spiderman bike helmet. 

In Focus: Atphfety’s Spiderman Toddler Helmet 

Many helmets in the market have a great look and design but are poor in quality. A helmet should protect and prevent you from sustaining major injuries. That's why it's important to take your time and do your research regarding protective gear, especially when it is for your kids. 

Let's check out Atphfety’s helmet and see why it’s the best helmet for your kid’s activity. They’ll surely love this at first sight!

Multipurpose Helmet 

Kids rarely run out of energy. That's why they want to try anything they see others do, be it rollerblading, skateboarding, or even riding electric dirt bikes. So don't limit the things your kids can do. Maybe their talent lies in one of those sports. Good thing for you, this helmet is multipurpose. It will protect your kids while doing whichever sport they like. 

Customized Fit 

An important factor when choosing a helmet for your kids is the fit. Don't choose a helmet that's too big (thinking they'll grow into it) or too tight (which may cause discomfort). 

The kids’ Spiderman helmet features an adjustable strap so that you can secure the helmet on your kid's head. This way, you can be sure it will not fall while they’re biking. 

It also has an adjustable rotary regulator, so the helmet is comfortable around the head and does not press too tightly on your toddler's forehead. These adjustable features also allow airflow, so your child's head stays cool and fresh while they ride. 


The CE certification indicates that the manufacturer has tested the product. It has passed the helmet protection standard, and its materials contain safe and nontoxic chemicals. 

You will usually find the CE certification on products that originate from Europe. This safety certification may not be common in the United States and Canada, but it is generally accepted, and products with this marking are of proven high quality and safety. 

Robust and Lightweight Helmet 

The helmet is made from high-quality PVC and polycarbonate. These types of plastic are strong and can withstand high impact. Additionally, they allow the Spidey helmet to withstand extreme temperatures, unlike other plastic helmets that melt or turn brittle in very high and low temperatures.  

The helmet weighs only 200 grams, so it does not stress the neck and gives you a more comfortable ride. In addition, the inner pads and chin vents absorb sweat, so they will not slip off your child's head as they ride. The helmet also has eight air vents for supreme ventilation, even on a hot day. 

kids bike and helmet on race track

How to Teach Your Kids to Wear Their Helmets 

Kids can be very stubborn. They'll do anything to get what they want. But when it comes to safety, don't buckle. Instead, teach your kids that wearing safety gear is important. 

Here are some tips so that your kids won't forget to wear their helmets. 

  • Make them wear helmets at an early age. When your kids start biking, let them wear a helmet, even on their baby bike. This way, when they reach the age where they can bike outdoors, wearing a helmet has become a habit for them. Also, introducing them to other gear like jerseys and knee and elbow pads will be easier. 
  • Be a good role model. Kids copy what adults do, so when you go out for a ride, wear your helmet too. It would be best if you yourself are a good example for your children.
  • Reward your kids for wearing their protective gear. For example, you can allow them more playtime or go for ice cream after your ride. Doing this will at once encourage them to wear a helmet and be a quality bonding time for the family. 
  • Be firm. Don't let your kids ride without a helmet on. If you let one incident slide, your children will think they can do it again. 
  • Talk to your kids about why wearing helmets is important. Let them know about the common accidents and injuries people get into when they don't wear their helmets. 
  • Buy them helmets appropriate for their age. It should also be something they will enjoy wearing. For example, get your boys a Batman or Spiderman bike helmet. Pink helmets for girls are also available! If they love it, the only problem you'll have is asking them to take it off! 

Final Thoughts

Our kids’ safety is always the number one priority, so we strive to give them only the best. To make their playtime fun, get them the Atphfety Spiderman helmet and a matching outfit that will complete the ensemble. Then, you can watch your kids ride, confident that they are having the most fun. 

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