Why Specialized Electric Mountain Bikes Stand Out Among the Competition

August 23, 2021
Electric mountain bikes can give you a thrilling and exciting ride

Are you looking for your next electric mountain bike?

You might have already done countless searches on Amazon and watched hours of YouTube videos on the best bikes in the market. However, with all the options available, nailing down the perfect bike to accompany you down the dirt trails seems almost impossible.

We say “almost” because one particular bike manufacturer is a cut above the rest. With years of experience in designing and selling bikes, they have consistently pushed compelling and attractive bikes into a competitive bike market.

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., or more commonly known as Specialized, is one of the leading brands in the bike scene. The name commands respect, especially among long-time cycling enthusiasts.

The year is 2021, and they have now brought an entire range of electric mountain bikes for you to choose from.

Continue reading to find out why your next electric mountain bike should be from Specialized.

Nearly Five Decades of Expertise

Specialized was founded in 1974 by the free-spirited Mike Sinyard. Soon after graduating from business school, he spent his days traveling on his Volkswagen minibus, which he eventually sold for $1,500.

The money he got from selling the minibus served as his capital for his new business venture: exporting Italian-made handlebars and stems to the United States. He went from dealer to dealer, taking note of their orders for parts, and even expanded to importing other bike parts as well.

There came a time when Mike started selling tires under his brand. He was committed to selling the best bike components in the United States. This unwavering commitment eventually led to designing and manufacturing entire bikes in-house.

Now a billion-dollar company, Specialized has an extensive product catalog consisting of bikes that suit every lifestyle. Their latest endeavor started in 2009 when they introduced their first electric bike. Since then, they have had an expanded roster of electric bikes for every terrain and situation.

A Specialized Bike for Every Rider

Not all riders are the same. Some prefer a light and casual ride along a friendly trail. Others might want to get down and dirty while climbing muddy hills. Whichever kind of rider you are, there is a Specialized electric mountain bike just for you.

Their Turbo brand of electric bikes has three main product lines: mountain, road, and active. In addition, each product line is further divided into subgroups, further narrowing down the options for the rider. For example, you can choose between the “Mountain Full Power Electric Bikes” and the “Mountain Super Light E-Bikes” categories for their electric mountain bikes.

As the name suggests, Super Light Electric Mountain Bikes are significantly lighter than their Full Power counterparts. On the other hand, the Full Power bikes are equipped with more powerful electric motors to deliver impressive performance in difficult terrain.

Performance That Won’t Back Down

Recognizing how intense their client base can be, Specialized designed and built their patent technologies to optimize the performance of their electric bikes. The seamless integration of bike components allows their bikes to reach their full potential.

Let’s take the Turbo Levo as an example.

The Turbo Levo, the company’s flagship electric mountain bike, delivers unbeatable performance thanks to the patent Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor. With the ability to conquer any terrain, the Turbo Levo can reach a peak power of 565 watts and 90 Nm of torque.

The secret behind its industry-leading performance is the MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU). The Turbo Levo unleashes its utmost potential down the trail by tightly integrating a smart bike computer with a powerful electric motor. For more flexibility, the MasterMind TCU allows the rider to finetune the performance of the bike’s electric motor.

Specialized bikes have specialized internals working together for maximum performance.

Tough Parts for the Roughest Terrain

Designed for the toughest and meanest terrains, specialized full suspension electric mountain bikes have the perfect combination of high-performance and superior quality components. So you can rely on each component to work as it should, no matter how tough the trail gets.

Take a look at the Turbo Kenevo and its Bomber chassis. The Bomber chassis provides strong support for the entire bike, including its components and the rider. You can rely on its solid construction and build material to withstand all the strain along the trail.

Bringing the Future Today

Aside from introducing the latest innovations in material science and engineering into their bikes, Specialized also integrates a smart bike computer with its electric mountain bikes. The MasterMind TCU can be paired via Bluetooth to any of their compatible bikes.

The MasterMind TCU, when used together with the Mission Control app developed by Specialized, allows the rider to finetune every detail of their electric mountain bike. Besides the presets that come with the app, you can save up to 30 riding profiles to fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Specialized electric mountain bikes bring fresh innovations into the market. The tight integration among its components allows these bikes to deliver the highest performance possible. In addition, smart features such as app integration for finetuning and customization brings their bikes to the modern age.

If you’re looking for a bike specialized for you, bump Specialized towards the top of your list. While you’re at it, take a look at our electric bike buying guide.

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