Safety Matters: Specialized Bike Helmets and Why You Should Get One

November 15, 2021
Specialized bike helmets

Biking is a great form of exercise and a great way to explore the world around you. However, there are many risks involved when biking that can lead to head injuries, including crashes with cars or trees. In order to protect yourself from these dangers, it is important to wear a bike helmet while biking. 

As one of the leading bike brands, there are Specialized helmets available on the market that can provide you full protection during your rides. They have different helmets appropriate for different bike rides. The weight, design, and materials can ensure your safety and affect your performance as a cyclist. So get the right headgear for your next two-wheeled adventure!

Helmets or No Helmets? 

Many riders choose not to wear helmets for the primary reason that they feel uncomfortable on the head. Feeling uncomfortable may be the result of the lack of knowledge on the proper helmet for you. In addition, there are factors you need to consider, such as the type of activity you’re doing, materials used, the weight of the helmet, and size. 

Mountain bike helmets are a must for every cyclist. Whether you are going to the park to cycle, going on cross country rides, or taking on mountain trails, helmets provide extra protection for your head. Helmets cannot ultimately prevent you from crashing and being involved in accidents, but they can significantly lessen the damage inflicted on you. Many studies show that people involved in cycling accidents wearing helmets are likely to survive with minimal damage. In contrast, those without proper protective headgear often suffer long-term damage and, for the unfortunate ones, death. 

To cut to the chase, helmets save lives! 

Metallic black mountain bike helmet 

Get to Know the Line of Specialized MTB Helmets 

Before we dive into the line of the best men’s bike helmets, it is good to know that these Specialized helmets are all compatible with the ANGi crash sensor. It is a device attached to headgear and connected to your mobile phone that detects crashes and biking accidents. When it happens, the ANGi will alert your chosen contacts and send your location to help you. The ANGi crash sensor is sold separately. 

Additionally, these Specialized helmets passed the safety helmet test with a score between 4–5 stars, categorizing them as the best and safest helmets for riders. 

1. Gambit

Price: $300

The Gambit is a full-face helmet and has the fit of a half shell. Its structure is made from a carbon fiber shell—a lightweight material for a more compact weight and excellent ventilation. It also features five enhanced pieces of density foam for ultimate comfort. 

The Gambit has a precise Integrated Fit System (IFS) that you can personalize to fit your head properly. This feature allows the helmet to fit on various sizes and head shapes. Everything on this helmet uses the IFS so that it stays on your head properly, including the occipital base so that you can adjust it to a level where the helmet does not obscure the eyesight.

The Gambit weighs 640 grams, reduces friction with the head, and is incorporated with paddings that reduce moisture and increase ventilation, making it the ultimate helmet for protection and comfort. 

2. S-Works Evade II – Sagan Collection: Disruption 

Price: $275

Frenchman Peter Sagan is the creator of this racing-style helmet. This ultra-lightweight helmet is eye candy for every cyclist without compromising quality and performance. The Disruption helmet rocks the MIPS SL features with thinner padding for the inside of the helmet that makes the gear lightweight but offers supreme protection for head injuries.

This helmet is also tested using the Win Tunnel for its ventilation. The creator made sure to test the helmet on every possible head size for ultimate comfort resulting in the best ventilation among other helmets. Furthermore, this helmet provides an intense cooling sensation that can be compared to biking without a helmet on. Lastly, it has a gutter action brow that prevents sweat from falling on your eyes and face. 

3. S-Works Prevail II Vent 

Price: $250 

The S-Works Prevail II Vent is the best helmet for cooling up during your hot rides. The best feature of this helmet is that it cools 18% faster than other helmets and helps cool down your body temperature when you are riding in intense heat conditions. This helmet has seven foams that channel to the sides and the center for superior ventilation and has 20% bigger vents and exhaust channels than other helmets.

It has a 4X Drylite webbing, so don't worry if you sweat too much as it can withstand sweat and water, and it won't stretch out. The strap of the helmet is a Tri-Fix web splitter that provides ease of adjustment and comfort for your head. The S-Works Prevail II also received a five-star rating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, making this one of the safest bike helmets available. 

4. Ambush Line Specialized Helmet 

Price: $200 

Do you want protective headgear, but a full helmet bothers you? Then, the Ambush Specialized men’s bicycle helmet is the one for you. It is a half-shell helmet with extended coverage right on the front so that debris from the trail won't get into your eyes. It is lightweight and integrated internally with EPS support. It has a Mindset 360 fit system for a customizable adjustment and a locked fit. The front visor has different adjustment positions, so you can choose the best height that allows you to see the road clearly while giving your eyes protection. 

5. Tactic 

Price: $110 

The Tactic Specialized helmet is perfect for mountain bikers and for those who ride eBikes. The Tactic is an all-around helmet for safety and comfort. The helmet uses Integrated Fit System (IFS), which is perfect for different head sizes and shapes. It allows you to customize the angle of your helmet so it feels comfortable on your head and makes sure it is perfectly aligned with your line of sight.

It is a lightweight helmet weighing only 380 grams, and it allows the seamless integration of bike safety goggles. The Tactic helmet also features a Computation Fluid Dynamic design which allows optimal airflow inside the headgear to beat the intense heat. It has a 4D brow that allows the air to seep through the opening between your forehead and eyebrows, giving a cooling sensation that grows cooler as you pick up speed while biking. 

How to Take Care of Your Helmets

Let’s say you already have your own specialized bike helmet. Just like all the things that last, if you want your helmet to stay in good condition, you must take good care of it. 

Wash your helmet properly.

The safest way to wash your helmets is by using water and mild soap. Avoid using bleach or strong detergents that can affect the material of your gear. Be as swift as possible when cleaning your helmet. Prolonged exposure to water can ruin the foam inside your helmet, which will affect its structure and integrity. In the case of shared helmets, avoid using chemical sprays inside your helmet. If you are concerned about the pads' cleanliness, it is better to replace them with new ones. 

Store your helmets in a cool and dry place. 

Avoid stashing your helmets under direct sunlight or in hot places. Some components of the helmet are bound together using adhesive and glues that can melt under extreme heat. Other materials such as plastics can also deform under very hot circumstances. 

Don’t patch. Buy a new one.

If you get to a biking accident and your helmet is compromised, don't try to fix the damage on your headgear. Helmets are done after one major impact. Using a patched-up helmet and getting into another accident can cause serious injuries. Also, make it a habit to inspect your helmets for damages. A trusty helmet can last up to three years before you should buy a replacement. 

Stay away from spray paint.

A lot of people are fond of decorating their helmets for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, the chemical in the spray paint can affect the shell of your gear. It can weaken the structure of your helmet, causing it to break easily from minor impact. If you want to give some flair to your helmet, you can use decals or stickers instead. 

Gray open face biking helmet 

Say Yes to Helmets 

Specialized helmets are three times the price of an ordinary biking helmet, but you cannot put a price on safety. Invest in a helmet that will give you the most protection in case of an accident. Hospital and medical bills are more expensive than buying a high-end helmet that you can use for years. If you are looking for the best helmet, we hope these recommendations help you reach your decision. 

There’s nothing more fun than knowing that you are safe in all things that you do. So sport a specialized bike helmet and level up your cycling skills on your next biking adventure.

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