Schwinn Mountain Bike Review: A Closer Look At The High Timber MTB

October 18, 2021
schwinn high timber

There are a lot of Schwinn mountain bikes you may choose from—it's no surprise that the brand offers many of the high-quality mountain bikes you see today. However, it might be quite overwhelming for you to select one among the bikes on their list. Don't fret—this article focuses on one of their best sellers, the High Timber Mountain Bike, and how it performs and compares to other bikes. Read on to know more about why it may be your next bike based on its specifications and key features.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike: Specifications

This Schwinn MTB has steel alloy for its frame and rims, making it lightweight at 42 pounds. It is equipped with 21-speed Shimano gears: three gears in the front and seven at the back. While most mountain bikes have 7-speed gear, a 21-speed makes the riding experience smoother, especially during pedaling and transitioning from one gear to another. Coupled with SRAM grip shifters, it makes the ride a lot smoother than when a 7-speed gear is in the assembly.

The High Timber mountain bike comes with a linear-pull brake, which is less powerful than disc brakes. Although its stopping power is far less superior than that of a disc brake, it's more than enough to keep you safe when riding.

Upon purchasing this Schwinn men's mountain bike, you get to choose between four-tire sizes: 24, 26, 27.5, or 29 inches. So if you're tall, choose a bigger tire size, so the bike’s height is also significantly elevated, making it more comfortable to ride.

Key Features

Aside from tackling its specifications, knowing its key features will help you decide which Schwinn mountain bike is perfect for you. For the High Timber MTB, what sets it apart are its frame, gears, tire options, and ride experience. So let's discuss it one by one:

Sturdy Frame

It is a known fact that all Schwinn mountain bicycles have high-quality steel alloy frames. The main difference is that the High Timber has an ultra-lightweight frame for a mountain bike, making it a lot easier to lug around whenever you're going off-road mountain biking. With an overall weight assembly of 42 pounds, it's lightweight enough to be comfortable to use but not flimsy or unsafe for heavy riding.

Quality Gears

As a rider, you know the importance of investing in good-quality gears. The gears give you the control you need for an effortless riding experience. The High Timber mountain bike comes with 21 Shimano gears which make shifting gears while riding more effortless.

However, if you're new to mountain bikes, you might find it tricky to find the right gear combination. Since this particular groupset has three gears in front and seven on the back, there are several combinations you can try out so you can find the right setting for your ride.

If you find yourself in this situation, a 7-speed gear might be more suitable for you. But if you're familiar with how shifting works and which rear-front gear combination is fitting for your ride, this is the perfect Schwinn bike for you!

Tire Options

When you purchase the Schwinn High Timber mountain bike, its dimensions are 68" in length, 23" in width, and 41" in height. Although this line is marketed towards men, these are great for women, especially with its 24 and 27 inches tire options.

However, if you're a little taller and want your ride to be comfortable, we recommend choosing the 29-inch tire. Even with four tire options (which are extensive in this case), these will all fit perfectly on the bike frame without altering it.

Ride Experience

Overall, no matter how advanced the bike's specifications are, what matters most is the ride experience. Schwinn High Timber mountain bike has a great combination of sets—from its frame to its gears and brakes; these are geared towards a great ride experience. If you're planning on taking your bike for a long drive, the mtb being lightweight is one of its outstanding features. There is no need to worry about carrying a heavy bike to your car or pedaling so much!

Who Is This Mountain Bike For?

After knowing all of the Schwinn High Timber mountain bike's specifications and features, the next thing to know is if it's the right bike for you. This particular line is great for mid-level biking enthusiasts who already have some experience riding and shifting gears.

Although this is also a good bike for beginners, there might be some learning curve in getting the right gear combination. But if you're interested in trying this out, chances are, you will like it since it's a great bike. However, don't expect that this bike has tremendous stopping power; you still have to be careful in riding this.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Schwinn High Timber is an excellent mid-level bike for both men and women. It caters to many audiences with its wide range of tire options, making it perfect for anyone's body frame. The whole ensemble is straightforward, and you can take it out as is without any upgrades. So if you're looking for a mountain bike that's not fairly complicated but still gets the job done, you may want to consider getting this. Then, take the Schwinn High Timber to your next ride!

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