The Forefront for the Females: Schwinn 27.5 Women's Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike

December 6, 2021
schwinn 27.5 women's aluminum comp mountain bike

Females of the mountain biking world are few and far between. The mountain bike (MTB) sport continues to be dominated by males. But every once in a while, you'll see a badass woman hitting the streets with a cool rig, and you'll wonder why there isn't plenty out there.

The existence of the Schwinn Women's Mountain Bike is a cause for celebration. It encourages more females to enter the sport. The bike packs the features that will help women excel in their biking skills and ride their way to the forefront of the MTB world. Let's expound on the details of the Schwinn women's bike to see how this bike is a bike all biking females deserve.

In Focus: Schwinn 27.5 Women's Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike

The Schwinn women's bike is what we're focusing on to date as the Schwinn men's bikes of the same model are yet to be updated. Technically, both bikes are equal and just vary in terms of target riders. But the women's Schwinn variety is blessed to have some cool new features and design upgrades. Check it out below.

Design and Style

Bike Style - The bike is classified as a hardtail mountain bike. The material used for the frame is made of 6061 aluminum, and it's a tougher material compared to steel. The tubes are tig welded with a stacked coin weld pattern that adds an accent to the beautiful frame design. The frame design creates a standover height of 16" with an overall bike weight of 37.6 pounds.

Paint Job - The paint job is a shiny polish of sea mist blue that looks clean and sleek. The color gray Schwinn logo on the bottom tube of the frame adds contrast to the single-colored frame paint. The logo paint is stylishly faded at the bottom near the bracket, with lines that vary in thickness and blend in with the contrasting color.

Brakes - The front and rear brakes are mechanical and composed of 160mm rotors on each wheel and a brake lever with cables connected to the braking system on the side of the rotors.

Handlebar - The flat handlebars of this Schwinn mountain bike series stretches to 700mm. A pretty wide handle for hand placement gives you a lot of stability, especially on downward sloping trails. A slight 10mm rise starts from the stem and runs on both sides of the handlebar, which gives the rider comfort and leverage when handling this bike.

Wheels - The Schwinn mountain bike sports a mid-range wheel size of 27.5 inches—an adequate blend of speed and handling power. The double-wall alloy rim is branded with the Schwinn name and is painted black to match the tires. The tire width measures 2.2 inches for better off-road patch surface traction and is combined with a tire tread pattern that is optimized for dirt tracks.

Drivetrain - The drivetrain of the Schwinn women's bike is composed of a polymer pedal attached to a 170mm crank bar that fires up a three-gear crank gear set. These front gears are shifted with a sturdy front derailleur. The rear derailleur is composed of seven gears with 14 to 28 tooth configurations. These rear gears are shifted by a Microshift 26C rear derailleur with a replaceable hanger.


  • Quick-release wheels and seat post

The quick-adjust seats on this Schwinn bike conveniently allow you to calibrate your seat height relative to your size and the type of surface you will ride. On the other hand, the wheels also have a quick-release option that lets you easily remove the bike's wheel by just pulling a lever. So there's no need to carry a multipurpose tool or walk to the next bike repair post to get your wheels off—just hop off, pull the lever, and take off the wheel.

  • 21-speed micro shift gears

The quick trigger shifters allow you to use both your thumb and index finger when shifting gears up and down. These shifters make fast work of going through all 21-speed combinations of your drivetrain. You'll now be able to use every speed quickly and find the one that matches the section you're going to attack, ensuring you don't lose momentum as you drive your bike forward.

  • Hydroformed aluminum bike frame

Hydroforming is a production method used to bend metals into complicated forms and shapes using high-pressured water. This method gives bike frames more options and control on how the bike is molded to serve its function. The hydroformed aluminum frame rides well on gravel tracks and fire roads. The frame is designed to be adaptable to these surface conditions and improves the quality of your off-road riding.

  • Handling and Speed Optimized

The bike's wheel size, handlebars, and frame geometry work together for a perfect blend of handling and speed. Most of the time, bikes are optimized for either top speed or handling, as with the case of 29-inch or 26-inch mountain bikes, respectively. The 27.5 wheelbases combined with the long flat handle and the tight aluminum frame give equal parts of good handling and speed both on and off the road.

Highs and Lows


  • The frame is good for a $200 plus bike. It's tough, so you won't have to worry about breaking any parts of the frame tube anytime soon. The hydroformed frame adds to the style and contributes to the toughness of the entire bike. It's affordable yet gives more than what you expect from a bike.
  • The responsive shifters are a plus. It transitions smoothly up and down the speed gears without delay. The micro shifter has done good work on the drivetrain. You'll be confident to attack slopes at the right speed gear at the last second with its responsiveness.


  • The front fork is a bit stiff. It doesn't feel like it's absorbing enough of the ground shock when the front wheel lands after a jump. When tackling rough roads, you'll have to shift down to diminish any potential impact your bike could absorb up ahead.

The Leading Bike for All Women

Starting from a low price, the Schwinn 27.5 Women's Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike is a bike easily purchased and ridden with ease. From the simple and beautiful sea mist blue color to the easily shifted gears and adjustable saddle, this bike is easily a primary choice for women, regardless of their biking abilities.

The Schwinn women's bike is also not limited to women. Men can also ride this astounding bike. It has the same features and functionality as the men's variety—the Schwinn 27.5 men's high timber mountain bike. So let your significant other take this for a spin. Let both of you be amazed at how much performance these low-cost bikes carry.

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