3 Major Safety Measures When Allowing Electric Bikes for Kids

June 6, 2022
electric bikes for kids - back view of kid on a bike with a blue bag and helmet

Your kid is born to become a self-reliant mover. They naturally want to explore the world, and sometimes, they want to do it fast. The desire increases once they learn that there's more to traveling than just two legs—like using a motor-powered bike.

It's an exciting milestone for your little one, but you also don't want them to be in danger. They're free to spend their days cycling, as long as you can ensure their safety at all times.

Follow these three safety tips when allowing electric bikes for kids and enjoy the new experience your child is about to learn.

Take the Child-Friendly Route: 3 Safety Measures for the Best Electric Bikes for Kids

You want your kids to enjoy an electric bike's free, fun, and healthy benefits. At the same time, you know its dangers and want to ensure they're safe. Worry not! These three safety measures are all you need before getting your child on an e-bike.

electric dirt bikes for kids - father and sales lady looking happily at a boy testing a bike in a bike shop

#1: Bike Safety

First, let's talk about some safety measures involving e-bikes for kids. What features and measurements should you consider to find the right bike for your child?

  • A Comfortable Bike Size - Get a size that makes it easy to reach all bike parts. It could be a 27" saddle height for 7-year-olds, a larger (but costly) kids' bike, or an adult medium-framed e-bike for teens.
  • A Lighter Bike Weight - Kids should ride a bike lighter than 60 lbs. for easy maneuvering. It can be pricey, so calculate your budget first.
  • Throttle or No Throttle? - No to throttle, yes to torque sensors. Throttles are risky for kids because the motor activates regardless of the pedals.
  • Battery Life - Get a bike with a battery range of more than 20 miles and an emergency backup.
  • Motor Power - The safest bike power would be 250W for younger kids and 500W for teens.
  • Bike Speed - The top speed should be more than 12 mph, but consider the speed regulations of your area for accuracy and safety.
  • GPS Tracking System - Keep an eye on your little one with this extra bike security feature. If possible, it should also include an emergency button.
  • Mid-Drive or Rear Hub Motor Placement - Rear hubs are cheaper but work on paved roads only. Mid-drive motors do better in overall performance but are more costly.

The Best Brands for Kids' E-bikes

Popular and trusted brands play an important role in your first e-bike choice. They serve as guides to help you better understand what a good bike looks like. Here are some of the best brands for kids' e-bikes.

  • Kent 
  • Woom
  • Electra
  • Stacyc
  • Rad Power
  • Hyper Bicycles
  • Mondraker
  • Cube

#2: Road Safety

Now that your e-bike safety issues are cleared, your next concern is the safest road to ride on. Below are some useful tips to remember.

Find a Good Practice Location

It's your little one's first time riding an electric bicycle. Thus, it would be best to get a safe space to practice and figure out what works best for them under your supervision. Some ideal practice locations are grassy hills, open fields, and parking lots.

Take Note of Local Regulations

Naturally, you need to follow the rules of the road. Each area may have specific rules, but generally, they allow ages 14 to 16 to start riding e-bikes. Class II and III e-bikes are also prohibited because they have a high top speed and a throttle, which can be dangerous for young riders.

Educate Your Kid About Basic Road Lessons

Don't let a clueless kid ride on an e-bike. Instead, teach them basic road lessons to maximize safety, such as avoiding off-limit areas, stopping and checking driveways, and reading traffic lights and hand signals. It might take some time to sink in, but children learn faster than you think!

best electric bikes for kids - man helping a boy wear a bike helmet

#3: Child Safety

Finally, the last safety measure you need to check is child safety. This means dressing your little rider appropriately for safe e-bike rides.

Have Your Kid Wear Personal Protective Equipment

At some point, it may be inevitable for your little rider to get hurt while riding their e-bike. Even so, you should at least minimize the impact of small accidents with proper PPE. So what should your kid wear before hopping on an e-bike?

  • Bike Helmet - This is the most significant PPE for bike riders, protecting the child's head from serious injuries. Ensure that it's well-fitting and worn properly.
  • Knee and Elbow Pads - It's not good for small arms and legs to suffer from severe bone injuries and bloody cuts. These pads can help.
  • Wrist Guards - Wrists are an easy target of bike accidents. Ensure your kid wears these guards to protect their small wrists from getting hurt.
  • Bike Gloves - You can let your kid wear gloves to protect their hands from blisters and give them a good handlebar grip.
  • Proper Bike Shoes - A pair of comfortable closed-toe bike shoes with good ankle support can minimize foot pain and give them a good pedal grip.

Use Bright-Colored Apparel

Another way to keep your little rider away from bike accidents is to let them wear bright clothes. It makes them more visible and encourages vehicles to pay attention and share a safe road with kids. The best part is that most kids love bright colors, so convincing them will be easier!

Teach Them to Stay Focused When Biking

Some kids get easily sidetracked for several reasons, which is a huge concern when riding e-bikes. Ensure they understand the dangers and what not to do, such as using a cellphone or eating while riding. Teach them how to stay focused or work with someone else to watch out for your little one.

Help Your Kid Discover Modern Traveling in the Safest Ways Possible

Electric dirt bikes for kids are the future of fun and sustainable transportation. For these reasons, they have become increasingly popular, especially for adventurous little riders. It's a wonderful way to discover the world's beauty, but it's also necessary to apply safety measures before letting them ride.

Get them an e-bike with kid-friendly features, find the safest and most appropriate roads to ride on, and ensure they wear protective equipment. With these safety measures in check, you can relax, knowing your kid can enjoy modern traveling without sacrificing safety.

Ready to get your little one a good e-bike? Navigate through our website's blog categories and check out our bike reviews! We post about road, mountain, balance, and the best electric dirt bikes for kids who are ready for off-road adventures.

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