Affordable Alternatives to The Roadmaster Women’s Bike To Start Your Biking Journey

June 14, 2022
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So you've been saving up for a mountain bike. However, a good mountain bike can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. That's still a lot of money!

But then you remember the budget-friendly bike from Roadmaster. Reasonably priced, that was a sweet deal for such a fast-performing bike. But you still want to try other affordable options aside from the women's Roadmaster bikes.

This review blog will cover the specifications, features, and downsides of the Roadmaster MTB, plus three other bikes at even lower prices than the Roadmaster. Continue reading below.

4 Fast-Performing Mountain Bikes at Affordable Price Points 

Getting your first mountain bike is the same as getting your first car. You get it because you need to learn the ropes, experience some issues along the way, and realize what you want in a mountain bike. 

So from highest to lowest price, we'll talk about each bike's highlights and lowlights.

#1. Roadmaster Granite Women's Bike

roadmaster bike womens - Roadmaster Granite Women's Bike

Roadmaster has been designing and manufacturing inexpensive mountain bikes for over ten years. Many novice cyclists appreciate the value and quality of their rides. 

Product Specifications

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Weight: 37 lbs 
  • Wheels: 26" knobby tires
  • Gears: 18 twist shifter and Shimano rear derailleur
  • Suspension:  Front
  • Brakes:  V-type
  • Recommended Height: 5'2"-5'10"

Product Highlights 

Appealing Geometry and Design

If you happen to see the Granite Peak mountain bike on the streets, you wouldn't know that it's a $220 bike because of its two-toned color of indigo and purple with an eye-catching geometry. Thus, both men and women can ride this bike comfortably without prejudice. 

Front and Back Brake System 

V-type brakes are user-friendly and easy to use despite their unappealing brake cables. Without slipping, you can make a quick, crisp stopping point at a curve. 

Smooth Front Suspension

The Roadmaster Granite Peak wouldn't be a mountain bike without quality front fork suspension. You can comfortably ride off-road or on bumpy streets with this bike. 

Product Lowlights

  • It's impossible to do jump tricks due to its hefty steel frame. 
  • You'll have a longer time assembling because of its hard-to-read instructions. 

#2. Outroad Mountain Bike

roadmaster bike womens - Outroad Mountain Bike

The Outroad mountain bike is $20 cheaper than the Roadmaster bike. Unlike the Roadmaster, this bike has different color variations—from orange to silver. 

Product Specifications

  • Frame material: High-carbon steel
  • Weight: 53 lbs 
  • Wheels: 26" or 27" anti-skid
  • Gears: 21 Shimano shift
  • Suspension:  Front
  • Brakes:  Dual disc mechanical brakes
  • Recommended Height: 5' to 6'

Product Highlights 

Ergonomic Seat

It has a cushioned adjustable seat. So no matter how long you ride the Outroad, you won't feel uncomfortable. 

21-Shimano Speed

The number of gears of this mountain bike is the biggest benefit among all of its features. It allows you to pedal easier and cycle faster. 

Wear-Resistant Tires

This mountain bike uses a three-layer tire that's known to have anti-slip, puncture-proof, and wear-resistant features. So rest assured you're safe from wet and slippery trails. 

Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes outperform V-brakes easily. However, it's amazing how this cheaper MTB has disc brakes while the Roadmaster bike women's ride has the old reliable V-type.

Product Lowlights

  • The shifter gears don't have numbers, so it's hard to tell which gear you're on. 
  • The pedal comes off after long use.

#3. Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike 

Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

If you like the purple color of the Roadmaster Granite Peak, you might like this MTB alternative. The Dynacraft Slick Rock has a matte black finish with strips of rich purple hue on its frame. 

Product Specifications

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Wheels: 26" knobby tires 
  • Gears: 21-speed index derailleur with grip shifters
  • Suspension:  Dual/full 
  • Brakes:  V-type
  • Weight: 38.28 lbs
  • Recommended Height: 5' to 6'5"

Product Highlights 

High-Performing Full-Suspension

The Dynacraft can give you safety and comfort if you like going through rough terrains but don't want to fly off your bike.

21-Speed Index Derailleur 

The Dynacraft beats our contender, the Roadmaster, with its 21-speed derailleur. With its full suspension and high speed, you can accelerate and still have a steady hold on your ride. 

Quick Release Seat Post

You won't have trouble adjusting this bike's seat, whether you're tall or short. Moreover, you can replace the seat entirely according to your preference. 

Product Lowlights

  • The derailleurs and chain path are tricky to adjust. 
  • The seat is uncomfortable to sit on during long rides. 

#4. Schwinn Women's Ranger Mountain Bike

Schwinn is one of the most eye-catching MTBs nowadays, not just for its price range but also for its sleek appearance. Their women's mountain bike comes in a matte white finish with pink stripes running across the frame and a suspension fork. 

Product Specifications

  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 26" knobby tires 
  • Gears: 21 speed rear derailleur
  • Suspension: Front
  • Brakes: V-type
  • Weight: 31.37 lbs
  • Recommended Height: 5' to 6'

Product Highlights 

Durable Aluminum Frame

The Schwinn comes in a lightweight but durable aluminum frame, making it easier for you to carry if needed. 

21-Speed Shimano

Another cheaper option has beaten the Roadmaster. The Schwinn has a 21-speed gear that lets you transition smoothly and quickly. 

Most Affordable MTB 

The Schwinn mountain bike will only cost you $165, saving you $55. Its price is worth the value you get from purchasing this bike. 

Product Lowlights

  • The pedals and rubber grips have a low-quality feel. 

Final Thoughts

We still favor the Roadmaster since it's been the most reliable, budget-friendly ride for more than a decade. But if you want to give the new bikes a shot, we recommend that you go for the Outroad bike. It has a better brake system and more gears for smooth acceleration and pedaling. 

If you're looking for a fast, affordable bike perfect for your commute or weekend rides, check out our other in-depth reviews of bikes. We have some helpful guides for amazing rides that will perform well and fit almost any budget. Don't forget to explore more cool and affordable rides here at Cyclebuddy!

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