Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike and the Brand’s Other Best Bikes

September 7, 2021
Roadmaster granite peak men_s mountain bike

Was there ever a time in your childhood when you tried riding a mountain bike that was way bigger than you are? You could not even sit on the bike seat; if you could, you could not work on the pedal.

Gone are those days. Welcome to the era of your grown-up years! You can finally cycle a mountain bike with ease, adjust the speed, and choose the style and design that please your taste.

Let us help you pick the bike that suits your height, style, and needs. Here are the best mountain bikes from Roadmaster.

Best Roadmaster Bike (26-Inch)

If you are 5′4″ or taller, a 26-inch-wheel mountain bike is the best for you. Check out this Roadmaster Granite Peak men's mountain bike, which not only measures perfectly for your height but is also visually pleasing because of its classic pitch-black color.

The front suspension and the alloy wheels work together to ensure that you can ride smoothly even on rough terrain or even if you adjust your speed using its 18-speed shifters. Do not worry about not stopping on time as the bike has a disc brake mechanical design which will slow down the wheels as you hit the brakes.


  • The 26-inch wheel size is perfect for individuals with 5′4″ to 6′2″ heights.
  • Visually pleasing and classic-looking design
  • A bike made of steel for durability
  • The 18-speed shifters ensure speed.


  • The slow change of gear

Best Roadmaster Bike (24-Inch)

This Roadmaster mountain bike measures 24 inches, so it is the best bike to have if you are 4′8″ to 5′6″ tall. Its gender-neutral green, black, and gray colors make it appealing to male or female bikers.

Even if you adjust your speed to the bike’s 18-speed capacity or drive on bumpy roads, the ride will not be that bumpy as the bike has front suspension and knobby tires that absorb the shock and pressure from the road. The front and rear linear-pull brakes, when pulled, enable you to gradually stop.


  • Made with durable steel material
  • The 18-speed feature of the bike allows you to shift speed.
  • Adjustable seats without the need for any tool
  • A capable road and trail bike


  • Most customer reviews show that it comes with incomplete bike parts.

Best Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

Purple, gray, white, black, and teal are the colors for the women’s bike Roadmaster offers. This 26-inch mountain bike is made of aluminum and steel mountain frame with a front suspension fork allowing you to have smooth cycles even if the terrains you are traversing are grassy, stony, or bumpy.

You’ll drive with security even when you shift gears using the bike’s 18 speeds and brakes with a front and rear linear-pull design. Since this bike uses steel material for its frame, you can cycle for a long time using the same bike.


  • Stylish and attractive color choices for women
  • Has an adjustable speed and a reliable braking system
  • Can handle smooth or challenging terrains
  • Perfect bike for women 5′4″ to 6′2″ tall


  • Most low-rating customer reviews talk about the bike’s defective parts and the difficulty in assembling.

Best Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys’ Mountain Bike

An adage goes like this: “Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” So, get your son his first Roadmaster’s 24-inch mountain bike for boys so that you can bike together over the weekend. It has a black color with white and red streaks, making the bike look cool.

Apart from the design, the 18-speed twist shifter cycling capability, front suspension, and knobby tire treads work together to create a bike that is a breeze to drive and safe too! The linear-pull brake type is another plus!


  • Bike size and style are designed for boys.
  • The tire and brake types ensure safety.
  • Experience a smooth ride with the bike’s front suspension.


  • Customer reviews include defective bike parts and difficulty in setting up.

Best Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike

Girls will love the colors available for Roadmaster’s 24-inch bike: white with pink streaks, purple, and light blue. Matching the lovely colors are the bike’s 18-speed gear shifting capability, knobby tires, and a front suspension that will allow you to drive in terrains that get your adrenaline pumping.

The bicycle also comes with front linear brakes that can slow down or stop your cycle gradually or instantly. You can adjust the seat to your convenience or if the bike size is a bit small or big for you.


  • Charming colors and designs
  • Front suspension absorbs shock when cycling in different terrains.
  • Light and durable bike made of steel
  • You can adjust the seats even with no tools.


  • Negative feedback from customers includes defective or incomplete bike parts.

Get Your Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike

Roadmaster sells many different bike types, from 24-inch to 26-inch bikes and bikes specially designed for men, women, boys, and girls. You will surely find it hard to choose among all the variations, so it would help to consider the five bikes we mentioned above.

All the bikes have excellent features when it comes to suspension, tires, braking system, steel frame material, and speed. Since some customer feedback concerns defective bike parts, check all the parts in your purchase. Aside from those, you are good to go biking in smooth or rough terrains. Don’t worry because having Roadmaster bikes will make each of your trips fun, exciting, and safe!

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