The Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike 26”: What Makes up an All-Rounder Ride

December 1, 2021
roadmaster granite peak mens mountain bike 26

Are you just starting your cycling journey? There is a wide collection of mountain bikes you can choose from, and it can overwhelm you at first glance. Each bicycle has different specifications and builds that can bring out the best performance of the rider. There are mountain bikes, electronic bikes, fat-tire bikes, and other classifications of bicycles that are excellent in correct terrains and conditions. 

You will encounter many roads in your different rides, and that's when you'll know what kinds of trails excite you and want to take on a challenging level. As the rides get more intense, your riding gear should too. The Roadmaster Bike Granite Peak 26", among many all-terrain mountain bikes, is the perfect cycling buddy, whichever road you want to take! 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Roadmaster Men’s Mountain Bike or Similar Unit

Great for beginners, the Granite Peak is the perfect companion in any pedaling adventure. But what exactly makes it an all-rounder ride? What factors do you need to consider before purchasing your own mountain bike? Let's take a deeper look into some of the great features of a Roadmaster mountain bike and know what you should look for on your next bike hunt. 

Steel body frame 

If you have done your research on bicycles, manufacturers use several materials on the bike's body frame. Many cyclists prefer lightweight materials for their mountain bikes mainly to gain speed on level roads and up hills. Aluminum, titanium, and steel alloys are light metals for a bike frame but can be a bit expensive. 

Because many of today's bikers prefer convenience and some minimalism, steel is the lesser choice for a bike's frame. But many people don't know that steel is an excellent choice for a bike frame. Yes, it is relatively heavier than other metals, but the durability of the steel is tried and tested. Steel can withstand hard impacts and is not easily dented. It is also low maintenance. With proper care, the bike's frame can last up to 10 years. 

Hardtail, full-suspension, or hybrid? 

The perfect bike for you depends on what riding activity you do most. For example, you can go for a hardtail bicycle if you want to go on smooth trails or even surfaces. You’ll have no problem speeding up with a hardtail on chill rides. On the other hand, if you want to go on extreme rides, bumpy terrains, and rocky ridges, we recommend getting a full-suspension bike. 

And if you want to experience the best of both worlds, your perfect companion is a hybrid bike. It can take on intense rides and give you its full speed and handling on smooth and even roads. You’ll go farther and faster with every pedal. 

Speed gears 

Do you remember your first bike as a child? You would pedal around parks and take on even small slopes, and you find yourself huffing and puffing because of the effort you put on pedaling? It's because that bike has only one gear. Every bike can have different speed gears—there are 1, 3, 18, 21, 24, and 27. 

Standard bikes have 18-speed gears. This means you can customize your speed and pedaling power. The different shifters can either make you pedal lighter when you go on steep slopes or heavier to gain speed on flat surfaces. 

If you are going on a professional level and planning to compete in endurance races, getting a bike with more speed gears is better. 

Cruiser bike model 

If you want to spend your riding adventures with a partner, the Roadmaster bike series also has a bicycle that is perfect for women. The cruiser model has a different body frame which is excellent for female riders. They may also differ in weight and build. It is significantly shorter than a standard men's bike, so it is friendly even for short riders. 

A cruiser bicycle is good for short rides around the neighborhood and low-impact rides. A standard model of cruiser usually has a fixed gear, so it is not recommended to use it on steep slopes, but the wheels are durable enough to withstand the potholes on the street. 

Wheel sizes

A standard mountain bike has 26" wheels for starters. Most bikes have the option to customize the wheel sizes depending on the rider's preference. Bikers can change the smaller or bigger wheel for the bike height for the perfect fit, but there are also unique features different wheel sizes have. 

26-inch wheels allow you to have a faster reaction time when riding your bike. Technical terrains and sharp turns are no problems for the more durable units, including the 26 inch Roadmaster men's bike. These wheels also weigh significantly less than the bigger ones. The 26-inch is the perfect wheel that fits all kinds of riders. Bicycle seats are adjustable, so if the 26" is too high for you, you can always lower your seat to a comfortable height. 

cyclist riding a mountain bike by the seaside 

Let’s Go For a Ride! 

Explore brand new trails and seek greater adventures with the best all-terrain mountain bike. Whether it’s on a Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike 26” or a similar bike, keep these important factors in mind. 

Everyone deserves to experience the best thrills of the road, rocky mountain paths, and the undiscovered beauty of the world with a trusty all-rounder companion!

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