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November 16, 2021
stylish bike helmets

Biking is a great method of exercise, and it is also a stylish way to commute. Many stylish bike helmets on the market today will keep you safe while you enjoy your ride and your outfit.

These stylish helmets come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, they are much more stylish than traditional bike helmets, while still offering adequate protection.

In this article, we'll walk you through knowing why helmets are essential to mountain biking down to choosing the right one for you!

The Importance of Bike Helmets

When you go on trail trips, it's always the thrill of discovery that will keep you going. Spending some time alongside nature can also promote a healthy body and mind. But, of course, safety should always be your utmost priority!

Since the start of the pandemic, many individuals have found a newfound hobby—cycling! Many people go cycling to maintain their physique, commute safely, or even have it as their profession. No matter the reason, cycling has changed a lot of people’s routines. Now, why is using a bike helmet important to cyclists, both professional and hobbyists?

Why Use Bike Helmets?

Using protective gear for the head and face can protect you from various biking injuries. According to statistics, many bikers are involved in head and face-related accidents each day. With that said, wearing a bike helmet is crucial to your safety as a cyclist. Doing so can help reduce the risks of head injuries among bicyclists by up to 85%.

Bike helmets are specially designed to provide a high level of support and shock absorption for the cyclist in case of impact. Today, many manufacturers use advanced technology to make quality, cost-effective compositions for the best bike helmet yet!

By securing your head with a bike helmet, you're also saving large sums for your life and health insurance. Many bikers are susceptible to head and neck injuries since these two are the most exposed parts of the body in the event of a crash. Not only are bike helmets investments for your health, they’re also financial investments as well.

Despite it being a serious issue, cycling safely doesn't have to be bland! You can purchase a fashionable bike helmet to add color to your adventures while ensuring your safety too.

Why Should You Wear a Stylish Helmet?

You must bear in mind that even seasoned cyclists experience unprecedented head injuries while cycling. But, as we mentioned earlier, you can give your stylish bike the perfect match—a uniquely-designed, cool bike helmet!

Here are only some reasons you should get yourself a stylish helmet to compliment your cool bike design!

You can make biking even more exciting with a stylish helmet.

Biking is an extremely fun activity, but we’ve all definitely had days when we just couldn’t get off the couch to exercise or run some errands. A stylish bike helmet can help you muster up the enthusiasm to go out and be productive!

You’ll hopefully inspire other cyclists.

When you use your bike going to work or school, you'll want to leave people in awe as you pass by. Furthermore, doing this can awaken the inner cyclist within them and start them cycling for health and fun!

Conclusively, you're setting a good example for your fellow cyclists out there! They'll see that they can ride their bike without sacrificing personal style. You'll inspire them while promoting a friendly reminder at the same time!

Helpful Tips for Safe Biking

A boost of adrenaline always feels great! So, if you're an avid cyclist, your bike is your best friend. But, of course, it would be much better if you put on protective gear to keep yourself away from head injuries. Here are some helpful tips to make every bike ride safe.

Never go cycling without a bike helmet.

Again, always wearing a bike helmet while cycling is vital to your safety. There’s no reason not to wear one, especially since there are many designs of helmets out in the market.

Stay vigilant of your surroundings.

When you go cycling, set a good example as a defensive and responsible cyclist. You can do this by staying in the right lane or not biking against the flow of traffic. It also helps if you double-check any vehicle approaching from one side to another before crossing any intersection.

Be more visible to other riders and drivers on the road.

This part right here is very crucial to any cyclist! Wearing reflective clothing, such as shiny neon-colored ones and even stylish neon bike helmets, helps fellow drivers see you coming or crossing the road. Furthermore, make sure to have lights on your bike, especially at night.

Always ride predictably so others can anticipate where you're going.

As mentioned above, staying in the right lane (especially if there’s a special bike lane) can help save you and other people driving on the road. Another way for you to do this is by using hand signals. Using hand signals gives better communication with the other drivers around you. 

Stay off the sidewalks!

One of the important rules when it comes to cycling is to keep off the sidewalks. That is because sidewalks are for pedestrians only. Violating this safety rule might cause accidents not only to you but also to people you bump into.

Keep your bike well-maintained.

One of the essential things you should do is to keep your bike in tip-top shape. You can do this by checking all the parts of your bike, from the brakes down to the gears. Ensure your tires are always sufficiently inflated and bring a mini toolkit on your trips for quick fixes.

It is a given that accidents come unprecedentedly, and they can happen to anyone. So, whenever you go biking, it is important to keep these tips in mind to keep you safe—anytime and anywhere!

How to Choose the Right Bike Helmet for Road Biking

Along with the innovative technology, many bike helmet manufacturers create designs to ensure a rider’s safety. So, with the wide selection of options you have, how do you choose the right stylish bike helmet for you? We've prepared a comprehensive guide for you to spot a high-quality, cost-effective bike helmet when you see one.

Make sure the bike helmet fits you perfectly.

The bike helmet must have no gap between your head. You can check that by shaking your head from side to side and up and down while wearing it. That's because if the helmet is too loose, it might not effectively give your head the impact protection it needs.

Furthermore, bike helmets offer adjustable straps, helping you secure the best fit for your head. You should also remember that the chin strap should sufficiently fit your chin area to help secure the helmet in place.

Make sure that the bike helmet has enough coverage for your head.

Make sure it has enough coverage on top of your head, around the back of your neck, and over your ears to secure cycling safety. 

Another thing you should consider is the ventilation. Does it have air vents to keep your head cool while biking? This is particularly important since ventilation holes help prevent excessive sweating, which can drip down your eyes.

Look for bike helmets with an adjustable or built-in visor.

Of course, not everyone on the road uses the same levels of headlights. Because of that, cycling can become twice as dangerous during the night. Having a visor along with the bike helmet will protect your eyes and visibility against the brightness from headlights.

Choose a bike helmet with a simple yet reflective design for your safety!

Stylish bike helmets are not only fashionable, but they’re also practical too. As mentioned previously, wearing something reflective can help other drivers see you on the road, thus leading to fewer biking incidents.

You can choose a bike helmet with neon stickers and a well-designed structure to boost both style and safety for you as the rider.

Final Thoughts

Biking is a great way to exercise and unwind. Go out there, explore, and see your area in new ways! But, to get the best bike rides possible, you must follow safety measures to keep you safe.

One of the most important and effective safety tools is a proper bike helmet. The tips we've shared in this article should help you find the best quality bike helmet that will keep you protected while biking in style. We hope you enjoy your rides!

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