Ride Like You're in the '80s with the Retro MadMods Sondors Electric Bike

January 17, 2022
sondors electric bike

The Sondors e-bike is truly a revolutionary bike that changes the way people think about riding. It does not look like a traditional bike, but it has all of the features and benefits of one. The first thing you'll notice about the Sondors is its sleek design, which will surely catch your eye as soon as you lay eyes on it.

But there's more to it than aesthetics. The electric motor helps you with hills or when you need to make a quick stop at the grocery store, for example. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly form of transportation that will make your life easier, electric bikes are the ride you’re looking for. 

This blog post will feature one of the best Sondors e-bikes. Continue reading below, and this may be the bike you are looking for. 

Product Spotlight: 24” Moped Style MadMods Sondors E-Bike 

The Madmods features allow Sondors electric bike accessories to be interchangeable so you can customize your bikes in any way you imagine it. Aside from aesthetics, Sondors can give you the ultimate riding experience so you can ride in style and with excellent performance. 

Let's take a look at some of the highlights of this electric bike and why biking experts call it a great innovation. 

Style Kit  

Most bikes are already pre-designed when you purchase them. So you have to pick the one that suits your preference the best. But with MadMods, everything is customizable. Aside from three themes available for you: Retro, Café, and Scrambler, you are free to choose the seats, tires, handlebars, headlight, and other biking accessories. 

Additionally, all these accessories are compatible with all the bike models of Sondors, so you can style up any bike you purchase from them. 

24” x 4” Bike Wheels 

A standard mountain bike commonly uses 24-inch wheels for entry-level models. However, the Sondors e-bike integrated a 4-inch thickness to their wheels, which greatly resembles a fat tire bike. The wheel size makes the bike capable of running fast on smooth roads and taking on rugged terrains without much difficulty. 

Another excellent feature of these tires is that they won't slow you down on soft terrains such as muddy roads, sandy ridges, and snowy slopes. Normal bike wheels tend to make pedaling harder in these terrains but having a fat tire gives that additional bounce so you won't lose your speed. Just be ready—these tires are a bit heavier than normal, so you will need some time to adjust. 

750 Watt Motor 

The Madmods boasts a 750W motor or equivalent to 1 horsepower. This power can get you to top speeds up to 30mph. The law only allows 20 mph on streets where you can bike, so be mindful of your limit. But if you're on adventure trails, feel free to notch up the speed. 

The Sondors electric bike’s battery is 18650 lithium manufactured by Panasonic. This battery model is the latest and most powerful one yet, used on a Sondors e-bike. One charge can take you more than 60 miles before draining.

Assist modes and LCD screen 

The electric bike has seven pedal-assist modes, which you can access via the LCD screen on the bike. You can simply select the mode you desire on the display screen and switch it instantly. The LCD screen is colored and shows other essential details like battery percentage, distance traveled, and speed. 

The bike also includes an old-school gear shifting lever on the handle so you can still feel its mountain bike aspect. It also has a thumb throttle system that keeps your bike going when you are too tired to move your legs to pedals. 

Additionally, it comes with a Sondors electric bike 36 V charger. No need for special regulators and sockets. Just plug and wait for your bike to charge. An average Sondor e-bike charge time is about four hours. This time is significantly shorter than other electric bike brands and is also an excellent feature. You can leave your bike charging overnight, and in the morning, you have your bike fully charged and ready to go. 

Suspension System 

The Sondors e-bike manufactured its dual suspension system for the electric bike. The front fork of MadMods has been tested, which holds the bike steady on rough roads and sturdy enough for an even weight distribution all over the bike. 

Dual suspension bikes include a single rear shock, but with MadMods, there are two rear coil suspensions. This configuration may be new, especially for regular users of mountain bikes. These may be bouncy, but you'll learn to control this electric bike with a few rides. 

Overall, the custom-made suspension system is good enough for leisure rides and extreme sports like endurance racing.

Other Quick Specifications 

Here is a quick rundown of the key features of the 24” Moped MadMods electric bike. 

  • Lights: Headlights and tail lights 
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes 
  • Bike Body: Custom forged aluminum metal body 
  • Gears: 7-speed shift gears 
  • Charging: 3A smart charger 
  • Handlebars: MadMods custom 
  • Weight: 65 kg 
  • Load Capacity: 350 pounds 


Before your purchase, there are some rough spots of owning an electric bike. We've made a list so you know if an e-bike is worth your investment. 

  • Maintaining an e-bike is expensive. Changing parts for repairs or customization could cost twice as much as a standard mountain bike. 
  • You can take e-bikes on a cross-country ride but you can’t expect their battery and pedal assist mode to run the whole ride. If you need that pedaling power throughout your ride, you will need an extra battery or stop at charging stations to make your trip longer. 
  • If you are riding a carbon fiber bike or any lightweight bike, it will take time for you to adjust because e-bikes are heavy because of the battery pack and motor installed in their body frame. 
folding electric bike on sandy terrain

An All-Electric Advantage 

Many people think that electric bikes are toys for kids, but there are several benefits you can enjoy when you own one. We’ve created a list of benefits to hopefully convince you to upgrade to an electric bike. 

  • It's a great form of cardiovascular exercise. People think that you don't get enough exercise because of the pedal-assist modes. But many studies show that e-bike users get the same amount of exercise as standard mountain bike users. So if you're looking to be fit, this is also an excellent option for you. 
  • It makes the ride easier for people who are not physically capable of riding difficult terrains. Biking is a hobby for all ages, but some people can't ride steep roads and rugged terrains. The assist mode helps them with these situations and gives them a more intense and enjoyable ride. 
  • Biking in assist mode helps you focus less on pedaling and more attention to your surroundings. For example, you are riding on a sea-side track. You can enjoy the view more, putting less effort into pedaling, which can be good for de-stressing and better mental health. 
  • It's a great alternative to cars and motorcycles. Since it's all-electric, the bike doesn't emit smoke which can be harmful to the environment, and it's a much quieter ride compared to traditional motorcycles. 
  • E-bikes are generally faster than standard mountain bikes. They can go up to 20 mph, which is the legal speed limit for most streets. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to level up your mountain bike riding, this may be the right time to upgrade to an all-electric bike—one with the same premium specifications, higher speeds, and pedaling power. 

Start your electric two-wheeled journey with a Sondors electric bike. Their line of electric bikes is some of the best available today. If you need more bike recommendations, you can visit your website for more buying guides and reviews. 

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