W Wallke F2 25 mph E-Bike: A Prelude to the 50 mph Electric Bike Speed

July 7, 2022
50 mph electric bike

Having a speedy 50 mph bike brings many benefits to its owner. For instance, it can take you to your destination twice as fast as the regular electric bikes with 20 to 25 mph speed. In proportion to the speed, owning a 50 mph bike broadens the distance a biker can cover. Cyclists can bike as far as they can in a shorter time. 

Nevertheless, as a cyclist, you probably know that driving at high speed also means facing stronger wind resistance. Unfortunately, this can sometimes feel like a tornado, which is unsafe, especially for those who are unfamiliar with it. So, if you are looking for an electric dirt bike for adults with 50 mph speed, we highly recommend trying out relatively fast e-bikes but not as speedy as 50 mph.

This blog post reviews the W Wallke F2 e-bike to show you that it is as good to own as a Segway electric dirt bike for adults with a 50 mph speed or an electric dirt bike for adults with a 50 mph speed from KTM.

Why Pick the W Wallke F2 25 mph E-bike

A 50 mph bicycle allows you to bike longer distances at a faster speed and pushes you to be a better and smarter biker. However, we think that going for the W Wallke F2 25 mph electric dirt bike is still the way to go because of the following reasons:

  • The usual e-bike speed is 20 mph, so getting the W Wallke F2 25 mph still gives you the speed upgrade you want.
  • Using an e-bike with a speed of 25 mph should be safer than a 50 mph bike. You can control a slower e-bike better or more quickly when driving on rocky trails.
  • With this W Wallke 25 mph e-bike, pedestrians and hikers you might come across are safe.
  • You can legally drive this bike on roads compared to a 50 mph bike, which has legality limits.
  • Although slower bikes are better for beginners, rookie bikers can drive fast but still maintain safety with this model.
  • The W Wallke F2 25 mph bike is a worthy investment and way more affordable than 50 mph e-bikes.

Despite the 50% slower speed, the W Wallke F2 25 mph e-bike is still a great choice as nothing can replace your safety. Once you are used to driving this speedy bike, you can level up to the 50 mph bike, but remember the drawbacks we mentioned here for your safety and enjoyment. 

Highlights of the W Wallke F2 25 mph Fat Tire Electric Bike 

You already have several reasons to pick the W Wallke F2 25 mph e-bike over a 50 mph ride. Here are a few more details to help you reinforce your decision and convince you that you are making the right move. Here are this W Wallke e-bike’s best features. 

Speed and power

The W Wallke F2 bike is powered by a 48V 500W potent gear hub that can produce 1000-watt peak power. The 10.4 AH lithium-ion battery attached to the bike's frame will let you drive for up to 35 miles. So if you are a biker who is 5’6” to 6’6'' tall and weighs no more than 300 lbs, this 26-inch powerful e-bike is for you!

Shock absorption

Many features ensure that even when you go through rough roads, you’ll have excellent control, and your wheels will not falter. First among these is the bike’s fat and durable tires. They will allow you to confidently drive through snow, mud, pebbles, tree roots, and other trail challenges. 

Meanwhile, the adjustable hydraulic front suspension ensures any pressure and bumps will not shake your bike and will keep your pedals steady.


Aside from its powerful features, you’ll fall in love at first sight with the W Wallke F2 bike because of its looks. The bike has a simple yet attractive appearance. The single shade of black for the F2-black or the F2-gray bike is accented by a gray frame with black handle wheels. Also, the seats are visually appealing. The bike makes you look back on the adage: Simplicity is beauty.

For various uses

The W Wallke F2 e-bike is a bicycle you’ll gladly drive on roads because of its beautiful appearance. It is also a practical and environment-friendly ride when you need to do some errands or even on your way to work. 

Additionally, this bike can be your companion in off-road adventures. You can bike through different trails after a grueling work week and achieve relief through the activity.

The W Wallke F2 25 mph Bike: Preluding the 50 mph Electric Bike

As you approach the halfway point on your electric bike speed journey, staying safe is important. You can do so with the use of a W Wallke F2 25 mph e-bike. This ride is a great option for bikers looking for something with more power and speed without having to go all the way up to 50 mph. The Wallke F2 has excellent shock absorption capabilities, making it perfect for various terrain and rides. Plus, it looks great! 

For now, we recommend the W Wallke F2 25 mph fat tire electric bike as a welcome introduction to reaching speeds of up to 50 mph on your electric bike.If you want more information on 20- to 25-mph bikes, feel free to browse through our reviews and buying guides. We have more bike features for you!

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