Teens Just Want to Have Some Fun: The Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

January 20, 2022
razor mx650 rocket electric motocross bike

It's summer vacation, and your teen says, "I'm bored." Somehow, you can predict what words will come next: "Can I get a bike?" Of course, it's not always bicycling they ask for. However, if you're already reading this post, you're considering buying one. Indeed, bikes are the perfect company for the summer. They make the unbearably hot days fun and exciting. 

Suppose you've come across the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike and find it a great choice for your bored teen. Then, this article can be your guide! Find out the strongest points and limitations of the Razor Dirt Bike MX650 and decide if it's the right bike for your kid. 

A Razor Electric Dirt Bike MX650 Review: Anatomy, Best Features, and Limitations

At first glance, the MX650 looks undeniably cool. It surely piques your interest and more so for your teen who might want to try riding it as soon as possible. However, you know that purchasing isn't as simple as catering to what the kid wants. 

You still have to look into the reliability of the components, the strongest features, and possible drawbacks of the bike. These factors will ensure your teen a safe and enjoyable ride, so you must not take them lightly. Don't worry; we'll help you out by enumerating these points below.

Bike Anatomy

First, know the basic components of the Razor MX650 Bike. These will help you evaluate if it's made from strong and durable materials. 

Bike Motor

The MX650 bike incorporates a 650-watt electric motor. As a result, it produces a great amount of power that can withstand rough terrains. 

Bike Top Speed and Riding Time

The bike allows you to ride smoothly through any hill or terrain for up to 17 miles per hour. The estimated run time for the MX650 is forty minutes with a single charge. 

Bike Frame, Tire Type, and Wheel Dimensions

The bike uses a steel frame construction, knobby pneumatic tires, and 16 (front) x 14 (rear) inches wheel dimensions.

Brakes and Suspension

The MX650 features front and rear hand-operated disc brakes for reliable braking power. In addition, it comes with dual suspension to minimize the impact of landing shocks. 

Handlebars and Extra Features

The Razor MX650 incorporates adjustable riser handlebars to fit any rider. It also comes with foldable footpegs on the pedal so that the rider can have good control when rolling downhill and minimize the risk of injuries.

Bike's Best Features

Next, let's move on to the bike's strongest features. What benefits can you acquire from the materials and construction style that make the MX650 Dirt Bike?

A Silent and Strong Motor

The electric motor of this bike holds multiple benefits:

  1. It won't produce chemical emissions in the air as gas-powered motors do.
  2. It has a silent motor, so there's no need to be concerned about annoying bike noises.
  3. It hits a top speed of 17mph (or even 25mph depending on your track and weight), which is an amazing speed for such a quiet machine!

A Suspension That Works on a Challenging Terrain

Thanks to this bike's full or dual suspension, your kid can ride on uneven, rocky, and other tougher terrains worry-free. Plus, they can even show off some bike tricks! This Razor bike is powerful enough to help your teen have an awesome biking experience.

Upgradeable Components That Grow With the Rider

You might think that this bike becomes useless once your teen grows up. However, the good thing about this bike is that it's upgradeable, so it's a worthy and long-term investment. You can update some components of the MX650 Bike, such as the battery for a more reliable power source or the rear chain wheel to adjust the speed. It will save you time and money for a new bike.

For Teens and Adults Alike: A Versatile Bike

One of the best things about Razor bikes is their versatility with age. Although the MX650 is advertised primarily for teens, most users who owned and used one before collectively agree that this is good for kids ten years and above. 

Handlebars Made For Everyone

The adjustable rising handlebar style is a game-changing aspect of this Razor bike. Whether you're on the shorter or taller side, you can still use this universally-sized bike. The handlebar allows you to adjust the distance and height to find the most comfortable grip.

Better Weight Capacity Than Other Models

The MX650 Razor Dirt Bike is also versatile in terms of weight capacity. It can handle up to 220 lb, ideal for most teens and adults. Still, it only incorporates one size, so ensure to test it out and see if the kid's height and weight match the bike comfortably.

Ride Like A Cool Ball of Fire

One of the coolest things about this bike model is the design. Want to look like a badass racer? This bike grants your teen's wish with its yellow, pink, black, or blue Motocross bike visuals. It looks like a ball of fire when riding at top speed, which is super cool. Your kid will surely love the look!

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike - dirt bike - mother and son on a bike shop image

Bike Limitations

Are you still confused and unsure of your bike choice for your teen? Here are some possible drawbacks of the Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike to ensure that your final decision brings only benefits for you and your teen.

Charging Time Is Crucial

As good as uninterrupted forty minutes on the road sounds, the charging time isn't very fast. The MX650 needs up to twelve hours of charge before you can take it out on a ride again. Moreover, it requires a bit of high maintenance. It needs charging at least once a month; otherwise, you risk the battery function. So think of electricity bills and your teen's patience when considering this bike.

Not a Pre-Installed Bike

Most bikes don't come pre-installed, and the MX650 is one of them. Hence, you still need to assemble some components before using the bike. That can be challenging and frustrating if you're not knowledgeable about bike assembling. While a manual book is provided with the instructions, it won't be that easy for beginners.

Final Thoughts

The Razor MX650 Electric Bike is a good choice for your kid who loves to ride and perform tricks on the dirt. It's not the most affordable choice, but its components are upgradeable when necessary, so it's perfect for a long-term investment. It's also versatile enough for various types of riders with different needs.

If you find yourself still looking for other options, take your time to browse our website for more reviews. We feature other bikes as cool as the MX650 with different pros and cons. Happy riding!

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