Fun For All Ages: The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

May 4, 2022
Razor MX650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike - A kid riding a small motocross on the dirt track

Nothing beats a thrilling experience when shared. But to unlock this next level of enjoyment, you’ll need two things: a medium and someone with the same interest in adrenaline-induced activities.

Kids are excellent companions for new and exciting endeavors. They throw energy to the deck and make the experience lively because of their curiosity. A child’s innocent spirit expects nothing and looks forward to one thing: happiness.

So if you have a kid who likes to do stuff, you’ve downed half the prerequisite for a shared thrill. Now, you need a medium that anyone can use at any age to bring the exhilaration you and your kid need. So why not try the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike? Take a look at what made it a worthy thrill machine for all ages. 

Main Features of the MX650 Razor Dirt Bike

The Dirt Rocket takes its large-scale features and minimizes them for the younger thrill-seekers without compromising performance. Unpacking its features is like examining a serious motocross bike, except it runs with batteries and the specs are made straightforward. Fun doesn’t have to be complicated, especially for your kid. 

Pneumatic Tires

Dirt bikes tackle various terrains, and pneumatic tires make it possible. A hollow inner core filled with air gives enough pressure on the elastic tire material to smoothen rough surfaces. Your kid will zip through a dirt track and pavement with little to no rebound.

Knobby Tire Threads

Razor MX650’s tires sports a beefy thread, each chunk equally spaced from the other. The knobby thread is useful for muddy or rocky ground where dirt bikes can get stuck. Unlike tires with smooth threads, Razor’s tires bring the traction your kid needs to stay moving forward.

Handling-Focused Wheels

Unproportionate wheels are a cause for debate in the cycling world. In one corner, you have those who want same-sized wheels to maximize the benefit. Another are riders who think unequal wheel sizes will give greater handling and speed. 

Both sides have merits, but for a kid’s dirt bike to feel like the real deal, a 16-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel is an amazing idea. The larger one makes it easier to overcome obstacles, while the smaller one allows sharp pivots. Your kid will feel like a motocross rider when they take Razor for a spin.

Razor MX650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike - Orange with black and red outlines

650-Watt Electric Motor

Among the Razor dirt bike models, the MX650 has the most powerful engine. The number 650 is pushing near the 1000-watt engine—the kind used for adult electric bikes.

If your kid craves air time adrenaline rush, the 650-watt electric motor is enough to send them up flying from a steep slope. This powerful engine can handle an average kid’s weight and perform consistently.

Adjustable Riser Handlebars

Comfort and maneuverability are expected from Razor’s MX650’s handlebars. A cruiser handle profile has proven its usefulness on the track when it’s fitted to BMX bikes, so it makes sense for motocross bikes to adapt. It’s simply a handlebar for exhibition.

The cruiser’s heightened bar makes it easy to pull up for a wheelie. When your kid approaches a ramp for take-off, they’re going to want to tilt the bike’s front part to find the optimum balance while they’re suspended in the air. This is crucial for a smooth landing. Cruiser handlebars make it easy.

One sweet feature addition is the adjustability. If your kid isn’t comfortable with the handlebar’s height, you can easily tune in to a level that gives utmost comfort.

Lead-Acid Battery

A 36-volt lead-acid battery is considered mid-tier in terms of speed and acceleration. True enough, the Razor MX50 runs at 17mph of top speed. Even to an adult like you, that’s fast. 

MX650’s speed capacity is made possible by three 12-volt rechargeable batteries hidden in its bottom case. These power cells can store up energy for a continuous 40-minute throttle-twisting action. Your kid can spend this energy for the better part of the day, and you can charge it at night for 6 to 8 hours.


If the pneumatic tires smoothen out rough terrains, the full-suspension feature makes bumpy rides bearable. When the rough becomes tough with steep drops and holes, the full suspension of the MX650 will absorb the impact. 

The Razor MX650’s rear suspension is adjustable, while the forks of the front suspension mimic the genuine motocross suspension system. Riding will be a breeze for your kid because the wheels will be kept engaged to the ground.

Twist Throttle

One mark of a bona fide fully electric dirt bike is a throttle. Strip it off the pedal and fit it with a twist-grip, and your kid is off for a good motorbike experience.

Soft rubber grips cover the handle of the MX650. The throttle on the left side is separated from the sturdy handle grip to give room for safety and control. Your kid can choose to release the throttle just by moving their hands slightly near the handle’s edge.

Razor MX650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike - Two kids riding small motocross bikes on the dirt track

What We Love About the Razor Electric Dirt Bike MX650

Riding the MX650 will give you a blast, and it’s all because of the awesome attributes this electric motorbike offers. The full suspension, pneumatic tires, and a powerful motor are given, so we’ll talk about two things that we found awesome from the riding experience.

Can Be Enjoyed by Adults

Is the Razor MX650 dirt bike for adults, too? Absolutely. Unlike the smaller Razor models, the Dirt Rocket has a larger frame. Kids age five and up will ease into this bike quickly. Not only that, adults can hop on the Dirt Rocket without breaking it. As long as your weight is below the 220-pound payload capacity, you can take this bike out on a spin if you don’t feel like firing up the adult-sized one.


Motocross bikes can be annoying for people around you. It’s the noise caused by the gas-powered engine. Dirt Rocket is a breeze because its engine is run by electricity, so it hums instead of growls. Plus, riding this bike is great for the environment, too.

What We Want to See From Razor MX650 in the Future

Given the bike’s powerful engine and large frame, it’s inevitable that adults will hop on this thing at some point. We’d love to have reduced charging time plus a longer range. With 8 hours of charging time, we’ll be unable to sneak a few miles in before our kid plays with it.

Also, a shorter charging time and a longer range is great for the kids, too. Playing with the Dirt Rocket is fun, so they’re going to want to ride for longer as they get accustomed to it. A range of 30-40 minutes of continuous throttle is awesome as it actually lasts for more than an hour. 

But if it’s a weekend and the kid wants to practice new tricks with the bike, it may send them home earlier than they want to.

Skyrocket Fun for the Young

Fun is etched all over the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket electric motocross bike. This is due to speed and engine power blending with the motorcycle’s excellent handling features. Needless to say, the Razor MX650 delivers thrills with a 650-watt engine that pushes you up a slope or through a moderate obstacle course. 

Such experiences make motocross riding a blast for both young and young at heart.

If you find the Razor MX650 a treat, you’ll be stoked to know the brand has more bike models you can check out. Look around our website, and you’ll find comprehensive reviews of Razor electric bike models suitable to you or your child’s preferences.

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