Pavement Fun: The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Electric Bike Review

April 14, 2022
razor dirt rocket mx350 electric bike - A kid riding a motocross bike gets air time

Every kid has an inner speed freak waiting to come out. As adventurous parents, it feels like a responsibility for us to coax this out. A better way to do it is by getting kids electric dirt bikes.

To prepare them for the roughness of professional dirt biking, start them off on pavements. This way, they can practice getting comfortable with their two-wheeled toy enough to learn more advanced maneuvers. There's one Razor bike that can help you and your kid with the priming process. 

The Razor MX350 proves to be a reliable vehicle to quench your thirst for speed while conditioning the dirt biking skills of the young rider. It burns rubber for pavement fun, but it can also do the dirty work off-road. 

What to Expect From the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX350 is a serious rig for any kid willing to put the time in exchange for an overpour of fun. This bike emulates the adult version, after all.

Check out the bike's awesome features below.

A Small Version of the Adult-Sized One

From the color scheme to the outline, the Razor MX350 bike looks like the larger combustion-type motocross bikes ridden by professionals. Add a motocross suit and a cool helmet to the cart, and your kid will look like a small version of a professional motocross racer.

The motorbike is made of lightweight and tough materials. MX350's overall weight is 22.1 kilograms (48.92 pounds), yet it can carry a 63 kilogram (140 pounds) rider without breaking down. Of course, the overall look of this electric motorbike is backed by other gnarly attributes, as you'll see below.

Fitted With a Lead-Acid Battery

Charging the lead-acid battery up to full capacity will give your kid up to 30 minutes or 7 miles of non-stop motocross-riding fun.

When you open the battery storage space at the bottom of the motorcycle's frame, you'll find two 12-volt batteries totaling 24-volts worth of speed and acceleration. So expect the MX350 to pick up the forward momentum swiftly, coming from a full stop.

Fully Electric

MX350 has folding foot pegs where pedals should be. It makes sense. This electric bike is gunning for a motocross look, so pedals are out of the question. It does have a chainring in the middle that connects to the rear wheel's gear. To operate the Razor MX350, you'll only need to twist the throttle in one of the handles, and you're off.

The Motor's Engine Is Great for Pavements

A 350-watt engine lies at the core of Razor MX350. It powers the motorcycle enough to produce enough traction and speed on level ground, so cruising through the streets becomes smooth and steady. The Razor MX350 motor is powerful, lightweight, and boasts of its consistent speed and quiet motor.

When your kid rides the Razor, they'll get up to 14 mph (22km/h) of speed, and because it's electric-powered, the engine will hum instead of roar.

razor dirt rocket mx350 electric bike - Blue casing with black and white outlines

The Tires Are On and Off-Road Capable

Riding a motorcycle on rough terrains is the essence of motocross, so at one point, you'll have to take your kid to play with dirt. When that time comes, pneumatic tires will come in handy.

These hollow-cored tires are filled with air and give enough pressure to hold the motorbike's weight without it feeling stiff. As a result, you'll feel the tires fully engaged when riding smooth surfaces like roads and street blocks.

Pneumatic tires will also level out an otherwise gritty terrain. Surfaces filled with gravel or small debris can be ridden with little to no bumpiness because the tires are soft enough to adjust.

Getting stuck in the mud can be a hassle. That's where tire threads come in, and the MX350 has chunky knobs that act like the tire's teeth. The threading provides friction to lift the motorcycle from the mud as it spins.

The Wheels Are Small for Better Handling

Different wheel sizes bring different benefits to a motorcycle. For instance, a big wheel gives the motorcycle a sustained speed, and a small one focuses on handling. Razor's wheels are on the small side, measuring at 12-inches in diameter. This size makes it easy for young riders to execute pivots and drifts on the dirt track, even on pavements. 

It's also sensitive. A slight turn of the handle will move the motorcycle towards the direction it's led to.

The Handlebar Type Is for Comfort and Control

Freestyle riders have been using cruiser handlebars for tricks. It's a common bike handle designed for comfort and control because the arms are less tensed. As a result, the rider is able to execute exhibitions with ease as it is closer to the rider's body.

It makes sense for Razor MX350 to fit the motorcycle with a cruiser handlebar and small wheels. Having this combination turns the Razor into the perfect dirt bike. It's like BMX minus the pedal with its power multiplied by a lot.

Hand-Operated Rear Brake

The Razor's brake system is at the rear wheel's hub. To operate the brakes, you'll only need to pull a brake lever on one of the handles. Just rest the fingers on the lever and be ready to pull it for a gradual or a full stop. The hand-operated brake is perfect for practicing stopping techniques to hone your kid's turning and drifting skills.

razor dirt rocket mx350 electric bike - Several kids riding motocross bikes on the dirt track

Highlights of the Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike (MX350)

  • Kids can get comfortable with it fast. The Razor MX350 is lightweight and can be lifted by youngsters if the bike falls sideways. It's too easy to get back up and ride the electric dirt bike again after a bad slide.
  • The seat height is perfect for kids aged 5 years and up. They can firmly place their foot on the ground while seated. Wheel size also contributes to the optimal standover height. With 12-inch wheels, the bike has a lower profile. The Razor MX350 is a great transition bike if your kid outgrew the one with training wheels on.

Lowlights of the Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Motocross Bike

  • No suspension. While the pneumatic tires can serve as shock absorbers for minuscule bumps on the ground, it may not be enough. Taking this bike offroad will be bumpy; your kid might as well ride a pony. On the flipside, no-suspension motocross works well on level ground, so it's best to keep riding the motorbike on pavements. 
  • The runtime of this bike decreases off-road. 30 minutes will turn into 20-15 minutes of continuous ride because the battery and the engine work doubletime. Good thing the duration is quoted for continuous run. The ride can last an hour or more, considering the stop intervals.

Rule the Pavements With Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Electric Bike

If there's one takeaway from the Razor MX350, it would be its ability to do well on pavements. The Razor MX350 24V Dirt Rocket electric rides on motocross style around the block will be so much fun for your kid. From the constant speed, to the nimble handling, to the perfect standover height, there's no doubt that Razor MX350 will rule any flat surface.

Fun does come in small sizes. But if you're looking for something more, perhaps for yourself, explore our website. You'll find detailed reviews and buying guides for different kinds of bikes.

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