Get Lost in The Deepest Trails of Mother Nature with The QuietKat Electric Bikes

January 27, 2022
quietkat electric bike

The QuietKat e-bikes are the next generation of electric bikes. These bikes are perfect for hunters who want to stay low-key and stealthy on their outdoor adventures with a silent motor and whisper-quiet tires. If you're looking for a new toy that will help you get out into nature more often, then this is a must-have. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the QuietKat electric bikes for sale and see which is the perfect companion for your next outdoor activity. 

An All-Electric Bike for All Terrains 

You have never seen a bike quite like the QuietKat. Every hunter's dream is to get their hands on one of these electric bikes. These bikes can take you to any terrain, whether you want a long leisure ride or you want to get your hunting game on. Here are some of the most popular QuietKat e-bikes you may want to purchase for yourself. 

Quietkat Warrior E-bike 

When you want to go on an adventure with mother nature, the Warrior electric bike is the way. This bike is built for rides on the roughest roads in any weather condition. The warrior features an integrated battery and motor, so you can drive further out than other electric bikes. In addition, the frame has an improved geometry system that efficiently distributes the weight on the bike for a more comfortable ride. 

Additionally, it comes with a customizable suspension, so you can adjust the dampening effect to maximize your performance on any terrain. Finally, this bike comes with a mid-motor drive that is powerful enough to assist you on steep slopes. 

Price Tag: $4,699.00 

Quick Specifications: 

  • 750W and 1000W mid-motor drive 
  • 48-mile range 
  • SRAM 8-speed gears 
  • Eco-assist mode
  • Sport assist mode 
  • Throttle and walk-assist mode 
  • Kenda Juggernaut 26-inch tires 
  • Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes 
  • 325 load capacity 

Quietkat Ranger E-bike 

If you want to take your rides off the grid and deep into a rainforest, the QuietKat Ranger electric bike is your best companion. This bike can take rough and intense terrains while keeping your ride steady. In addition, the Ranger's bike package comes with a new, improved heavy-duty rack system so you can bring more gear with your two-wheeled adventures. 

Additionally, the Ranger e-bike features fit tires so you can go steady on bumpy terrains, and you can go on full speed on soft grounds like sandy ridges and snowy terrains. It has a 203mm rotor braking system for the ultimate stopping power and control on any surface. 

Price Tag: $3,499.00–$3,799.00 

Quick Specifications: 

  • Bike size available in small, medium, and large 
  • 750W or 1000W hub drive motor 
  • SRAM 7-speed gears 
  • Mozo Coil suspension fork 
  • Five pedal assist modes 
  • 48-mile range 
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes 

Quietkat RidgeRunner E-bike

Take your biking game to the highest level and push through the steepest hills and slopes with the QuietKat’s RidgeRunner Bike. The RidgeRunner is a full suspension electric bike that can take on the hardest trails this planet has to offer. In addition, it has a four-bar linkage suspension system, which a premium mountain bike rarely features, making the toughest roads easy jobs for the RidgeRunner. 

This bike allows you to interchange your tires from flat tires to standard tires allowing maximum performance on any terrain you take. It also features trailer equipment so that you can bring things and gear for whatever activity: mountain biking, camping, or hunting. 

Price Tag: $5,599.00 

Quick Specifications: 

  • 1000W ultra-drive motor 
  • 64-mile range 
  • SRAM 9-speed gears 
  • Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes 
  • RockShox Monarch rear suspension 
  • QK inverted 150mm air front suspension 
  • CST Roly Poly tires in 26-inch or 29-inch 
  • Bike weight is 69 lbs.
  • Bike size available in medium and large 

These are the top seller bikes of QuietKat. However, you can browse their catalog for more e-bike options that may be more suitable for your biking needs. 

What to and What Not to Love About QuietKat Bikes 

The QuietKat e-bike sounds too good to be true. A bike for all seasons and all terrains? If you aren't convinced that this bike is perfect, let's run down some of the highlights and lowlights, if there are any, of these premium quality bikes. 

Assist modes 

Standard mountain electric bikes have pedaling assist modes to give more power when riding on intense roads. What's different with these electronic bikes is that they have several assist modes that change how you ride. First, there's a sports assist mode for when you need more speed. There's also an eco-assist mode for pedaling power but consumes less energy for further travel and a walking assist mode, so it's easier to push your bike when you are not riding it. 

The 1000W motors can give Quietkat electric bike top speeds of up to 20 to 35 mph. These speeds are a big leap from the 10 mph that standard electric bikes can give. 

Battery capacity 

These electric bikes have the biggest battery capacity. Standard e-bikes can take you up to 28 miles with the motor running. But an entry-level QuietKat bike can reach up to 48 miles, and higher model bikes can reach 64 miles. It's almost double the travel distance of standard e-bikes. So you'll surely go to farther places with QuietKat bikes. 

Customizable parts 

These hunter’s electric bikes allow you the option to customize the parts of your bike before you finalize your purchase; from the seat dropper to wheel size and motor drives, you can choose the most suitable parts for your needs and preferences. 


In all honesty, you will find anything wrong when it comes to the performance of the QuietKat e-bikes. All the parts are of high quality, and they perform better compared to other popular brands. If there’s one thing you can point out on this bike, they are quite expensive. Their entry-level bikes start at $2000. This may not be your best option if you are on a budget. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are an outdoorsy person who loves nature, camping, and hunting, investing in a QuietKat electric bike will surely change the experience of your outdoor activities. We hope this QuietKat electric bike review helps you find the perfect companion for your trips into the deepest parts of mother nature. 

If you think these bicycles are not for you, you can check your buying guides to help you search for your perfect two-wheeled companion.

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