5 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Electric Hunting Bikes 

June 3, 2022
hunter with hunting gear on his e-bike

If you love being out into the wilderness and hunting, having a trusty electric bike will make it more convenient to move around faster and further. There are many options for electric bikes, but it's not common knowledge to many that there are specific electric bikes for hunting. 

If you want to explore the wonders and joy of the wilderness, investing in a hunter's electric bike is a good choice. But before rushing to every bike store and spending your hard-earned money on cool-looking bikes, there are some important considerations you should look for. To help you choose the best bike for your needs, here are some questions that will help guide your purchase. 

What are the pedal assist modes? 

If you're hunting, you can expect that you'll be moving a lot; that's why getting a bike will be very useful for your trips. Electric bikes have different pedal assist modes that help you with your pedaling power. These modes will come in handy when you are too tired to pedal. However, electric bikes also allow you to move forward without pedaling. 

There are electric bike options with throttle-only modes where you twist or push a button to keep the bike running at top speed. This feature will help you move faster and further without getting your legs strained. But of course, throttle-only mode consumes the battery faster compared to other modes. 

Who is the battery manufacturer? 

Several respectable brands can manufacture high-quality batteries, so make sure that your bike comes with a good battery. One thing to consider for your bike's battery is its charge cycle. For example, Samsung batteries can last up to 500 charges before that battery starts deteriorating. Changing batteries often can be costly in the long run. 

Furthermore, it's also essential to check the bike's battery case. Some electric bikes have skeletal cases, and some have more secure cases that completely encase the battery with locks for an anti-theft feature. If you're going on hunting trips, it's better to have a battery casing in case the trails are muddy and wet to protect them.

electric hunting bikes - hunter using binocular for hunting 

What’s the voltage and motor capacity? 

When it comes to hunting electric bikes, you should also consider the bike's hub motor. There are several options for hub motors: 250, 500, 750, and 1000 watts. You'll expect to ride on rough terrain and uphill trails during hunting. So make sure to choose a motor that can assist you with tough rides. A powerful motor is better for more challenging trails. 

Moreover, a quiet motor is also good to consider. You have to be stealthy when hunting, and a loud motor will not help you chase down your targets. There are specific bike brands that offer silent motors even in the highest power settings. So you may want to look into your choice for your hunting e-bikes. 

What's the bike's load capacity?

The standard weight limit for standard bikes is 250 pounds. Some manufacturers for heavy-duty bikes can go as high as 300 pounds. If you’re going hunting and end up catching something big, your bike is supposed to help you carry back the big load. Furthermore, there are electric bikes for hunting that are compatible attachments. With these, you can carry more into your hunting trip and go for bigger games out in the wilderness. 

What are the bike components? 

If you are spending on a bike, make sure that all bike components are high-quality. Don’t settle for cheap parts that will last for a short time. Remember, hunting trails can be rough, so your gear should be able to handle the challenge. Here are some bike components and some considerations you should take note of. 

  • Bike seat. Make sure that your bike seat has an adjustable height so you can customize it to where you are most comfortable. Also, the saddle should be padded enough for comfortable rides. 
  • Bike pedals. There are different materials for bike pedals. Plastic pedals are prone to breaking, especially on rugged roads. You may want to consider pedals made from hard resin or metal for excellent durability. 
  • Gear set. There are a lot of respectable brands when it comes to gear sets, but if you are looking for a premium and high-performing one, the Shimano brand will not disappoint you. Their gears feature smooth triggering, and the chains don't jam that easily. 
  • Brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are best for trails when you go hunting. The brakes have strong stopping power no matter how fast you are going. This braking system will help you control your rides, especially on downhills and sharp turns. 
  • Bike tires. You can opt for a fat tire or standard tires. Fat tires are great for barreling through littered trails but can be heavier and overwhelming to new riders. Standard tires are more lightweight and easier to control on faster turns. 
  • LCD screen. Look for an electric bike that displays the essential information on the ride like the battery capacity, distance traveled, speed, and time. 

The Best Electric Bikes for Hunting 

Now that you've asked the essential questions in search of a hunting e-bike, it's time to browse the great choices in the marketplace. Here are some of the best electric bike models worthy of your consideration. 

  1. BAKCOU 1000-Watt Mule Electric Hunting Bike 
  2. RAMBO Nomad and Bushwacker Electric Hunting Bike 
  3. MEGATRON X2WD Electric Hunting Bike 
  4. JEEP Electric Hunting Bike 
  5. RUNGU Dualie Rubico XR Trail Edition 
  6. QuietKat Warrior Electric Bike
electric hunting bikes - electric bike in the wilderness 


Hunting is no easy task, and it requires speed, stealth, and precision, and it's only right to find electric hunting bikes that can do the same. But, of course, not all electric bikes are the same. Some are good on pavements. Others are for soft grounds like sandy beaches and snowy terrain, and there are e-bikes for hunting that are ready to take on the challenges of the wild. 

We hope these guide questions help you search for the best hunting e-bike that suits your needs and preferences. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our blogs for more detailed reviews on everything about bikes—mountain bikes, safety gears, accessories, we have it all for you. 

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