5 Qualities to Look for in the Best Men's Beach Cruiser Bike to Get These 3 Benefits

June 21, 2022
men's beach cruiser bike

There's just something about a beach cruiser bike that makes cruising around town feel special. Maybe it's the laid-back style or classic good looks, delving away from the robust appearance of a regular mountain bike or a road bike. 

Whatever it is, men who ride them seem to have a certain cool air about them. If you're looking to buy your first cruiser bike or just an upgrade, here are some qualities to look for to get the best men's beach cruiser bike, as well as some benefits when owning one.

5 Qualities of the Best Men's Beach Cruiser Bike

When you own a cruiser bike, your terrain expands from smooth and asphalted roads to the sandy or sometimes rocky grounds of the beach. You can also bike on boardwalks and paved roads, but you need a reliable cruiser bike to continue doing these activities with ease. 

Here's what to look for when shopping for the best beach cruiser bike.

Perfect Geometry and Size

Beach cruiser bikes have seat posts and handle positions that will allow you to relax. The padded seat is low, and the handles are high and are swept back. This bike type ensures you can sit upright and hold the handle while your arms and back relax. 

To get the most comfort, check the size chart to pick the measurement that best suits you. For example, if you are 5”6' tall or taller, the 29” men's beach cruiser bike is best for you.

Relaxing Speed

Using a cruiser bike isn't all about the adrenaline rush. On the contrary, it induces the production of relaxing hormones like endorphins. With this, no need to worry about how bike shifts work and how they affect speed. 

Get yourself a cruiser bike that only has a single-speed. This feature is beneficial for beginner bikers and people who want to have a relaxing bike ride.

Durable and Lightweight Frame

Aside from giving you a relaxing biking experience, you should also check out what the bike is made of. Aluminum material ensures that you get a lightweight and strong bike. The light feature ensures you can put it in your car for your next outdoor adventure. 

There are also bikes made of steel. However, these bike types are difficult to maintain because they are susceptible to rusting. It is best to use them in dry environments.

Basket or Cooler Bag for Your Biking Needs and Snacks

Get a cruiser bike with a basket— it'll make your bike look classic and relaxing, like a classic painting coming to life. Some bikes allow a cooler bag to be placed in front of it. This gives you storage for snacks in case you are out for a long ride. 

You can also put your belongings, like your keys and gadgets, inside to keep them safe from falling as you bike. 

Visually-Pleasing Hue

Cruiser bikes have appealing geometry, but you can make your bike even more attractive by picking the right hues. You can go with bikes with color combinations, white and beige, black and white, or even go with elegant pure black shades. 

Don't be afraid to pick bright colors too! Your cruiser bike is meant to give you fun and relaxation, so pick colors that will reflect that, such as blues, yellows, oranges, reds, and pink shades.

29-inch men's beach cruiser bike

3 Benefits of Using a 29-Inch Men's Beach Cruiser Bike

After knowing the features to look for when picking beach cruiser bikes, you are likely to get the best. And with the best bicycle, you can enjoy plenty of benefits like the ones below. 

Beach Body Shape Maintenance

A sound mind and body are essential for everyday life, not only because you need them on the beach. Having a beach cruiser bike can help you maintain a well-toned beach body. Aside from the appearance, your overall health improves as the heart, lungs, and muscles of the different body parts are worked out. 

Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

You can move from one place to another without worrying about harming the environment because of vehicle smoke. Skip the hassle of looking for gas to power up your vehicle, as your cruiser bike doesn't require it. Enjoy the scenery all the same with the sun on your skin and air blowing your hair.

Bike With Friends and Loved Ones

Whether you bike by the beach or on regular roads, a beach cruiser bike is a good way to bond with the family. The relaxed design allows riders of younger ages to enjoy and have a safe biking experience. So your beach time will not only be filled with memories of the sea but with the family cycling together.

In Closing

The best beach cruiser bike offers important qualities when cruising along coasts and paved roads. Remember to look for the features discussed above to get the best beach cruiser bike. With it, you get to keep your body in shape, find an eco-friendly way to travel, and have great memories with friends and loved ones. 

If you are looking for specific beach cruiser bikes, we have plenty of reviews and buying guides here on our website. Feel free to explore and find just what you need!

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