In Sync with the Beat of Play: The Pulse Performance EM 1000 Electric Dirt Bike

November 3, 2021
Kid motocross

Managing the energy of your kid is a tricky business. It becomes challenging when the energy for fun and play continues to pulsate even after the supposed end of playtime. It’s difficult to feed that energy or put it to rest.

You’ll want to get something that syncs well with your kid’s play and rest rhythm. And the Pulse Performance Electric Dirt Bike can deliver that. Let’s find out how this electric dirt bike can match your kid’s play-rest beat.

In Focus: Pulse Performance EM 1000 Electric Dirt Bike

The Pulse Performance is an astounding training bike that can deliver an adequate mix of play and rest duration. During playtime, the Pulse Performance can be operated, allowing your kid that carefree play, while the resting (charging) phase for this bike only takes a short while. Check out what this bike is packing inside its package.

Design and Style

Bike style - This motocross style bike’s frame and handlebar are made of high quality steel. The frame is encased with a fairing made of hard plastic material. There’s no headlight or taillight as well as suspensions on this bike which makes inspection and maintenance uncomplicated for you and your kid.

Paint job - The paint job of the Pulse EM 1000 Dirt Bike also doesn’t involve a lot of colorways. The primary color choice is blue, but there’s also a variation in pink. The camouflage design pattern is a strong addition to the bike’s style. Overall, the solid colors make the bike visible without complicating the bike’s look.

Freestyle handlebar - The handlebar style takes from the cruisers that bring the most comfort for the rider. The length and height of the handlebar optimizes handling and adaptability for responsive turning on corners.

Motor - The motor is a chain-operated motor and drivetrain combination. The good thing about the motor being centered is stability. The weight of the motor is distributed evenly on the bike’s length. This makes for steady rides and better traction. It also helps that the motor is not installed on the bike’s hub as this gives the designer room to fit it with a bigger, more powerful engine.

Brake system - The chain operated motor makes it possible to equip the Pulse Performance with a drum brake system on the rear wheel. The drum brake is installed on the hub and gives a more powerful brake force that syncs perfectly with the rest of the Pulse bike parts such as the motor, the rims, and the frame.

Wheels - The front and rear rims are made of a sturdy hard plastic material. The tires are air-filled but the rubber material is thick enough to handle small rocks and bumps without rupturing the exterior or the tube. The treading is shallow and packed together tightly—a tread designed for pavement and dirt riding. The wheel sizes are uneven, with the front wheel larger than the rear, making this dirt bike ready for some downhill action.


Instant throttle response
The Pulse Dirt Bike 1000 boasts an instant throttle response (ITR) that makes the twist throttle on the handle sensitive to the rider’s input on the handle grip. A sensitive throttle means more control on the speed with less effort and fatigue on the hand.

Fully electric dirt bike
This bike is fully powered by a battery. There’s no need to spend extra bucks for a gas refill. Just plug the Pulse Performance bike to an outlet and it will power itself.

Single chain gear

A straightforward single gear turns the focus on the throttle alone. There are no clutch or shifters involved which complicates things, especially for a kid. If it’s play you want, simple and straightforward is the way to go. The single chain gear makes it possible.

Longer play times, shorter intervals

The 24V 15Ah lead acid battery pack can deliver a straight 40-minute play time. What’s awesome about it is the battery charge time. It only takes 1–2 hours to fully charge the battery. That means a shorter wait interval in between playtime.

Speed suited for play

The speed of the Pulse Performance electric motocross bike peaks at 10 mph. This makes it a perfect training electric bike for teenagers and kids alike. The top speed is capped in a level that’s both safe for young riders who haven’t ridden a two-wheeled vehicle before, but doesn’t sacrifice any of the fun.

Highs and Lows


  • Shorter charging time. Like with most junior-sized electric dirt bikes, the Pulse Performance Dirt Bike 1000 Model runs only for less than an hour. But unlike its competitors, its charging time is brief. An impressive 1 hour charging time is a stark difference from the usual 4, 6, or even 12 hours of charging time.
  • Straightforward transmission only involves the twist-throttle. It’s important for kids to learn how to manage speeding up and braking first. The removal of complicated parts like the clutch and shifters make this bike pure fun.


  • The top speed of 10 mph is quite slow once training is over and your kid starts to get a little more serious.
  • A 40-minute runtime is also for entry-level junior bikers. If your kid develops the stamina needed for proper riding, the short runtime will not be enough.

Capturing the Pulse of Play

The Pulse Performance EM 1000 Electric Bike is designed for play.

What stands out from this junior motocross bike is the short charging time. It can be frustrating for you and your kid to wait a long time in between uses. This situation is especially true in the early stages of riding the bike when your kid still has the eagerness for play and has so much energy to do so. The shorter charge duration compensates for the short runtime, giving your kid the ideal interchange of rest and play.

With the inclusion of the straightforward characteristics and function of this bike, the Pulse Performance becomes the perfect machine that knows the right pulse for enjoyable playtime.

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