Rainbow-Like Rides: Programmable Bike Wheel Lights and the Many Ways to Have a Colorful Bike

January 5, 2022
programmable bike wheel lights

Have you seen those awesome bike wheels with lights that create a rainbow effect as the rider pedals? 

They're pretty popular, and for a good reason! Not only do they look super cool, but they also make riders more visible to motorists in low-light conditions. So if you're thinking about adding fun lighting effects or colorful gear and accessories to your bike, programmable bike wheel lights are a great option. 

In this blog post, we'll give you more ideas to make your bike colorful and determine which parts of the bicycle are best spattered with infinite colors. Hang on and read; this is going to be a picturesque ride!

The Tools That Will Make Your Bike Colorful

With the many options you can choose to splash some color and personality to your bike, bringing to life your dream bike won’t be as challenging. You can check out what’s available on your toolbox or invest in colorful bike accessories sold in shops and online. Both are excellent choices! To get you started, here are just some of the ways you can personalize your bike.


Paint is the most accessible material to find, as you may find it in your garage or tool cabinet. If you want a quick change of color, use your favorite paint color and be the bike artist yourself. Whether it’s liquid or spray paint, make sure to let it dry first before giving your bike a ride!

Vinyl stickers and decals

If you want a bike decoration with ready-made designs, go for waterproof, outdoor-safe vinyl stickers and decals. You’ll find all sorts of designs from badass skulls, famous characters or superheroes, kid-friendly designs, and more well-known symbols. The simplicity of stripping off the sticker and sticking it to the bike part you want to decorate saves a lot of time and gives fantastic results. For a more personalized look, you can even have your bike decals customized from a specialty bike shop.

Tape wraps

If you want to cover your bike with colors, you can wrap it using colorful tapes. These wraps are specially designed to stick to the bike’s carbon, iron, and aluminum makeup. Some wraps are abrasion-resistant and waterproof—perfect if you love mountain biking in the wild and rough outdoors.  


Streamers are not only a bike decoration for kids. They can also be an adult bike design, especially if you want to create a friendly and sassy vibe for your bike. Just stick the streamers to your handlebars to give it an accentuated look. 

LED lights

Last but not least, as it is one of your coolest choices for bike decoration, we have LED bike tires. A LED bicycle tire is not only meant for decorative purposes but can also keep you safe on dark roads—cars and pedestrians can easily see you as you cycle past them. You can choose single-colored wheel lights, programmable lights, or bicycle spoke lights with varied hues. 

bicycle spoke lights

Fill These Bike Parts With Vibrant Colors

Note that many products are designed for specific bike parts, so now that you know what to use to bring vibrance to your bike, let us check which parts of the bicycle are best adorned with those bright, beautiful colors. 

  • Frame: The most significant part of the bike is your frame, so if you want the redecoration to stand out, paint or add some stickers to your frame. 
  • Wheels and spokes: You can add LED bike wheel light to your wheels and spokes. You can also slip in colorful beads to add sound and colors to your hoops. Wheel rim lights also add a cool touch to your colorful lighting.
  • Stem caps: The stem cap is used for headset bearing adjustment and an opportunity to accentuate your bike. 
  • Handlebars: Use your desired tape bars to accentuate your bike. Because of the ease of attachment and removal, you can change as often as you like. 
  • Cranks and pedals: Tiny as they are, the cranks and pedals are also opportunities to make your bike colorful. Switch from silver or black to neon-colored ones!
  • Bike bell, light, and lock: More minor details in your bike are the bell, light, and lock. There are available products like a monkey light or a monkey light M232 to make these parts filled with color.
  • Bike basket: Creatively decorate the basket from the usual metal or wicker baskets to unique-looking ones!

The way you’ll decorate your bike and which parts to add color into is your choice. Your creativity is the limit!

In Closing

If you're ready to make your bike more colorful, we hope this article has been a helpful guide. You can choose from many different tools and parts for making your bike as vibrant as possible. Maybe it's time to get creative with color! From paint to tape wraps, there are plenty of ways to add some fun colors to the exterior of your bicycle. With all of these tools and colors, there's no reason your bike can't be as colorful as a rainbow. Exercise your creativity! Get your bike pumped up with various hues now!

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