Based on Parents’ Preferences: Scout These 4 Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

July 4, 2022
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At Cycle Buddy, we often share how bicycle items such as electric dirt bikes provide the best life opportunity for kids. But we also get the impression that parents are the most puzzled when it comes to buying decisions.

Cheer up! We're here to help you expand your knowledge of electric dirt bikes for kids and ways to find the best one according to you or your kid’s option. Keep reading!

Common Questions From Parents with Recommended Electric Dirt Bikes

Customer reviews are one of the primary sources of the consumer's decision-making process since it has informative details of what other users have experienced. But given the potential benefits and reviews of most product items on online sites like Amazon, some parents still want to seek an all-in-one solution in one scroll.

So we gathered some questions commonly asked by parents and provided answers that can help elevate your child’s riding spirit and skills. Check these out:

Question #1: I’m afraid that my kid will get hurt. Which dirt bike is ideal for beginners?

Answer: Kids are going to get hurt. It's an unfortunate but inevitable part of biking. However, this does not imply that you must make it simple for them to do so. The good news is that plenty of beginner-friendly and safe dirt bikes are available in the market. Learn about one below.

The Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: The Aosom 12V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Aosom 12V Kids Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

The Aosom 12V Kids Electric Dirt Bike gives your child a genuine riding experience while keeping them safe on the road. It has the following qualities:

  • Training Wheels: The removable training wheels of this bike allow them to improve their skills and build their confidence. They might not be "cool," but they'll help your kid stay upright until they get the hang of things.
  • Speed: This is the best kids’ electric dirt bike because of its 5 mph speed, which is fast enough to keep your child safe while cruising around the yard.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: The Aosom mini dirt bike is perfect for kids ages 3 to 8, weighing 66 pounds.
  • Continuous Use Time: Kids can drive throughout the day since it can run for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.
  • Certifications: This Aosom electric bike is ASTM F963, CPSIA, UL, MSDS, and SOR certified, so you can rest easy that your child is riding in style and safety.
  • Power Voltage: Long rides are made possible with long battery life and a powerful 12V motor.

The Highlights and Lowlights

The wheels and tires are already assembled.It rides well on dirt and other hard surfaces like pavement.It’s not recommended on grassy surfaces.The working horn and noises aren't as realistic as advertised.

Question #2: My 9-year-old kid’s body is too thin for heavy dirt bikes. Do you have something small yet lightweight for them?

Answer: Each child is unique, so some dirt motorcycles might not meet their needs. On the other hand, most leading manufacturers always develop an electric dirt bike that is appropriate for all body weights and sizes. In fact, we can recommend something that your child can enjoy. Here’s one:

The Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: The Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

The Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike for Kids is a lightweight yet tough electric dirt bike that enables your children to engage in the sport without exerting too much energy. It has many aspects that make them feel like trail pros. Are you eager to learn more about this kid's dirt bike? You’ll certainly love these features.

  • Lightweight Size: This e-dirt bike measures 2.25 feet tall and has a weight of 34 lbs—an accurate size for six years old and up.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: This bike comes with a maximum rider weight of 120 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed: This small yet terrible bike can reach speeds of 9 miles per hour, which is the safest number for kids.
  • Pneumatic Tires: The 12-inch pneumatic wheels of this dirt bike let your child ride without wobbling too much when encountering obstacles.
  • Long Range Battery: This 24v lithium-ion battery-powered rechargeable bike is ideal for shredding courses and exploring the scenery all day.

The Highlights and Lowlights

It comes with a turning throttle on one handlebar and a front brake on the other, so your kid can easily ride it.The bike seat is small yet comfortable and spacious.There is no variable speed motor, so they can't control the speed.The power switch is in an unsuitable position.

Question #3: My son doesn't want training wheels on his electric dirt bike because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by his friends. I'm still worried about him falling on the bike. What should I do?

Answer: It's normal for kids to brag about themselves and believe that they're "too cool" for training wheels. Here's the deal: dirt bikes are strong machines that may be dangerous if not handled properly. We usually recommend starting with training wheels, at least until your child gets a feel of the bike and learns how to ride it safely. If he's bent on not having them, you might want to check out this option we found.

The Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: Eclypse Astra 16” Electric Balance Dirt Bike

Thankfully, the Eclypse Astra 16” Electric Balance Dirt Bike offers incredible features that will protect your child in the case of a fall or when they are out on the trails. Learn why.

  • Throttle: This throttle-controlled bike is ideal for children who have graduated from three-wheeled riding. You won't have to worry about jerky motions or sudden accelerations because it's smooth and easy to handle.
  • Motor: This 18-volt bike has a brushless electric motor that is powerful enough to ride on dirt, grass, and pavement.
  • Power Mode: This balanced dirt bike comes with three power modes. These modes will help a kid's ride go from slow to fast.
  • Low-speed mode: 5 mph
  • Mid-speed mode: 7.5 mph 
  • Hi-speed mode: 11 mph
  • Wheels: The 16" composite bike wheels lighten the bike and increase its durability.

The Highlights and Lowlights

It has plenty of power.It has great speed and torque.All parts are upgradable.The charging time is only 80 minutes.It’s not for rocky road surfaces.

Question #4: My daughter wants to begin her dirt biking adventure, but all I know is that most boys use this bike. Can you suggest a dirt bike for her?

Answer: First, it's not true that motorbiking is for boys only. Note that there are even certain models that are built exclusively for young female riders. Some kids’ dirt bikes are unisex, so either a boy or girl can ride them. But for girls, their usual bikes come with bright colors and feminine graphics yet strong features like other electric dirt bikes. To help you out, see this bicycle item from Huffy.

The Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Your daughter will surely love the Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike. The bright pink color can appeal to her sense of style, but there’s more to this design. Discover its following features:

  • Training Wheels: These extra wheels attached to the back support the bike that helps your daughter to ride confidently.
  • Maximum speed: It has an approximate speed of 2 miles per hour. That may not seem very fast, but it's the perfect speed for getting around town.
  • Seat height: The 18" seat height puts their legs at a slight angle when pedaling, so your kid can generate maximum power without straining muscles.

The Highlights and Lowlights

The pink color is stylish.It has long battery life.It’s easy to assemble.The weight of the bike is accurate for kids aged 4 to 8 years old.It doesn’t go in reverse.The throttle is uncomfortable to use.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, every parent has different concerns since they want what’s best for their kid and their safety. Nonetheless, we are glad that they proudly support their child’s cycling dream. 

We hope this article has addressed your questions and helped you find the perfect electric dirt bike for your child. If you still have doubts or need more help in making your decision, feel free to browse more reviews on our website and learn about kids’ cycling adventures.

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