Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light: A Mighty Little Light on a Bike Night

January 13, 2022
dirt bike helmet light

Do you fancy dirt biking at night? The thrill it gives is completely different during the daytime. However, as exciting as it seems, it's also extra dangerous due to the lack of light.

When it comes to lighting, we have a recommendation we don't want you to overlook: the bike helmet light. If you're a dirt bike rider, a helmet light is one of the most important pieces of your gear. Your visibility system should be clear and easy to use while wearing gloves or at speed. 

The Oxbow Voyager Dirt Bike Helmet Light is designed with these needs in mind! Keep reading to get our full review.

Why Helmet Lights Are a Must-Have in Your Night Rides

Helmet lights are necessary for anyone who likes to ride dirt bikes at night or during the day. 

But I already have a good headlight on my bike. So do I still need a helmet light? 

That's great if you have a reliable headlight on your bike, but it's not enough if you want to maximize safety. If you're still unsure, here are the reasons we think you should get one.

Brighter Than Your Headlight

How bright is your headlight? It might be bright enough to help you ride through the trails safely, but a helmet light can still be brighter.

A Light That Acts as Your Shadow

Wouldn't it be convenient to have a light that shines exactly where you look? Navigating the road will be easier that way. Moreover, you won't have to risk reaching out for an extra flashlight or adjusting the headlight, which could get you into an accident when done in a rush.

In Case of Emergency

Helmet lights are also reliable when you find yourself in an emergency. They’re an extra bright and easily maneuverable source of light.

The Oxbow Voyager Helmet Light Kit: Does It Have Everything You Need for a Safe Night Ride?

We're excited to tell you about the Oxbow Voyager Helmet Light Kit for dirt biking! This helmet light set consists of everything you need for safe night rides. We'll discuss its best features as well as the notable disadvantages to help you make a wise purchase decision.

Product Highlights

Here are some amazing features of the Oxbow Voyager you can look forward to.

CREE L2 LED Technology

Radiating 2100 lumens, these are insanely bright dirt bike lights, easily outshining any headlight you have on your bike. 

Customers are pleased with its brightness more than any other feature. You'll see everything in front of you with this bad boy mounted on your helmet! On top of that, you get three hours of bike rounds out of it on high settings; you won't often find high-lumen lights that last this long. 

A Lightweight Construction

Weighing only 2.1 ounces, this lightweight helmet light won't affect your balance. It also minimizes the chances of developing head, neck, or upper body strain.

Extended Battery Life

As mentioned, the Oxbow Voyager runs for about three hours on high setting and 12+ hours on low setting. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery contains indicator lights that display the remaining power left before it needs recharging. Moreover, the brightness level doesn't decrease even when the settings are low. 


This helmet light is compatible with a GoPro interface. It's also easy to attach anywhere you want it to because it uses a GoPro mounting system. 

Thanks to its brightness level, the Oxbow Voyager passes as a versatile tool: you can use it as a helmet light or place it on the handlebars or number plate to serve as a headlight.

Comes with a Convenient Kit

The Voyager kit includes everything you need to get mounted on your dirt bike and keep safe throughout the entire ride. It has a helmet light, rechargeable battery, battery charger, curved and flat adhesive helmet mounts, and a storage case.

Is it really necessary to include an entire kit on your backpack? Dirt biking at night is an off-road trip, so it's extra dangerous. Hence, it is best to have a complete set of emergency tools. What if your headlight breaks or lacks the brightness you need to see through the path? 

Product Lowlights

Here are some disadvantages people note about the Oxbow Voyager.

  • It runs hot when used for straight hours.
  • The mounting system could be better. It doesn't attach strongly enough, which can become a hazard.
  • Some received the kit with missing parts or got the wrong specifications.

A Final Word Before You Set Forth

There's no reason to stop mountain biking when the sun goes down. It will offer you a different and more exciting experience with new views and road conditions. However, it's hazardous given the lack of natural light. For that reason, you need a good, long-lasting light source.

Fortunately, Oxbow has got your back with their super bright Voyager Light Kit. It is suitable for a ride on a dirt bike, mountain bike, snowmobile, ATV, or utility terrain vehicle. Moreover, you can mount it on your handlebars, number plate, or your dirt bike helmet, where it follows the direction of your vision like a shadow. 

Keep your night rides thrilling and safe with the Oxbow Voyager!

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