NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike: A Bike That Won't Break the Bank

June 20, 2022
Ncm Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike on top of a hill

You're panting as you pedal up the mountain, cursing yourself forever, thinking this would be a good idea. But your legs feel like they're made of lead, and your bike weighs a ton. Every inch feels like a battle, and you can't help but wonder how anyone could enjoy this.

But then, you see a sleek and shiny electric mountain bike gliding up the hill with effortless ease. You suddenly realize how much better off you would be if only you had one of these bikes. 

And with that, you decide it's time to make the switch. After all, there's no reason you can't enjoy the thrill of mountain biking with a bit of extra help from an integrated motor. So let's look at NCM Moscow plus electric mountain bikes and their pros and cons.

An Overview of the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

The NCM Moscow Plus is an electric mountain bike that is lightweight and affordable. It is made by the German company NCM, making bikes since 2014. The company is based in Hanover, and NCM bikes are some of the most popular in Europe.

Product Specifications

ColorMatte black/white with neon blue strips
Total Weight 64 lbs or 29 kg
Total Weight with Battery53 lbs or 24 kg 
Maximum Weight Capacity275 lbs or 124.7 kg
Frame Material 6061 aluminum alloy steel 
Frame Size 19 in. (48.3 cm), 20.5 in. (52 cm) 
Frame TypeHigh-step
PedalsWelgo B087 aluminum alloy
Gearshift24 speed Shimano Altus, Real Altus Derailleur
CrankShimano FC-M311
BrakesMechanical disc brakes by Tektro 
StemAlloy, Promax
SaddleSelle Royal, LookIN, gel saddle in black
ForkSuntour, XCM-HLO
HandlebarFlat aluminum alloy
MotorDas-Kit, X15, 48V 250W, 25 km/h
Battery DEHAWK, I5-4816P, 48V 16AH, 768WH
Charger48V 3A, SANS, DC483DE
Tire BrandSchwalbe SMART SAM
RimsAlloy in black
Wheel Size27.5 in. (48 cm), 29 in. (52 cm)
DisplayDas-Kit, C7B (3.0VR)

NCM Electric Mountain Bike as an e-MTB

The NCM electric mountain bike is an electric mountain bike with a motor to help cyclists pedal. Mountain bikes, like the NCM Moscow plus, don't have a throttle. Thus, the engine will not support it if you don't pedal. 

The Requirement to Ride NCM Moscow E-Bike

Does the NCM e-MTB count as a motorcycle? Will you need a driver's license to ride this bike with pedal assist? You might need one, depending on which country you ride this e-MTB. 

In Europe, for example, e-bikes that provide pedal assistance up to 15.5 mph or 25 km/h are classified as pedelecs, which are treated as regular bikes with no motor.

However, some e-bikes offer pedal assists up to 28 mph or 45 km/h, called S-pedelecs. These bikes are treated as motorized vehicles. So you'd need a license.

Cost of NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

The NCM Moscow Plus electric mountain bike is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality e-MTB at a reasonable price. With an attractive price tag of under $2,000, this bike offers superb value for money, making it the perfect choice for riders on a budget.

Attractive Features of NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike Plus

NCM Moscow has attracted much attention from bike enthusiasts. Compared to other e-bike brands, this high-speed mountain bike has top-notch features that expensive mountain bikes don't.

Das-Kit X15

Mountain e-bikes have two location types of motor: the mid-drive motor and hub motor. Mid-drive motorized bikes deliver higher performance and less maintenance than a hub motor.

Imagine it this way: if the force pushes the crank and pedal more, the more power you can give to your bike's gear. Thus, it is easier to change gear and go on steeper slopes.

Now, is the Moscow Plus an NCM Moscow mid-drive electric bike? Unfortunately, not. Having a Das-Kit hub motor is one of the few reasons this electric mountain bike is much more affordable than the rest. Hub motors are commonly used and perfect for hardtail mountain bikes like the NCM Moscow Plus. 

But make no mistake, this remarkable ride performs thanks to its optimal motor output of 500W with 80Nm of torque.

48V 16AH Battery

This bike is so seamless because its lithium battery pack is inside the bike's down tube. The battery's location makes the bike's weight low and central for improved stability.

The NCM battery offers 16 hours of long-distant joyrides. But the battery provides electricity to the NCM motor, and your LED-backlit display panel also gets power from this heavy-duty battery. 

Another nifty feature of this NCM mountain bike's battery is its full-sized USB charging port on the top of the right side. A right-angle USB adapter would perfectly fit on this on-the-go charging port. So you don't have to worry about your mobile phone, GPS, or even your power bank running out of juice.

Multi-functional dashboard display

The NCM Moscow electric bike plus display shows you all the information you need for your long rides: the total mileage, duration, current cycling mileage, and current speed. It also displays your battery level and level of pedal assist, which this bike offers up to 6 power levels.

Most display panels on other e-bikes are challenging to read and position. This is not the case for the NCM e-bike, as you can angle the display in whatever way you want.

Schwalbe Smart Sam Tires

A mountain bike would need knobby trail tires for rugged and urban rides. The NCM has 27.5 x 2.25-inch or 29 x 2.25-inch thick tires, built for off-road fun. Imagine going on all types of terrain on this high-performing mount bike. 

Thanks to its tires, you wouldn't feel so many bumps and slips.

Tektro Brakes

Another reason this top-notch e-bike is affordable is its mechanical disc brakes. E-bike brands offer hydraulic disc brakes, which give you quick stopping power. But mechanical brakes still have good stopping power and control, perfect for downhills and curvy roads.

Ncm Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

What We Love About NCM eMTB Bikes

The more you ride on the NCM Moscow Plus mountain bike, the more you'll find things to enjoy. But here are our top favorites:

Build Quality

NCM e-bikes might be cost-efficient, but they never compromise the safety and functionality of the bike, and the NCM Moscow Plus is no exception. With its aluminum steel alloy frame, Suntour XCM front fork, ergonomic geometry, and seat, it's worth spending thousands of dollars.


Thanks to its 500W motor and high-capacity battery, it can go up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h). The NCM Moscow Plus can handle heavy-set riders up to 275 lbs or rides with accessories to load since it has bottle cage bosses, fender provisions, and rack bosses to handle cargo. You can conquer uphills and bumpy roads with ease and higher momentum.

Independent Motor

We find that when you shift gears on the NCM mountain bike, it won't impede the drivetrain since the motor operates independently of the chain and sprockets. Consequently, you can lose the chain, and the cycle will still run with pedal assist. But, of course, it will use more of its battery power.


We appreciated the large and easy-to-read display. Aside from its on-display screen, you can press the set button to dive into different menus. In addition, you can position the display to your liking, especially when you need to reduce reflected glare.


Neighborhood and city streets, winding roads going to the countrysides, and even murky areas— there's no place you can't ride the NCM Moscow Plus. The safety and comfort features immerse you on your bike journeys instead of suffering from pedaling. 

Of course, many avid cyclists may find its ease of use as a way of cheating, but it can't hurt to have some help when climbing mountains.

What We Don't Like About NCM Electric Mountain Bike Moscow Plus

No Water-Resistant Features

Despite being all-terrain, the NCM Moscow Plus doesn't have water-resistant features. Thus, you shouldn't submerge or thoroughly wet its bike parts. Plus, keeping it cool and dry will prolong the battery cells and the overall electrical functions.

No Chain Cover

It might just be a minor thing for some cyclists. But having no chain guard can be a safety risk. For example, your joggers or flowy clothes might get snagged up the chainring, causing road accidents and wardrobe malfunctions. 

Who is This NCM Bike For?

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is great for a veteran cyclist or a beginner who wants to take on steeper roads. Either way, the NCM Plus Mountain bike works on all terrains, specifically on urban bike's and trail routes. 

Geometry Measurements

Wheel Base (inches)27.5 29
Stand Over Height30 in.33.
Reach21 in.
Minimum Seat Height 34.2 in.35 in.
Maximum Seat Height 40.5 in.41.7 in.
Overall Length70.8 in.73 in.
Recommended Rider's Height5'4” to 6'2”,5'9” to 6'4”.

This mountain beast is enormous, and we recommend riders 5'4" above choose this ride. So people shorter than the recommended height might have a hard time riding, let alone mounting on this bike. 


Overall, the NCM Moscow Plus mountain e-bike is a valued-priced bike with quality, proven tech features that you will surely love. Of course, you could see some tradeoffs, but this monstrous bike's performance and versatility still compete with its more expensive alternatives. 

The NCM Moscow Plus is a sure steal that guarantees you to take over higher roads with ease. So, whether you're new to mountain biking or a seasoned pro, the NCM Moscow Plus is the perfect choice for your next ride. 

Order this affordable luxury mountain bike today! Don't forget to browse through our blogs for all your cycling needs! 

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