6 Benefits of a Mountain Bike (Electric) For City Dwellers

May 24, 2022
mountain bike electric - Male employee riding an electric bike down the street

Have you ever wanted to skip the daily commute and have fun on the trails during the weekends? Most of you would probably think of buying a car for commuting to work and a mountain bike for weekend fun. Luckily for you, it’s possible to achieve the best of both worlds by purchasing your very own mountain bike (electric).

Having electric mountain bikes or electric scooters at your disposal can help you conquer any street road and off-road terrain. You can reap the benefits of a traditional mountain bike and an electric vehicle with this two-wheeled hybrid. So what else can an electric mountain bike offer you? 

We will share with you the many benefits you can achieve by hopping on the saddle of an electric bike. Read on and find out how a mountain bike (electric) can change your life!

How Can an Electric Bike Help You?

mountain bike electric - Male with electric bike setting up a tent along the beach

Improve Your Fitness

One of the most life-improving benefits you can achieve from cycling is improving your overall physical health. With every step on the pedal, you develop your leg muscles while burning calories. If you have a sedentary lifestyle (e.g., sitting on an office chair all day long), cycling to work will help you compensate for such an unhealthy lifestyle.

In addition to burning calories and unhealthy fat, you can also keep your heart at its peak condition when you start mountain biking regularly. Such strenuous physical activity makes your heart pump more blood, thus helping your circulatory system remain in good shape. Lastly, regular cycling will help you strengthen your stamina and physical endurance.

Climb Hills Easier With Pedal-Assist

Sometimes you may want to enjoy a trail without the difficulties that come with it. A dirt trail can have muddy paths, bumpy passages, and steep hills. What most cyclists find challenging is climbing very steep hills. This kind of terrain requires extra strength and superior technique to pull off.

But what if you had a little boost to help you power through rugged terrain?

Unknown to many, an electric mountain bike can "assist" you in conquering hills. Thanks to its pedal-assist feature, an electric bike (like a Specialized electric mountain bike) can effortlessly do so. Pedal assistance gives your feet an extra "boost," letting you climb up inclines and rough terrain with less difficulty.

Some kinds of electric mountain bikes even come as a fat tire bike, perfect for muddy and rough terrain. If you often take your bike to rugged terrain (or if the road you take to work looks like a dirt trail), a fat tire full suspension electric mountain bike will better suit your needs.

Keep Pace With Your Friends

Do you have very athletic friends? Your casual morning rides probably usually turn into a spontaneous bike race. The fastest riders among your friends lead the pack while you struggle to keep up with them. As such, it's easy to feel left out and alienated from the rest of your group. If you enjoy cycling as a form of social activity, this is a big no-no.

With their pedal-assist feature, electric mountain bikes can help you keep abreast with your cycling buddies. You can even go full electric if your legs give out on you. In either case, you wouldn't feel like an ugly duckling at the far end of the group. If your family rides together, even the slowest one wouldn't have to struggle to keep up with the rest.

Help You Explore Further

Do you enjoy exploring the great outdoors? As you may have realized from cycling on a traditional bike, you can only go so far as your legs can bring you. Once your legs give out, you would have to take a break or call it a day and go home. But what if you can give your legs a break? You can extend your mileage if you let an electric motor take you to faraway places.

What distinguishes electric mountain bikes from regular mountain bikes is an electric motor. Powered by a battery, usually a lithium-ion battery pack, the electric motor propels the entire bicycle forward. Instead of giving your legs out, you can let the electric motor and the bike's battery life take you further, thus extending the range of your bike.

Commute With Less Sweat

In countries like the Netherlands, it's common for people to take their bikes to work. Instead of taking the bus, crammed together with other people, you can skip this unpleasant ordeal altogether by biking to work instead. However, in sunny weather and hot climates, you will sweat tremendously. You wouldn't want to smell in the office, would you?

You can take your e-mountain bike and let it run entirely on its full battery capacity as you do on electric scooters. All that is left for you to do is to twist the throttle until it reaches your desired speed. It's like riding a gasoline-powered motorcycle without causing noise and smoke pollution. Plus, you wouldn’t have trouble parking it.

Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Did you know that cycling can help end an unseen epidemic? More people than ever have reported being depressed or mentally unwell. More people are seeking remedies for their mental health problems. Fortunately, physical activity can be a godsend, drastically improving your mental health. That's why mental health professionals recommend regular physical exercise!

Cycling regularly can do wonders for your mental well-being. If you have ever struggled with anxiety, depression, and overwhelming stress, you may try stepping on the pedal before seeking medical solutions. Lifestyle changes, coupled with frequent cycling on your e mountain bike, will positively change your mindset and overall mental wellness.

Final Thoughts

If you have been thinking about buying an e-mountain bike, there is no better time than now! Not only is it green, but it's also good for both your physical and mental health. Mountain biking regularly can tone down your anxiety while also developing your leg muscles. The best electric mountain bike consists of a good combination of geometry, comfort, power, and durability.

Are you thinking about how you can make your electric-powered rides more exciting? Check out our Gear and Accessories section for bike-related product reviews!

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