Substitutes for Mototec 36V Electric Dirt Bike 1000W That Adults Can Use

February 28, 2022
mototec 36v electric dirt bike 1000w

Buying a bike for your kid is like buying yourself that bike, too. Just imagining your kid gleefully playing with the bike you bought them just makes you want to jump in and ride it, too.

In most cases, you'll stumble upon the Mototec 36V Pro Electric or its sibling, the Mototec 24V electric dirt bike while you're window shopping online. These are the perfect bikes that are small enough for your thirteen-year-old but big enough for you to take out on a spin. But, unfortunately, they’re currently unavailable.

We're here to help curb that disappointment with related products from Mototec that you can purchase as a substitute for Pro Electric. Here are great rides that you and your kid can have fun with.

Switching to Mototec Electric Scooter: Knockout

Price: $2,180

First on the list of Mototec e-bikes is the Knockout mobility scooter. A full electric powered bike that looks like a moped that you or your teenager can enjoy riding. With a top speed of 25mph, it may as well be considered a class 4 e-bike. It looks classy and gives the traction and motor power you need for a fun ride.

Quick Features:

Lithium-ion battery - This lithium battery can take you as far as 60 miles on a full charge. There are two 60v batteries, each having 18ah with a charging cycle of 6 - 10 hours.

25 mph top speed - Regular electric bikes and scooters average 15 - 20mph. Knockout gives you an extra five mph so that you can enjoy faster commutes.

2000W rear hub motor - The powerful motor gives out almost three horsepower and can be accelerated using a throttle variable twist grip.

Steel frame - The body of this Mototec bike is made of high-tensile steel that's light yet sturdy. Perfect for the smooth yet fast riding experience.

Other Specs:

  • Key operated
  • 450 pounds rider capacity
  • Front and rear shock suspension
  • Hydraulic front and rear disc brake system
  • 75 x 15 x 46 inches scooter dimensions
  • 18 x 9.5 inches pneumatic tires


  • Awesome light range. The headlight of the Knockout beams like a spotlight. It's also designed to look similar to a motorcycle light which adds to the whole moped-style that Knockout is going for. The headlight will definitely let you see and be seen despite the black-colored frame.
  • The throttle response and the acceleration are excellent. The Knockout can go from full stop to its average speed with just a slight handle twist. This will help you get through intersections and climb steep inclines.


  • The speed may be a letdown. A 2000W motor plateaus at around 18mph, yet the top speed says it can go as much as 25mph. It's possible to reach the top speed limit, but you'll have to make the bike motor and the lithium battery do the work.

Have Fun with Mototec Mini Bike: Drifter

Price: $719

Riding an electric-powered bike is always fun. But if you want a stylish, adrenaline-pumping ride while you cruise, get the Drifter. This go-kart type bike will let you slide its rear wheel as you turn a corner or do a double back. It can also ride like a normal cart that you can take out for a cruise.

Quick Features:

Drift wheels - This mini electric bike is fitted with 10.45 x 5.27 centimeter rear wheels. The rubber tires can be fitted with plastic covers so you can drift the e-bike easily.

12aH battery - The Drifter has a rechargeable battery that can go a distance of up to 20 miles on a full charge and an average speed. The charge time is up to 8 hours.

500W front hub motor - The 48-volt motor yields a 22mph top speed and is installed on the front wheel to enable a more nimble rear end, allowing you to slide and drift as you accelerate.

Lowered frame - This unique Mototec electric bike has a lowered tubular frame with a tri-wheel setup. It looks like a hybrid cruiser bike and go-kart. Either way, the combination makes it fun.

Other Specs:

  • Key-operated
  • 240 pounds maximum weight
  • Up to 300 battery charge cycles
  • Wide saddle 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front wheel diameter at 70/90 - 14.78 cm


  • It can be used by kids and adults alike. You'll think that kids can only ride such a bike, but the weight capacity and the scale of the bike's frame make it rideable for adults as well. Drifting a bike is more fun when you can also do it!
  • Impressive frame strength. The tubular frame is very thick and can hold up well. You don't have to worry about the body sagging and hitting the ground as you throttle and drift. The bike's frame maintains its minimum ground clearance.


  • You can only ride it on flat and smooth surfaces. The Drifter's weakness is rough terrain due to its lowered body and plastic rear wheels. If you're planning to take this out on a spin on gravel or dirt, you'll have to reconsider. Best stick to the fun of the smooth pavements.

Full-On Adult with the Mototec Dirt Bike X3

Price: $1,393

Going gas-powered is a viable alternative if you're looking for a more powerful motorbike. The Mototec X3 offers that. It's a dirt bike that packs a good travel range and is easy to ride.

The X3 can also withstand different weather conditions. You can ride it on dirt and mud as well as rain, and it will still be capable of peak performance. Most importantly, this bike can be used as a transition tool for your teenage kid, but still mainly an adult bike.

Quick Features:

Push start - Firing up the engine of this dirt bike is easier compared to the traditional kickstart motorcycle. Just press and hold a button beside one of the handle grips, and you'll be set.

4.5-liter fuel tank - The fuel capacity of this dirt bike can get you 80 miles of distance at an average speed. On the other hand, going full throttle will give you 10 - 20 miles.

Full auto - This four-stroke, 125cc dirt bike operates without a clutch when switching gears. This allows you to focus on managing your acceleration and turn.

Chromalloy frame - The thinner profile of the frame material helps with the dirt bike's aerodynamics while keeping it grounded and stable with its heavier weight.

Other Specs:

  • Single-cylinder motor
  • Engine power at 8.3HP
  • Torque at 6.63 ft-lb 
  • The wheelbase at 47.24 inches 
  • Hydraulic single-coil rear suspension with 54 mm travel
  • 17-inch front tire
  • 13-inch rear tire


  • The range is outstanding. Going 80 miles maximum distance on a full tank is a real money-saver. You can use this bike for days or even weeks before refilling the gas tank.
  • Easy to use. Dirt bikes are meant to be ridden to the extreme. What we love about the Mototec X3 build is that it's less complicated with the removal of the kick start and the clutch. You'll maximize your pit runs with this dirt bike.


  • This bike would've been better if it ran on batteries. The noise coming from the engine can be loud, and the smoke it produces can be a nuisance. If there's an electric powered bike alternative for X3, then we'll definitely bite. Otherwise, this is a good substitute for Mototec electric dirt motorcycles.

The Perfect Alternative to 36V Mototec Electric Dirt Bike: Warrior

Price: $499

If you're really looking for a bike that is similar to the Mototec 36V Pro Electric, it's going to be the Mototec Warrior. This gas-powered pit bike is around the same size as your beloved Pro Electric and is half the price.

Quick Features:

Pull start - You can start the Warrior's engine by pulling a cord. This is easier than doing an engine kickstart and is more effective.

1.1-liter unleaded tank - This fuel-powered pit bike has a range of 10 miles—great for your short trips or riding around the block.

Automatic transmission - This 52cc, 2-stroke engine is accelerated by just twisting the throttle. The gears automatically shift to a higher speed.

Aluminum frame - The material is lightweight yet durable. It's also corrosion-resistant. You can ride this bike on wet roads or muddy terrains, and it will remain in peak condition.

Other Specs:

  • Top speed 15mph
  • Max rider weight 150lbs
  • Disc brake system
  • Wheel size at 15 inches
  • Tire width at 2.5 inches
  • The wheelbase at 34 inches
  • Ground clearance at 9 inches


  • For kids and adults alike. This pit bike is designed for kids 13 and up, but the bike height is tall enough that even an adult can ride this thing. There's a 9-inch ground clearance that leaves plenty of room to support an adult's weight without sagging.


  • This bike can be better if it has more fuel capacity. If you're an adult who wants to take this for a spin, you'll need a lot more fuel to do it successfully. Ten miles is a bit short for a leisurely stroll or a daily errand run.

Warrior: Your Mototec 36V Electric Dirt Bike 1000W Substitute

We're choosing the Mototec Warrior amongst other Mototec bike products because it's the one that comes closest to the 36V Pro Electric

The Pro Electric is a bike that's meant to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. It's a bonding tool for you and your child. In terms of specifications, motor design, and look, the Warrior nailed it as the perfect bike substitute.

Electric bikes, motorcycles, and mountain bikes are fun-generating vehicles for all ages. If you want to check out more reviews and buying guides, simply navigate through our website

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