New Kids on the Road: Remove That Cycling Fever With the Mototec 24v Electric Dirt Bike

March 18, 2022
mototec 24v electric dirt bike

If you're the parent of a young child, chances are you've been through the cycle fever stage. You know, when your kid is suddenly obsessed with bikes and won't stop talking about them. It can be adorable or extremely annoying. 

Either way, if you're looking for a way to remove that cycle fever, we've got just the thing—introducing the Mototec 24v Gazella Electric Dirt Bike. 

This bad boy is sure to get your kid's attention and take their mind off those pesky two-wheelers. But, trust us, once they get a taste of motocross action, they'll never go back to riding around the block. 

Everything You Should Know About Mototec Electric Dirt Bike 24v

Mototec Electric Dirt Bike 24v

Do you like the thrill of speeding through trails on a dirt bike? Now imagine doing it without all the noise or fumes. Then you're looking for the MotoTec 24v 500w Gazella Electric Dirt Bike—definitely the perfect electric bike for kids who are just starting their adventures.

To further understand what's exceptional with this dirt bike, let's have an in-depth look at its features, parts, and uses.

Electric Dirt Bike Specifications:

Motor: With a powerful 500-watt motor and 24-volt battery system, Mototec 24v kids electric dirt bike can handle even the roughest terrain.

Battery: Mototec electric dirt bike 24v can hold up to two 12ah batteries (giving you a total of 24 volts), making it perfect for off-road adventures. 

Speed: There are three-speed settings to choose from—5 mph, 10 mph, and 16 mph so that you can find the perfect level of excitement.

Weight Capacity: Whether you're looking to cruise around the neighborhood or hit the trails, the Mototec 24v Electric Dirt Bike has got you covered with its maximum weight of 150 lbs—good for ages 8+ and up.

Frame/Rims: Mototec electric-powered bike is made of alloy wheels and a steel frame that helps the bike last in any adventure your kids are in.

Brakes: This electric dirt bike 500w comes equipped with front and rear disc aluminum brakes for safe stopping power, giving you the confidence to let your kids ride this bike at high speeds.

Charging Time: The battery charges from 4-6 hours so that you can be back on the road in no time.

Advantages of Gazella Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

Some parents may be hesitant to buy their kids an electric dirt bike because they don't know much about them or how they work. 

That's why we are giving you a rundown on electric dirt bikes for kids so that you can make an informed decision on whether Gazella dirt bikes are worth a close look.


The Gazella Electric Dirt Bike is the perfect bike for anyone who loves to ride and wants to help protect the environment. It has zero emission, which means it doesn't produce any harmful gas that can pollute the air. 

Easy to Handle

Mototec electric dirt bikes are also great for your kids because they will help them get fresh air and exercise. Beginner riders can enjoy this cycling practice without hassle with its lightweight and easy-to-handle feature.

Can Take a Beating

To parents who are most worried about their child taking a bike adventure, you don't have to! This electric dirt bike from Mototec has a durable construction and provides plenty of power without being too fast—making it safe and fun for everyone. 

Battery Last for Ages

The Mototec 24V Gazella Electric Dirt Bike is also known for its batteries’ long lifespan. For most kids, it's great news since it only means more time spent riding and less time waiting around for recharges. As parents, we love to see our little ones zipping around and have backyard fun in no time.

No Oil Expenses

You can say goodbye to gas stations and expensive oil changes since the Mototec 24V electric dirt bike is made of electric. In that case, your kid can get around town or ride the whole day without hesitation.


Mototec makes some great electric dirt bikes for kids, but there are a few drawbacks from customers that you should be aware of before you buy one. 


Electric dirt bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason–they're a lot of fun! But they can also be expensive, so you need to have some money to spend.

Not for All Ages

As mentioned before, it's important to check if the weight of your kid will match the maximum capacity of this electric dirt bike. It's something that parents shouldn't ignore since it might cause accidents.

Quality Control Issues

There have been issues with the quality control of Mototec bikes, and several parents have had to take them back to the store. So before purchasing, check the bike to see if it's working properly.

Slow in Speed

The Mototec 24v Electric Dirt Bike is perfect for those who want to enjoy the experience without going full throttle. This e-bike has a maximum speed of only 15 miles per hour, making it ideal for kids, beginners, or anyone who wants to take things slow. But if you want something faster, this may not be the best electric dirt bike for you.

Prone to Skidding

This electric dirt bike can also be prone to skidding, especially on wet surfaces. That’s why for parents, we highly suggest watching your kids while they’re riding it. It would also be best to prevent your kids from riding this bike, particularly when it is raining.

Make Your Childhood Dream Come True

ATV rider rides on the dirt

Dirt biking is a fantastic hobby for riders of all ages, but it can be especially enjoyable for kids. Not only does dirt biking provide a fun and challenging pastime, but it can also teach kids important life lessons and skills that they can apply to their lives—from teamwork to perseverance to building confidence and coordination skills.

So remove that cycling fever and let your little ones experience the thrill of riding their very own dirt bike. 

If you're still worried about your kids starting their cycling journey, we have a selection of bike reviews for riders of all ages and skill levels. We love to bring on the next generation of cyclists!

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