The Mongoose Excursion Mountain Bike And Cycling Tips For Beginner Mountain Bikers

August 26, 2021
mongoose excursion mountain bike

Smooth roads often create the best rides. They’re the path to pick when biking to work, biking to get around town, or simply biking for the fun of it all. But just like activities done over and over again, you’ll reach a point when you know you need to step out of your comfort zone and explore new paths.

If you are at this stage of your biking journey, switching from smooth roads to rougher terrains is the right decision, but make sure that you are ready! “Rough” is an understatement to describe the rugged trail rides you will partake in, so check out these biking tips for beginners and the bicycle that should accompany you along the way.

Tips For Beginner Rough Road Mountain Bikers

On a smooth asphalt road, there are considerations to remember. Still, when you drive on terrains with slopes and paths naturally created by nature, many details come as a surprise. Take note of these tips for cycling tough trails.

Pick the right bike.

Check out what material a bike frame is made of, and go for those made of steel for durability and strength. The bike should have front suspension to reduce bumps and pressure from the ride, and strong front and rear brakes that you can trigger even when applying gentle pressure. Finally, pick a bike that matches your height.

Choose an exciting trail.

After setting up your bike and wearing proper biking safety attire, here’s the exciting part— browsing through all the exciting trails that await you! Here are some of the most-loved paths by adventure seekers:

  • Bike parks
  • Singletracks
  • Downhill
  • Cross-country

You can choose to drive in any weather, from a bright and sunny day to a snowy one. Grassy and muddy roads are also courses to look forward to. Going through different terrains will widen your experience making you wiser in making decisions whether to brave or halt on rough roads.

Traverse adventures prepared.

No matter how the trail looks, keep in mind that they are still not 100% safe. Any bumps may cause you to stumble, especially during your first few rides. With this, traverse the paths prepared with bike repairing tools if ever you meet an accident. It also doesn’t hurt to be overprepared, even for a quick ride: it is better to have a pack of food and enough water to sustain you for unexpected road challenges.

Know when to slow down and stop.

If you are a first-timer in mountain biking, you must see everything as fast-paced, but this is not always the case. If the paths are smooth, you can drive fast and keep the momentum up and constant. But for sharp curves, icy, muddy, and stony roads, slowing down is the way to go. If you cut the speed, you’ll have more time to inspect the road ahead and decide whether you’ll bike or take a walk.

mongoose mountain bike

Mongoose Excursion Mountain Bike And More Bike Choices

Ready to go on an adventure and finally achieve the shift from smooth roads to bumpy ones? Here are the bikes for you!

Mongoose Men’s 29-Inch Mountain Bike

Men’s bikes usually have a height of 29 inches, but the best way to know the inseam length and bike frame size for you is to know your height. If your height is around 5’6” to 5’9”, you can give the Mongoose Men's Bike, or similar bikes, a try.

The marvelous thing about a Mongoose Mountain Bike is that it’s designed for adventure; it has a front suspension, 21-speed twist shifter, front and rear brakes, knobby tires, and steel mountain bike frame. Your strong desire to explore will be as strong as your robust bike.

Mongoose Women’s 24-Inch Mountain Bike

Bikes sized 24 inches are usually recommended for women. Yet, in the same way as you do with a men’s bike, ensure the bike is right for you. Check the sizing chart, which measures your height against the size of the bike.

The Mongoose Mountain Bike (24-inch model) is an excellent choice for starters because it has a steel frame, a front suspension fork, 21-speed twist shifters, and front and rear brakes. If you are looking for other styles and brands, pick bicycles that are durable and have proper suspension for smoother, less tiring rides despite the bumps.

Final Thoughts

You are now prepared with the knowledge as to how you can go through more difficult biking paths. Put this knowledge into action and decide which bike you’ll take along with you in this liberating journey. Whether you go with Mongoose bikes or bikes from other brands, remember that you also need to upgrade from road bikes to bicycles designed for the mountains for your safety.

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