Modern Cafe Bike: The Super 73 Electric Bike - RX Model

August 11, 2021
Super73 RX Model

Electric bikes are fast becoming a trend. Companies like Super 73 that manufacture electric bikes are becoming increasingly effective in building powerful yet stylish electric bikes that would rival their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Gone are the days when we see a huge disparity between E-bike users and those who ride gasoline-gurgling, loud-throttling big bikes. The Super 73 and their RX model series are willing to give you the best of both worlds.

Let's look at the significant parts of this new RX model and see what it has to offer.

Overall Bike Style

It's exciting to see the cafe racer bikes of the 50s getting stripped-down to bare essentials and then combined with certain components of a bike such as the crank, pedal, and derailleur. The part that makes this bike look like a stylish cafe racer is the gasoline tank-shaped battery.

The colorway is also not overpowering. It just gives off an irresistible amount of cool and warm hues, making it look badass. You can choose a variety of predominantly cool rhino gray or warm carmine red paint jobs on the frame, depending on your preference.

Overall, it's mindblowing how the Super 73’s RX model reframes an electric bike to an adventurous angle.

The Tires

First glance at the Super 73 RX tires, and you'll know it can handle any terrain you put it on. The R-Series BDGR tire is 5 inches wide with a 20-inch diameter. The tread pattern is also uncommon as it is a proprietary Super 73 design. The tread is good enough to give you traction for riding on concrete and can even handle steep inclines and stairs (if you're that adventurous), but if you're looking to get extreme off-road action, you need to downgrade your expectations to off-road dirt, beach sand, and light trail biking.

The Suspension

The Super 73 RX series is the first electric bike model from the company with a front and rear suspension. In addition, it boasts an inverted coil spring that you can adjust with the turn switch on the right side of the bike's head tube. This allows you to shorten or lengthen the coil springs depending on your preferred preload, compression, and rebound settings. 

 The Battery

The battery box's design is one of the interesting ones we've seen so far because it looks like a motorcycle gas tank. And this design is what is integral to any motorcycle's characteristics. The batter has a 960 watt-hour battery that can run at 40 miles in an hour at a constant speed of 20mph. If you use the pedal assist, you can go as far as 75 miles.

The Frame

The frame is lightweight and made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Interestingly, they made the inner frame spacious by putting the battery on top of the bike frame leaving plenty of room for possibilities. In addition, you can accessorize the inner part of the frame because there are holes where you can attach your bespoke leather bags or custom hard boxes. For someone who likes to travel long distances riding two wheels, this design aspect is crucial.

The Motor

The good thing about the motor placement on the Super 73 RX series is that it's subtle and doesn't occupy space. The motor is positioned on the rear wheel, where the gear cassette contributes to the efficiency of the Super 73 Electric Bike speed. This motor positioning is practical as it is near the electric bike's gear and chain, giving it more direct access. The Super 73’s RX electric bike top speed with no pedaling can run up to 32 miles per hour on a 2,000 watts power at the peak.

The Lights

The Roxim front LED headlight is small and lightweight but shines a good amount of light. For a small led light with 600 lumens, this light is good enough for you to see and be seen. The tail light is also from Roxim with a rear brake integration. These Roxim lights are appropriate for Pedelecs like the Super 73 RX model and are built for assisted pedal bikes.

What Needs Work On The Super 73 Electric Bike Model

The Super 73 RX model is shaping up to become hailed as a modern cafe bike. With several tweaks, the Super 73 can make this bike rival its motorcycle counterpart. If there's going to be an iteration, these things are worth considering:

  • The headlight design looks like that of a motocross bike. It would've been better if the makers designed the headlight consistent with the cafe racer design to build a solid identity instead of putting elements from two different bikes.
  • You could position the front fender near the front wheel like a mudguard. They did this with other Super 73 models and should be retained. This brings some concern about whether this new fender positioning can prevent any dirt splashes when riding this thing on a slippery and wet road or dirt.
  • There's no mention of a suitable locking mechanism. We’re talking wheel looks. With a bike this beautiful, it’s only right to worry about it being stolen from under your nose even if you park it in the safest neighborhoods.

Verdict of the Electric Bike Review: Super 73 RX is Worth Having

The Super 73 company has gone a long way and has improved many terms of design and functionality. The bike is lightweight, and the frame's material has a lot to do with it. In addition, there are suspension adjustments and essential controls on the bike's handlebar and headset and a spacious inside frame for storage.

On the other hand, it's bulky, and you might need a garage where you can park this baby. The bike's style is eye candy if you're willing to look past the minor identity crisis between a cafe racer and a dirt bike. Still, if you enjoy the bike-style crossover, you'll froth over this pedelec.

Overall, it is an excellent pedelec bike to have if you're looking to stroll around the big city and look incredibly cool with a modernized, 50s inspired cafe bike.

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