Coursing Through the Adventurous Trail with Men's Bike Helmet

November 26, 2021
mens bike helmet or men's bike helmet

We all want to go out every once in a while to get a breath of fresh air. And what better way is there for any bike enthusiast than cycling?

When cycling through the adventurous trails of your dreams, it’s important for any mountain biker to be well protected. Furthermore, cyclists must use protective gear and cycling accessories like bicycle helmets whenever they go out for a ride.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using a men's bike helmet and how it can help you in many ways!

What Is a Bicycle Helmet and Why Is It Necessary?

Cycling is one of the most engaging sports and hobbies any individual would get into. Many find biking as something worth your time and effort because of the convenience and health benefits that come with it

A cycling helmet is a protective gear worn on the head to protect the skull from any injury in the event of a cycling accident. By wearing a helmet, you are not only protecting yourself but also other cycling enthusiasts by preventing them from getting involved in any incident while biking on the road.

Types of Cycling Helmets

Before looking into the materials a cycling helmet is made of, it would be best to understand the difference between them. 

There are three types of cycling helmets: hard shell, soft shell, and no-shell cycling helmets.

The type of cycling helmet you use varies depending on the cycling activities you want to delve into. For example, a hardshell cycling helmet protects your head against direct impacts as well as minor impacts, such as low-speed falls and cycling accidents. 

Meanwhile, a softshell cycling helmet is less protective than a hard shell cycling helmet but offers better ventilation and lighter weights for those who cycle often. This makes it a good option if you commute using your bike to work or school. 

Finally, no-shell cycling helmets offer only basic protection. Therefore, these men's helmets shouldn't be used for high-impact activities like mountain biking, competitive cycling events, or if you go biking almost every day.

What Is a Bike Helmet Made Out Of?

Manufacturers of mountain bike helmets all across the world see to it that they make cost-effective and reliable protective gears for bikers. Thus, they carefully choose the materials to ensure the rider's safety and convenience at the same time!

The materials found in a cycling helmet are usually made of EPS foam, polycarbonate plastic, or fiberglass.

EPS foam, also known as expanded polystyrene, is one of the most common materials used by cycling helmet manufacturers. This material absorbs more shock than other types of plastic and offers excellent protection for your head when biking.

Cycling helmets with exterior shells are either Polycarbonate or ABS plastic, which gives high-end support and head protection in any event of fatal crashes and other incidents. 

The interior padding of cycling helmets is mostly made up of expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material and may include a chin strap made of nylon or polyester. Furthermore, cycling helmets are also adjustable, making them more comfortable to wear and ensuring the perfect fit for any cycling activity you engage in. 

These durable materials are also found on other cycling accessories like bicycle gloves and protective gears for the elbows and knees!

Benefits of Using a Men's Bike Helmet

By using a men's cycling helmet, you are taking cycling safety to the next level. The benefits of using men's cycling helmets include:

Impact Protection From Biking Incidents

You can protect your head and neck against any cycling accident with the high-impact absorption features of men's helmets. It also helps prevent injuries in low-speed falls and cycling incidents by absorbing shock effectively.

Besides that, wearing men's dirt bike helmets protects you from the rough jumps when participating in dirt bike events and activities. These bike helmets are specifically designed to withstand the impact and force that you experience as the rider, securing your head from various injuries.

By definition, a dirt bike helmet is a type of motorcycle helmet made specifically for dirt bikes or motocross. A dirt bike helmet covers the front and back of the head, while a motocross helmet only covers the front part of the head. There are not many differences between these helmets, other than the shape and cut.

Ensured Comfort Throughout Your Ride

Wearing cycling helmets with proper fit and comfort is as important as wearing cycling shoes. 

By choosing the best cycling helmet, you can ensure that it will not put pressure on your head or ears, causing pain throughout your ride. It should also be lightweight to prevent neck strains and other discomforts. So, the next time you go out with your road bike, wear this comfortable protective gear everywhere you go!

Better Visibility on the Road

Cycling helmets come in various attractive and captivating colors, patterns, and designs that will make you look stylish while cycling! Furthermore, with the increase in cycling activity, wearing cycling accessories like bicycle gloves is also gaining popularity because they can protect your hands against sun exposure and road burns. 

At the same time, they provide visual patterns that help you stay more visible on the road. Wearing cycling helmets with proper fit and comfort is as important as wearing cycling shoes.

Setting a Good Example to Fellow Bikers Around You

Many people want to engage in a fun and exciting hobby to get rid of their sedentary lifestyle. And biking is among the most popular hobbies and sports worldwide today. Wearing a cycling helmet is one of the best ways to show a good example to other bikers.

By wearing a bicycle helmet, especially those with a little more style, you inspire others to get one for themselves. This way, you will be helping them improve both their physical and mental health, knowing that they're well-protected from various head injuries and that they're enjoying their ride because of their stylish headgear.

At the end of it all, cycling truly is a great way to unleash your freedom and course through each of your cycling terrains. So, give yourself the best support and protection while you continue to do what you love!

What Makes a Good Bike Helmet?

With the growing popularity of cycling, so has the bike helmet industry. That fact alone makes it difficult for you to choose the best bike helmet, given the wide range of selections presented to you online and in local stores.

The question is, how do you know if the bike helmet you've had your eyes on is worth investing in and fitting to your biking preferences? We've prepared this list for you to determine if that helmet is what you should go for!

There are a few different things you should consider before buying your cycling helmet, including: 

Comfort and Weight 

Cycling helmets are made from various materials, and weight can affect cycling performance. The cycling helmet should also be the correct size to fit over your head comfortably. So, it shouldn't sit too high up on your head or too low down on your forehead.

Otherwise, cycling might become so dragging for you, and you may end up not engaging in this beneficial form of exercise.


One of the most common cycling injuries is head injury. That’s why it's crucial to purchase one that's properly fitted for your head, or else it may move around on your head and offer inadequate protection. Moreover, men's cycling helmets must have a more snug fit than women's cycling helmets, as they're typically lower profile. 

Many bike helmet companies also have different weight ranges for their cycling helmets by adjusting the size of the padding on the inside lining, which will make it more effective in protecting against certain weights and fatal impacts.


Cycling helmets are designed to offer the cyclist superior protection while still staying cool. Furthermore, a cycling helmet has a low-profile design, allowing air to flow more easily, thus keeping you cool and comfortable on your cycling trip.

Many new cycling helmet designs also offer an improved ventilation system that provides maximum airflow through the helmet, promoting comfort and convenience throughout your biking ventures.

Style and Price

If you are cycling with friends, you will want to coordinate with your cycling outfit to stay in the same loop and increase the safety of the group bikers.

Wearing a cycling helmet with style will enhance your cycling experience by becoming an inspiration to other riders on the road. Additionally, you'll also be leaving an impression as you pass people by, seeing you ride in style!

In terms of price, there is a wide range of cycling helmets that come in various colors, materials, and designs, so you can freely choose one that fits your budget and cycling needs.

Conclusively, wearing a biking helmet offers more advantages than one. And if you thought that biking carefree and not wearing any protective gear gives you nothing to worry about, you might have to think twice! Even professional cyclists need to wear protective cycling gear to ensure their safety and comfort with every ride.

Try These 3 Best Men's Bike Helmet

With the wide variety of bike helmets, we've prepared a quick suggestion with our top picks for you!

  • Troy Lee Designs Helmet
  • Kali Protectives
  • Giro Aether Spherical Helmet

Final Thoughts

When you're out on the open roads, it's important to be properly protected. A bike helmet is a must-have for any cyclist. It's also crucial that you choose the best bike helmet for your convenience.

We hope that this post helped you find a helmet that will keep both your head and wallet safe without breaking either one in the process. So get out there and enjoy some fresh air with your new safety gear to protect yourself from any unseen dangers on the road!

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