Make Your Commute Easier With a Folding Electric Bicycle

August 1, 2022
folding electric bicycle

There are several different ways to commute. You can walk, use public transit, or ride an electric bicycle. The last option is a great choice for those who want to save money while avoiding traffic and getting healthier at the same time. 

There are many reasons someone might not want to choose this option, though. Whether it's because they don't have enough space on the train or bus or worry about leaving their bikes outside all day long in an unsafe area, plenty of people would rather opt for something else. 

That's why Cycle Buddy is here! If you're considering biking but don't want the downsides that come with typical bikes, here's something you should know: folding electric bikes are perfect for commuters like you!

Reasons Why Folding Bikes Are Perfect for Commuters

A folding electric bike can make your commute easier.

Don't let the motor taunt you! A folding electric bike is easy to ride, transport, and store. The folding mechanism allows the bike to be put away in a compact space when not in use. Most people will be able to find space for their e-bikes in small apartments and dorm rooms. 

If you live in an apartment or condo building, storing your e-bike inside is always an option—just ask if there's any extra storage available! This makes it easy for building managers or landlords to accommodate those who own these bikes by providing space for them at no additional cost.

E-bikes are also easy to transport because they have small footprints compared with traditional bicycles. This means less time spent loading up cargo into vans or taxis when you need something from home before setting off on your journey. They're also quite light, so carrying them upstairs or placing them into cars won't be too much trouble at all!

Finally, being able to fold up an e-bike means that riders can take advantage of paths where cycling isn't allowed but walking certainly is. This can be on sidewalks along busy roads where high speeds might otherwise pose a risk factor.

You can easily stow away a folding electric bike when you don't need it.

It's no secret that electric bikes are great for commuting. They're faster than traditional bikes and can be used in the rain, snow, and even on muddy trails. But what if you live somewhere where there are no hills but still want the benefits of an electric bike? A folding electric bike is your answer.

When it comes to folding options, there are two main types: 

  1. Step-through bikes
  2. Step-over bikes

Step-through bikes provide the most upright position while riding, making them the easiest kind to mount and dismount for riders. These bicycles are appropriate for short journeys or commuting to and from work. Additionally, they give comfort and style on every ride. 

In contrast, step-over bikes aren't recognized for their relaxed, cruising rides. Most step-over bikes, especially ones that are traditional, are created with materials that are light. This ensures that their frame delivers strong and speedy performance. 

Additionally, this helps the rider exert less energy while cycling. They can be found on city and road, mountain, high-end racing, and hybrid bikes. Riders benefit from increased pedal power and a more stable ride. 

You can take the folding electric bike on public transport.

A red and grey train with a bicycle sign and the International Symbol of Access on its door

File name: The designation of the car for transportation of bicycles.jpg

Alt tag: A red and grey train with a bicycle sign and the International Symbol of Access on its door

Here are some examples of when you can and can't take your folding electric bike on public transit:

  • You can take your folding electric bike on any bus as long as there are no restrictions in place for bikes.
  • You can take your folding electric bike on a train if it fits within a specific size limit (usually 4 feet long by 2 feet wide). 

A quick note: Many trains have special luggage compartments where you can store the folded-up bicycle until you reach your destination. However, if there isn't enough space for the folded-up e-bike or if there aren't any storage options available, it might not be possible for you to bring one on board at all times during regular hours of operation. 

However, it is still best to speak with personnel on matters like this!

A folding electric bike requires little storage space and is lightweight.

A folding electric bicycle requires very little space for storage. It can be stored in a closet or under a bed, as well as in a car trunk, bike rack, locker, and even a bag. The compact design of an electric folding bike makes it easy to store anywhere you might want it to be, out of sight or protected from weather conditions. 

On top of its flexibility to fit anywhere, it is also lightweight. A folding bike weighs about 26 pounds on average. Thus, folding electric bikes are likely to be a bit heavier. But nothing too drastic compared to regular bikes, don't worry! 

A folding electric bike is eco-friendly, easy to use, and safe.

If you're searching for the perfect commuter vehicle, look no further than the folding electric bike. In addition to being good to nature and your wallet, it's also safe and easy to store.

What distinguishes an e-bike from a traditional bicycle? The motor is powered by electricity instead of human energy, which means no pollution and less fatigue for you. Electric bikes also use rechargeable batteries instead of oil-based fuels like gasoline or diesel. 

Each electric bicycle has a battery that supports the pedal assist and other functions. Reliance on electricity helps reduce our dependence on foreign resources and creates cleaner air in crowded urban areas like Toronto or New York City!

Because they have motors that start when pedaling isn't enough to keep moving forward (like when going up hills), these bicycles are inherently safer than those without them. No more worrying about tipping over! This means you can ride confidently, knowing that if anything goes wrong while commuting around town, there won't be any injuries involved.

If you're thinking of purchasing a bike, consider an electric folding bicycle.

1. They are easy to carry and store. 

They can be folded down in seconds and stored in your car, office, or even at home. If you want to take it on public transportation with you, the handlebars fold inwards for easy carrying (and sometimes even fit under bus seats). 

2. They aren't as heavy. 

Folding electric bikes typically weigh less than most standard bicycles, so there's less strain on your body when riding them. This makes them the perfect mode of transport for those with limited strength but still want to get around efficiently. 

But the convenience doesn't stop there!

3. Riding is a breeze with a folding electric bicycle.

They being equipped with a motor makes them very easy to ride! You'll feel like you're riding an everyday bicycle when taking it out for a spin since they have similar features, such as gears and brakes, that make pedaling simple and enjoyable. 

4. Bonus: they can come with seatbelts. 

Some brands provide seatbelts per bicycle so that riders don't fall off while going up hills or other difficult terrain. It is especially important if someone is elderly or has had surgery recently.


If you've never tried a folding electric bike, we recommend giving it a try. It's an eco-friendly but fun way to go to places; you can take it wherever you go. That means no more worrying about storing your bike in your apartment or riding at night. Instead, you can simply fold your bike up when you're done with it and carry it around all day long!

Read more of our reviews for more information on the best bicycles and features to look out for. 

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