Feel Cool and Stay Cool Wearing the Best Long Sleeve Mountain Bike Jerseys

December 21, 2021
long sleeve mountain bike jersey

It's time to hop on your mountain bike and head out for some outdoor fun! As long as you're wearing a cycling jersey, that is.

Your cycling attire is more important than you might think. It's fashion and comfort that will help you stay cool in summers and warm enough in winters. A long sleeve mountain bike jersey is the perfect clothing for this.

There are many benefits to a long sleeve shirt that you won't get from a short sleeve jersey: they protect your arms from sunburns, keep the pesky little bugs away, and prevent chafing if you sweat a lot. But what makes long sleeves so great is their ability to regulate body temperature, keeping you comfortable all day long.

We've compiled a list of our favorite long-sleeve jerseys to help you stay cool and look cool when riding your mountain bike.

Shopping for Mountain Cycling Jerseys

When shopping for long sleeve bike jerseys, there are a few things to consider. You don't simply pick based on style or price; there are key factors that determine whether your purchase is right or not. Take a look at our buying considerations below.

Slim vs. Loose Fit

Some long sleeve jerseys are loose, while others are slim. Choosing what's better for you depends on your preference. If you're concerned about excess fabric disrupting airflow, you should pick tight-fitting jerseys. Meanwhile, loose-fitting jerseys are suitable for mountain bikers who want comfort and more freedom in body movement.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fabrics

Jersey fabrics are either natural or synthetic. Natural materials like wool, cotton, or Merino are resistant to odor, breathable, and keep your body heat in wet conditions. At the same time, they can be sensitive to the skin and restrictive. On the other hand, synthetic materials (nylon or polyester) are quick-wicking, more affordable, flexible, and long-lasting. However, they get smelly quickly. 

Road vs. MTB Jerseys

Road sleeve jerseys highlight form-fitting, thermal protection, aero efficiency, convenience, and visibility properties. Meanwhile, mountain bike jerseys provide thicker and solid protection from impact zones and off-road hazards (e.g., trail overgrowth), and are durable, high-wicking, and breathable. 

Vital Features

Don't settle for long sleeve jerseys with lackluster features. Many brands manufacture jerseys to make your off-road rides fun, safe, and comfortable. Some of the most important parts you should look at are the cuffs, stretch panels, ventilation, wicking, zippers, and wine stoppers. These features tighten the protection you need to avoid temperature hazards and other off-road accidents.

The Five Coolest MTB Long Sleeve Jerseys

Now that you've learned what MTB jerseys are and the factors to consider when shopping for one, it's time to check out our top five picks! 

Lixada Men's Road and Mountain Cycling Long Sleeve Jersey

Let's begin with a cycling jersey that is perfect for the cold season. The Lixada Road and Mountain Cycling Long Jersey for Men incorporate a stylish and purposeful design resistant to all rain and winter hazards.

Best Advantage: Winter Protection Technology

The Lixada Jersey stays true to its purpose: it allows you to have safe and pleasant rides in low temperatures. It features thermal, cold-resistant, and windproof properties with soft fleece lining for sufficient protection. Moreover, it has a breathable spandex fabric located at the back to transfer heat and moisture.


Technical product details you might need for your buying decision:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Colors: Black, Dark Red, Blue, and Dark Blue
  • Options: Jacket or Jacket with Pants
  • Intended Use: Outdoor and Winter Sports (e.g., cycling, hiking, motorcycling, climbing, skiing, and running)
  • Other Notable Feature(s): Large pockets with reflective strips (3 on the jacket and 2 on the pants) for security, and elastic cuffs for convenience.


Most people had trouble getting the right size, and others didn't find the thermal feature warm enough to keep them safe in cold temperatures.

Wisdom Leaves Women's MTB Jersey Long Sleeve

This MTB long sleeve jersey is a fantastic option for women who want to sport chic fashion and keep cool in rough, off-road adventures.

Best Advantage: Comfortable and Lightweight Against Rough Terrains

Don't mistake soft and gentle fabric for poor quality. The Wisdom Leaves' Women's Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey is made of high-quality polyester. As a result, it's ultra-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight against your skin. At the same time, it's sturdy enough to protect you under intense heat or cold rides. 


Technical product details you might need for your buying decision:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Colors: Black, Black Blue-Wolf, Purple, Black Blue, Black Purple, Black Rose-Red, Rose Red, Tie-Dye Mix, Taro Purple, and Blue Pink
  • Options: Jersey 
  • Intended Use: Mountain, Road, and Downhill Cycling
  • Other Notable Feature(s): User-friendly stitching design at the back for flexibility and advanced printing technology for color retention.


The jersey appears to be smaller than the size listed. It might be better to purchase one that's 2x larger than your normal size.

Fox Racing Men's Flexair MTB Long Sleeve Jersey

The next MTB jersey on our list brings your bike racing dreams to life! Take a look at Fox's Flexair MTB Long Sleeve Jersey for racing men.

Best Advantage: High-End Function and Convenience

MTB rides are tough, a reason why riders look for jerseys that make difficult trails more comfortable to ride through. In this regard, the Flexair jersey lives up to your expectations. First, it's made up of several materials secured in flatlock: polyester and Lycra on the jersey's body and polyester and spandex on the sleeves. This combination makes the jersey lightweight, breathable, and flexible.

The shoulder panels and sleeves incorporate abrasion resistance to overcome trail overgrowth. Additionally, there's a slit hem detail at the edges for mobility. Want more? UCI World Cup Downhill athletes also wear it! You can ensure a great balance between function and convenience with the Fox Flexair.


Technical product details you might need for your buying decision:

  • Material: 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra (Body) and 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex (Sleeves)
  • Available Colors: Black, Black-Gold, Black-White, Chili, Light Gray, Atomic Punch, and Black with Fine Line
  • Options: Jersey 
  • Intended Use: Mountain Biking
  • Other Notable Feature(s): No pockets for race mode safety, and a half dot print at the lower part of the garment for a"speedy" look.


It's not reliable enough in cool weather due to the lack of thermal properties.

Troy Lee Designs Men's Long Sleeve Sprint Jersey

Here's another race-ready jersey that has been a favorite for a long time. Troy Lee Designs offer the Sprint Jersey line, one of the most reliable jerseys for MTB competitions such as Enduro and Downhill (DH) racing.

Best Advantage: Ever-Evolving Features

TLD's Long Sleeve MTB Sprint Jersey's core strength is a continuous revision of features to give the rider a more enhanced off-road experience every year. Here are the latest enhancements so far.

  • Jersey: The shirt is made of lightweight polyester material with quick-dry properties. It's constructed in a drop-tail style (the back garment is longer than the front) to ensure it tucks in firmly. Additionally, it's Bluesign approved, which means the materials used are safe and environmentally-friendly.
  • Sleeves: The full-length sleeves are designed à la SE-PRO jersey style for maximum mobility and comfort. They also incorporate stretch-side triangular cuff panels for sleeve stability.
  • The articulation points on the shoulder area are also continuously revised, and the design variations increase.


Technical product details you might need for your buying decision:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Colors: Solid Black, Black-White, and Blue for this design (other Sprint line jerseys are simpler)
  • Options: Jersey 
  • Intended Use: Mountain Biking/DH
  • Other Notable Feature(s): No pockets for race mode safety. Includes a 4-way flexible and moisture-wicking rear collar.


The size might be too small in the shoulder and torso areas.

CAWANFLY Men's MTB Jersey Long Sleeve

Are you looking for an affordable option with excellent quality? Look no further than the CAWANFLY Long Sleeve MTB Jersey! It comes with a range of decent to excellent features that you rarely see in jerseys priced at $19 and lower.

Best Advantage: The "Value" Shirt

We all know that mountain biking can be an expensive sport, especially if you're starting out. You need to invest in the right equipment, but you also don't want to overspend. Thanks to CAWANFLY's long-sleeve MTB cycling shirt, you no longer have to choose between quality and price. It's durable, comfortable, breathable, fashionable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying on top of the good price. 


Technical product details you might need for your buying decision:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Variations: 19 Jersey Designs
  • Options: Jersey 
  • Intended Use: Mountain Biking, Road Biking, DH, and Motorcycle Racing
  • Other Notable Feature(s): Thermal Transfer Technology to keep you warm under cool temperature and multiple size options (not based on US sizes).


Some customers find that the garment isn't very durable, and the threading has some flaws. Naturally, it doesn't have the same quality as high-end long sleeve mountain bike shirts.

Final Thoughts

Mountain biking can be tough, especially under extreme weather conditions. Hence, you need to wear the right clothing to keep yourself protected and comfortable throughout the ride.

Whether you cycle in extreme heat or cold, long-sleeve MTB jerseys are the perfect clothing for you. We've listed the best we can find based on quality and performance. So ride through all seasons wearing the best road or mountain bike jersey that makes you feel cool and look cool! 

For more mountain bike buying guides, (e.g. a Granite Peak bike review or bike roundups), browse our website to find a wide range of information.

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