Leveling Up Your Hyper 26 Shocker Men's Dual Suspension Mountain Bike (Black) to an Advanced Full-Suspension Bike: A Guide

March 7, 2022
hyper 26 shocker men's dual suspension mountain bike black

Are you looking for a bike that can catch up with extreme rides and trails? Maybe it's time to upgrade your bike into a suspension bike. Taking on mountain trails and rough roads is not easy. It requires a certain skill level, some training, and proper equipment. 

In this article, we'll talk about the best full suspension mountain bike under 3000 and how it changes the way you ride on any terrain. 

Face-Off: Hardtail Bikes Versus Full Suspension Bike 

There are two bike categories perfect for extreme rides: the hardtail and the full-suspension bike. In the biking world,  it’s easy to conclude that the one with the higher price tag is the best bike. Truth is, they both have their individual merits, and it depends on what kind of trail and ride you like to take. Aside from the bike's performance, riding comfortably on any surface is a must. 

In this case, let us learn the key difference between hardtail bikes and full suspension bikes to help you find the right choice for your biking needs. 

Hardtail Bikes 

  • Beginner-friendly bike. Hardtail bikes are the go-to starter bike for many. Even professional cyclists start with a hardtail bike. It's easier to control and pedal on. Hardtails are a great choice if you love going on cross-country rides or biking for longer periods. 
  • Faster on uphills and even surfaces. Riding hardtail bikes only requires basic mountain biking skills. Hardtails are lightweight bikes, which is why you can go at faster speeds on uphills and smooth terrains. A dual suspension bike can still perform on uphills, but it takes skill and experience to pull off. 
  • Cheaper alternative. If you are on a tight budget, hardtail bikes are your best option. These bikes start at $200. In addition, many people opt to get hardtail bikes and later on upgrade their bike parts as desired. This allows you to stretch your budget one part at a time instead of blowing it all in one purchase. Because of this, you can choose the parts you upgrade instead of buying pre-assembled parts that sometimes don't suit your skills and preference. 
  • Low maintenance. Because there are few parts on this bike, it's less likely for parts to move or loosen. That said, taking care of your mountain bike will still help make it last longer. Even if hardtails do not need much attention, it is useful to know basic bike maintenance. 

Full Suspension Bike

  • More versatile. A 24-inch full suspension mountain bike can take on any trail you want to take. Smooth surface, snowy and sandy terrains, gravel road, mountain trails; there’s no road this bike can’t conquer. That’s why full suspension bikes are the more popular choice for people who like to enter biking competitions. 
  • Faster on difficult roads. Full suspension bikes give you better traction and control on bumpy roads and large obstacles. The suspension on the bike absorbs the shock to keep steady even if the roads get tough. 
  • More comfortable ride. Full suspension bikes have two suspensions located at the front and rear. This absorbs the vibration from your ride, so it doesn't go directly to your body. As a result, it lessens the stress on your arms, legs, and back, enabling you to go on longer rides. 
  • Expensive. Full suspension bikes are expensive. Some of the more premium bikes can go over $10,000. However, if you have money to spend on high-end bikes, the full suspension will not disappoint you; everything is worth the price from the build quality and the materials used. 
dual suspension mountain bike 

How to Adjust a Full Suspension Mountain Bike?

You don't just install suspension on your bicycle for shock absorption. There is a proper configuration for every ride you will take. That's why full-suspension bikes are favored by the pros. 

But if you are leaning towards a dual suspension bike, we'll give you an overview of how suspensions work. 

Front and Rear Suspensions 

You can easily spot the front suspension system because it resembles a fork. The front suspension carries most of the rider’s weight and has a damper that absorbs the shock from bumpy rides, usually powered by air pressure or a coiled spring. 

The rear suspension is commonly found under the MTB seat on the bike's frame. Some bikers opt to forgo the rear suspension, but you will feel the difference between a rear suspension when it comes to endurance racing competitions.  

Air Pressure

Air pressure is used on suspension forks with air valves. It is also crucial to determine the correct air pressure to pump depending on the rider's bike and weight. If there is too much or insufficient air pressure, you can easily lose control of the bike and ride with less traction

Spring Preload 

For coil suspension, you can adjust the shock-absorbing power by adjusting the range of the spring. However, a spring preload only has a small range. If you want more dampening power and a longer range, you should replace the suspension with a bigger spring. 


The sag helps you determine the correct pressure for your air pressure or coil suspension. A sag ruler is found in your suspension for most bikes, so you accurately put pressure on your bikes. For more common practices on bike trails, 30% pressure is applied to downhill races, 25% for endurance races, and 15% to 20% for cross country trail rides. 

The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2000

We want to help you choose your first full-suspension bike, starting with the top 10 mountain bikes under $3000. Each one offers great value for your money and superior performance. 

  1. DIAMONDBACK Mission 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike
  2. Orbea Occam H30
  3. Scott Scale 970
  4. Santa Cruz 5010 A D
  5. Marin Rift Zone 29 2
  6. Commencal Meta TR29
  7. 26" Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men's Mountain Bike
  8. Polygon Siskiu T8
  9. Specialized Stumpjumper
  10. Kona Process 134

Final Thoughts 

Upgrade your Hyper 26 Shocker Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (Black) and feel the difference a premium full-suspension bike can bring to your rides. Cycle Buddy provides several buying guides for more bike recommendations. Check this out here.

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