It’s Never Too Late to Learn Biking with Schwinn Electric Bike

April 18, 2022
male helping woman balance a bike

Are you one of those kids who grew up not being able to learn to bike or just had no interest at all? Now you're a fully grown adult with no idea how to ride a bicycle. Don't worry! It's never too late to try and learn. Biking is not only a good alternative to gas-powered vehicles but also beneficial for your overall health. 

Don't be frustrated if you can't balance two wheels yet. In this article, we'll share some helpful tips so you can teach yourself to ride and bike. In a week, you'll be cruising around town. We'll also give you some tips on choosing the correct bike so you can have fun and make the most out of your outdoor adventure.

5 Tips to Ace Your Riding Lessons with the Schwinn Electric Bike 

Tip #1: Ask for lessons from experienced riders. 

An adult is too big for training wheels, so you are forced to start learning on a two-wheeled bike. If you don't know how to balance a bike, it's natural for you to get scared or even glide with your feet on the ground. However, if you need some support to ride, it's best to get someone to teach you to ride. 

You can ask them to hold your seat so you won't topple over. It's better to get instructions from experienced riders so you can get pointers on your posture and position for fast learning. Additionally, if you want to learn fast, make a schedule of at least an hour a day to practice balancing and riding.

Tip #2: Ensure the bike is in perfect condition and wear safety equipment.

The first thing you need is a working bike. It will also help you form a helpful habit of checking your bike before riding it out. This practice will help you prevent major accidents. Ensure your brakes are working, the wheels have the correct pressure, and all the bolts and screws on seat posts, handlebars, and other bike components are tightly screwed. 

In addition, wearing proper safety gear is a must. If you're just learning, don't pressure yourself to buy upgrades. Instead, invest in quality helmets, knee pads, tail light, and proper attire that will keep you safe and protected during the ride. Then, when you're confident in the way you ride, you can do upgrades one at a time to challenge your skills more. 

Tip #3: Choose an easy path with minimal traffic.

When you are just starting to learn, choose the easy path to ride on. Choose a flat pavement or a grassy route so that it won't cause significant injuries if you fall. If you want a little challenge in your learning process, small slopes will help you develop your stamina and control. 

You can invest in a Schwinn electric bike for adults to help you with your pedaling power on these types of terrains. And once you're ready to conquer more extreme trails, your electric mountain bike's pedal assist modes can help you ride on up hills with ease. 

Choose a place where you can practice with little distractions and no cars or people around. Control and balancing will be the hardest skill to master. You'll experience bump and fall during your first tries, so it is best no one's around so you can prevent any accident from happening.

elderly couple riding a bike together

Tip #4: Always start with the basics and learn your way up. 

Don't get overly excited and ride on a curve, do tricks, and go on high speeds. Without mastering the basics, you won't do all these properly and safely. For example, the first thing you can do if you don't know how to balance a bike is to remove the pedals. Although pedaling is a different skill to master, learning to balance by gliding your feet across the ground makes it easier for you to get the feeling of balance while the bike is moving. 

Another thing to learn is how to get on the bike. It may sound simple, but many adults have tumbled over by simply getting on. Make sure to practice your stance and position of getting on and off. Positioning your seat level at the most comfortable for your height is the best way to do it. 

Tip #5: Master pedaling, steering, and braking. 

Once you can balance, you can now move on to the necessary skills of riding your bike. Pedaling is an easy skill to master. A helpful tip for beginners is to always place the pedal of your dominant foot in a higher position so you have more control and stability when you step on it. 

When learning how to bike, you usually start on a straight road. However, you can practice steering left and right little by little, so your body knows the feeling and the position when you are already in an actual curve. Practicing steering will help your balance in sharp turns when you're out on a real ride. 

Lastly, all you need for braking is to ensure your finger can grip and brake enough to generate adequate stopping power. Then, you can practice braking by walking alongside your bike while both of your hands are on the handlebars to test your braking skills.

guy assisting her friend on a mountain bike

Why Start with Schwinn Amalgam Adult Electric Bike? 

Now that we've given you enough pointers to start your biking lesson, let's talk about the bike you should use. Of course, you'll be confused with the design, parts, and features at first. Schwinn has the best bikes in the market, and here's why you should invest in one to start your biking journey. 

  • The Schwinn bike has an aluminum body frame. It's lightweight, strong, and affordable. Other materials are expensive, starting at $3,000 on entry-level bikes. But Schwinn can give you a better performance for half the price. A good deal for beginner bikers. 
  • The Schwinn electric bikes for adults have 27.5-inch wheels installed suitable for riders between 5 to 6 feet and can carry up to 250 pounds. 
  • This bike has 7-speed gears which are excellent for endurance races, mountain biking, and cross country rides whenever you are ready to take them on. No need to upgrade and spend more. 
  • The bike comes with a 250-watt hub motor and can give you up to 20 mph of speed. The battery capacity can take up to 45 miles in one full charge. 

The Schwinn bicycle brand is an iconic brand globally because of its high-quality bike. You can also check other models of Schwinn bikes to see if they are more to your liking. 

Don't Miss Out On the Fun! 

Don't be discouraged if you're late with your biking lessons. With determination and patience, you too can enjoy the experience of cruising along around town on two wheels with your family or friends. 

We hope these tips on learning how to ride a bike help you jumpstart your riding lessons. Always remember to equip yourself with protective biking gears to protect yourself from accidents and injuries whenever you are on the road.

So go and invest in a Schwinn electric bike and have fun! For more articles on bikes, tools, and safety gears, read our buying guides

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