Be The District Eye Candy With The Kent Genesis Whirlwind Women's Mountain Bike

September 9, 2021
asian woman biker kent genesis whirlwind women’s mountain bike

Do you remember the last time you rode a bike? Are you missing the casual and peaceful rides around the neighborhood? Need a gift for a certified biking enthusiast? There are many bicycle options in the market, but you can narrow them down based on your specific needs.

The Kent Genesis Whirlwind Women's Mountain Bike will make a good candidate if it's for the biker gal on the block. In this article, find out the highlight features of the Genesis 26 Mountain Bike, including some shortcomings to be aware of.

A Review of the Kent Genesis 26-Inch Whirlwind Women's Mountain Bike

At first glance, this Whirlwind bike looks attractive enough for the biking woman. Easily imagine yourself striking the coolest biking pose and turning heads while rolling down the neighborhood streets. But here are follow-up questions you should ask yourself: is it as good as it looks? Does it perform well? Does it allow for a safe and smooth ride from start to finish?

You'll get all answers to those questions in this review, biking enthusiast! We've enumerated the best features of the Whirlwind Mountain Bike for your reference. So take a seat and focus on this quick read!

Quick Specs

 Dimensions (L/W/H) 68 × 25 × 40 in.
 Weight Limit  275 lb.
Color Options
Gray, White, Magenta
 Wheels (type and size)  Alloy, 26 in.
 Drivetrain  21-speed with Shimano rear derailleur 

Exceptionally Lightweight and Fast

One of the top qualities you'll often see mentioned in most Genesis Whirlwind Bike reviews is that it's "super lightweight." The rider can enjoy a carefree ride on steep roads thanks to its aluminum frame construction and alloy wheels. Moreover, the steering and maneuvering show the lightweight and fast properties of the bike. Customers report that it responds really quickly, so they don't experience a lack of control.

Smooth and Easy Pedaling

This Kent Genesis bike incorporates a 21-speed drivetrain, making pedaling more carefree for the biking enthusiast. A 21-speed bike is lightweight and has more gears with a good frame structure. Therefore, it's a good choice when riding on various terrains at different speeds. Moreover, it comes with a Shimano rear derailleur which is considered one of the best derailleurs today.

Perfect Construction for Stable Rides

Some places have steeper roads than usual, so you need a bike that works smoothly across the uphills and downhills. Fortunately, the WhirlWind Mountain Bike is engineered with raised handlebars, which lift your head and torso slightly away from the bike for better control and a more natural seating position. Additionally, the knobby tires give an extra solid grip on any terrain.

Easy Saddle Height Adjustments

Getting the right saddle height is important—it sets your most comfortable riding position and allows for longer bike rides. It also prevents you from injuries such as overstretching or accidental falls. The Genesis Mountain Bike has a quick-release seatpost clamp, so you can easily adjust the saddle height according to your preference. Note that this bike allows for heights around 5'2” and above.

Excellent and Easily Assembled Steering

When it comes to steering, this bike uses a threadless headset structure. Compared to a threaded steerer, this one has a larger stem and only needs common hex keys to adjust, so assembly is easier and faster. It's lighter and offers better steering for the biking enthusiast. You won't have a hard time finding a replacement for this type of bike steerer, either.

Incredible Visuals

Bikers do admire the color and overall look of this bike! Sure, it might not be as colorful as the Kent Tempest Bike, but that one's more suitable for cute little girls—this one caters to grown women. What's more, you get some color options, which is better than having only one color for everything. It's definitely a head-turner when you're casually riding around the neighborhood!


This bike seems really great and all, but don't forget to look at its limitations, too! These can be helpful when you're making a purchase decision.

  • Some find that it's not durable.
  • It can be too small for taller people.
  • Some don't like that the threadless stem isn't easily adjustable.
  • Some find that the quality of the gears isn’t very good.
  • Not an easy assembly if you're not very knowledgeable about bikes.

A Final Word

Nothing beats the experience of a refreshing, casual ride around town with a fancy bike accompanying you along the way! If you're looking for such a bike, the Kent Genesis WhirlWind Mountain Bike is an ideal candidate.

It also comes at a reasonable price, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. Considering all the shortcomings, this is still a bike worth purchasing. We look forward to your cycling stories!

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