Jupiter Electric Bike: Designed for Everyday Travel

March 10, 2022
jupiter electric bike

We commute almost every day of our lives. We go from one place to another when we work, go shopping, or run errands. The only difference for each individual is the way they get to where they're going. And for some, it can be a struggle. 

Luckily, Jupiter has designed a folding bike that fits your everyday commuting needs. So if you're one of those who struggle daily to get to where you need to be, this bike is worth a peek.

What Will Make You Want to Buy the Jupiter Electric Bike X5

Folding electric bike brands are everywhere, and every one of them has got something to offer. But the way Jupiter designed its folding bike makes it a worthy choice. It makes braking efficient, it smoothes bumpy rides, and it pushes further to give you more than its declared top speed. Here are some more details for you to chew on.

Streamlined frame design

This commuter's bike frame is close to the ground. The frame design is almost similar to the Jetson electric bike, but Jupiter folding kick bikes have a low center of gravity. This is what makes it streamlined and responsive for riding. The wheelbase is measured at 37 inches from the front to the rear wheel axle.

The Jupiter folding e-bike is made of an ultra-light magnesium frame that weighs 40 pounds but can handle as much as 265 pounds.

To compensate for the lowered frame, Jupiter has set the crossbar height to 19 inches, so it matches an average rider's reach.

Folded and secured

Jupiter's frame can be folded on the tube and on the stem. Once it's folded, it stays secure on its vulnerable points.

Most urban-inspired electric bikes can be folded the same way as Jupiter's. However, Discovery X5 has the clever addition of a rare earth magnet on both wheels' hubs. These metals click together to make sure the bike stays folded.

Another pain point is the chainring. The ring touches the ground when you fold the bike because the front wheel is folded together with the rear wheel. This can damage your drivetrain. Jupiter saw a solution by putting a small plastic roller below the chainring to keep it off the ground while enabling the folded bike to be pulled along the pavement. 

High maneuverability

The short handlebar of the Jupiter X5 makes it very responsive to turns. Surprisingly, you can still keep the handle steady despite its agile movement. You can gain a steady speed without wobbling.

Another excellent feature is the handlebar's adjustability. You can loosen the center hold from the stem and adjust the handlebar's alignment by moving it left or right.

Power at the right moment

Jupiter's rear motor hub system has a max power of 350 watts. As a result, the X5 will yield a high torque for an electric bike that will send you from 10mph to 15mph in less than ten seconds when going from pure pedal to all-out throttle.

If you want to power on-demand, Jupiter can handle that, too. It has three levels of pedal assist designed to fit your preference. You can do both pedal and throttle and push the bike's speed to beyond the 16mph top speed line by an additional 3mph.

Charge when able

The 36-Volt, 5.2 Ampere battery can be charged while inside Jupiter's bike frame and outside. You can fold the frame, remove the battery pack, and charge it with a nearby outlet at your home or office.

If you're riding your bike and the battery dies, there's a port on the bike's frame that lets you insert the charging cable and plug it into a nearby charging station or socket without having to remove the battery.

Jupiter X5's lithium-ion battery charges for 4 hours. A full battery can yield a whopping 30-mile range.

Diminished bumps

The Jupiter is one of those folding e-bikes that have a good rear shock suspension setup. But what makes it stand out above its competitors is the addition of the saddle spring. The suspension and spring work together to diminish the impact of large and small bumps on the road.

Cadence enabled drivetrain

Jupiter's drivetrain helps the cadence assistance of the Jupiter X5. When your feet push the pedal, the cadence system can pick up on the crank's rotation. This prompts the rear hub motor to respond with the force you need to propel forward effortlessly.

On the other hand, the drivetrain is a force on its own. The 170mm crank and its position on the bottom of the frame are efficient. It has sufficient legroom between your knees and the handlebar. The 48-tooth, single-gear chainring allows you to pedal smoothly without the interruption of a gear change.

The cadence and drivetrain working together bring a straightforward approach to acceleration. Eliminating the gear shifts and making the hub motor more sensitive to pedal motion gives off a feeling of getting a boost, like a double jump on a 2D game you always knew you needed.

Motor-inhibited brakes

X5 uses its proprietary CoreRide brake system. Discs are fitted on both wheels and are supported by brake levers on the handlebars' end. These brakes deliver strong stopping power on even surfaces but can also hold up when it gets rough.

What's cool about Jupiter's brake system is the motor inhibitor. As you squeeze the brake lever, the inhibitor shuts off the motor to prevent it from countering the braking force. This means you go from motion to full stop quickly. 

How the Jupiter Bike Discovery X5 Folding Electric Bike Rides

Once you hop on the Jupiter bike, you'll feel it's going to deliver a casual ride. The Jupiter delivers just enough average speed that will keep your adrenaline at bay. However, it can get you to a speed level that's exciting if you're willing to put in the legwork.

You'll get a lower body workout with Jupiter's single-speed gearing design. Going full manual on this electric bike will tire you out, so if you're up to pump those pedals and lose pounds, Jupiter will oblige. On the other hand, you'll likely use the motor assist all the time, especially in tricky incline situations. The way the bike coasts just feels so convenient you're going to want to go full throttle. If that's the case, watch out for your battery.

Small bumps feel bigger with Jupiter. That's because the rear suspension has a short travel, plus the wheel size is also small. Despite that, it still has the shock absorption power that's reinforced by the spring saddle. Overall, Jupiter won't leave you feeling worn down after a long ride.

The Jupiter Electric Bike Makes Commuting Easy

The Discovery X5 model of Jupiter is such a casual folding bike. It rides well on smooth and bumpy surfaces while keeping you comfortable. It can ride long distances while its motor assists you partially or fully. The bike also allows you to install a rear rack to carry your everyday haul to make your commuting easier. There is no need to start the car for a short trip to the mini-mart: simply grab the Jupiter, unfold it, and zoom out the garage.

Get more information about commuter-ready folding bikes at Cycle Buddy. We also contain information about electric bikes as well as gears and accessories, so come check us out.

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